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Commodity Innovation Policy - Kardash V.Ya.

2. The forward analysis of the abilities of virobnitz and zbutu

Before that, it’s ideal to concretely integrate into the product, it’s worth going through the product for the development of the conceptual product in the process of the analysis of the product (Div. Section 5). With the help of this method, an assessment of the internal and external middleware for economic, commercial, technological, legal and social warehouses is carried out. Potentially drinking food will be consumed by mayboth buyers in the highest segments of the market, in particular, they are placed in front of the product itself, and its price. At the middle stage, you will need less than the forecast forecast for new comrades. Such a forecast for living goods should be obtained by different methods. On the other hand, by and large, there’s a small market for grubby products and more goods that you can buy at the average standard of living and living conditions, take the basics out of the way, and test them. You can choose the exact results for the additional method of modeling, if you want to recognize the function of the middle-view geometric (1) or the middle-arithmetic (2) indicators.

mid-range geometric indicators. , (1)

middle arithmetic indicators. , (2)

de X 1, X 2, ..., Xn - officials, scho vniznayut drink;

А 0, А 1, ..., Аn - some models.

The main officials to pay respect are the number of people who can live together, the income earned, the income earned, the income and income earned, an hour. Zrozumіlo, for forecasting the need for insurance as well as demographic officials: the number of people, the social mill, the warehouse and the warehouse. For the production of viro-technical-technical designation and goods of pre-string vikoristany (televisions, cars, refrigerators), you need to enter officials, due to the term and the need to increase the seasonality of their products, and also to increase their availability.

They can take up respect, respect the competition, evaluate the competition with the product and its functionality, as well as the ability to market, the image of the brand that is popular.

Preparing for the launch of a new product transferring the front end of the head ring: maximum triviality terminology rozroblennya; Necessity of vikoristannya virobnitsvom technology and that dzherel material-technical postachannya; permissible rivia vitrat.

From now on, for the selection of ideas and the complete identification of such criteria:

  • the ability to satisfy the clearly identified consumer needs of the market;
  • Potentially possible. Vitrat virobnitsva zavdyaki realizatsii ideas from the newly introduced;
  • the power of materials and methods for assisting with the obvious viral needs and those of the canal channels;
  • the availability of necessary financial resources for new investment investments, as well as opportunities for organizing advertisements and selling sales services;
  • I’m able to conquer new innovations, to get used to fragmentation, to see other companies competing with other competitors;
  • transferring the straights of the sovereign regulation and that of the innovation.