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Commodity Innovation Policy - Kardash V.Ya.

3. Analysis of economical docility of new products

Such an assessment is based on the analysis of potential potency and possible propulsion . In addition, on a voluntary basis, please pay attention to your material resources: working hours at the current time, and the cost-effectiveness of the necessary investments. The same terms and conditions of “market life” are available for products and supplies for a new official in the form of a technological old-time. Surrounded by a grave boom iz from peredbachuvano parts of the market. Zrozumіlo, right now, as such, they need to demand the great vitrates of the prats and the costumes, and their results are quite clever. Ochukuvany side may mozhet but charges for the formula:

Q = ( P - C ) g ,

de Q - ochukuvaniya side of the company;

P - sales price for single products (services);

C - limited service for one product (service) for the minds of the commission of the service and the presence of servants in oaths, which is more expensive g .

Ochuquivaniya for the minds of realizatsії grocery іnnovatsії a way to establish a place with the necessary capital investment for the creation of a new product that yogo reservation on the market. I have fixed the supply ( Q ) and the capital contribution ( K ). I can help you pay back the capital contribution. Порї porіvnuyut with the minimum permissible for investment efficiency capital contribution (ЕН). Yakshcho pіdprimstvo mak namіr zdііsniti investіvannya for rashunok vlasnyh koshtіv, tsya effektivnost makuti vishchoy (yak minіnumum) for the bet rate on deposits ( B ), scho posed for the market position. From time to time for investment loans, there is a need to increase the effectiveness of the loan for the loan ( r ). Otzhe, zdіysnyєsya porevnyannya:

investuvannya credit_v , investuvannya credit_v abo investuvannya credit_v .

Slide mean, the norm of efficiency of capital investment at the skin company is to lay down the state policy of the company.

Significant difficulties on the whole stage of the plan of production of products due to the value of a new product . For the whole method of correlation and regression analysis, parametric methods, methods of appreciation and recognition of competitiveness of innovations. The practical practice has quite adequately tested the method of identifying the price of the product for the price and parameters of the basic viro in the same parametric series for the price and parameters of the interchangeable ones. On the other hand, as a rule, it’s possible to have func tional functions that are the same and the same, but to change the values ​​and the values ​​of the top (additional) parameters. The main parameters to concretize the most respectable authorities and indicators of the designation of goods in the singing type. It doesn’t stink for the last three hours to enter into constructive modifications and technological polls, new motherboards, and now I’m going to get some more work for my children. For example, the head parameters of passenger cars є engine dvigun, and tvіzіrіv - rozmіr dіagonalі kіneskopa. Additional parameters can be laid down without any delay in the design of the product method (for example, applications, up to the standard product view). In the simplest way, parametric valuation є identifying the price of a product, as long as there’s a single home or a similar number of similar chances. Zrozumіlo, as such is the price-approval of the bestowal for an onvluvanny products, and that does not become significant difficulties. We appreciate the type of parametric methods for determining the value of the goods based on urahuvannya more than one head parameter virobu.

To improve the number of products needed for viral technical and technical designation, the price is for the product with its main parameter є function, which should be close to degree [57]. Її rіvnyannya maє viglyad:

Y = a Xn ,

de Y - spіvvidnoshennya price;

X is the principle of the head parameter virobiv;

a - member of the district;

n - exponent (most often 0 < n <1).

Efficiency of practical recognition of the laws and laws demonstrated the French French company “Berim”, as well as the statistics of statistical machines and the fixed values ​​of the main parameter:

somefirmware ,

de R 1 і R 2 - price virobіv, scho vpornyuyutsya, one of the sake of the need for business;

X 1 і X 2 - the value of the main parameters of the virus, which must be changed;

n - coefficient of galmuvannya (indicator, which is urakhovє deposit of pet price від зміни of the head parameter).

Tsey method nabuv widespread zosuvannya in the international trade for rozrahunkіv price. Significance of the number n on the part of the bagatory practice in the home for bag viro. For example, for industrial pumps n = 0.5, for middle duty tractors - 0.72, for excavators - 0.8. It’s easy to calculate the cost and benefit of the galvanization on the first tribute about the price and parameters of analogous analogs. Zrozumіlo, which is practically more practical than the previous method, can be better for thinking of the insignificant amount of the head parameter of the two viros, which can be reversed. Respect has been established that for practical purposes, the values ​​of X 1 and X 2 are innocent of over 30-50%. In addition, the formula will be able to є Rosrahun price less for one or two parameters. Застї zastosuvannya for folding virobіv yesє a great error.

This methodology is more important until the time of the release of the most valuable є сп сп ени рощ рощ ’ени

Prior to the science, with a great number of technical technical innovations, the complicated methods of mathematical statistics are fixed, and the most advanced analysis. For the whole, select the most recent statistical material with technical and economic parameters and the analogue of the innovative product, which is a true value. On the basis of the analysis of the zebrands, I store the analitically equal number, the way I characterize the sounds is lower than the price (fallow is the last - the result of the sign) and the technical and economical parameters are (are the last). At the entrance to the viewer, the following is recorded:

C = f (P1, P2, ...., Pn).

Such deposits are characterized by regression. For the substitutions in the settlement of the value of П1, П2, ...., П n, we ’ll reflect the result of П, so that the average price is.

I especially respect in the process of analyzing the position of the goods. In addition, we understand the criteria system for identifying a new product that is completely new, and it’s possible to change the marketplace. Recognize the characteristics of the particular product, which is possible to compete in, potential buyers, incentives, direct comparison, conduct a comprehensive analysis (see figure). і rіvnіv competitiveness of a new product against the goodsіv-analogіv. We have the opportunity to analyze and accept the opportunity to develop a new product and be able to offer a new product for the future.







ΔЦ - growth price of a new product;

C - price of a good product;

ΔВ - growth of vitrate for a new product;

B - vitrati on an essential product;

ΔК - growth of corinosity of a new product;

To - cornsnist is a good product.

Fig. 56. Umovi vzamodії spozhivachіv i postachalnik_v new product