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Commodity Innovation Policy - Kardash V.Ya.

4. Designing a product

On the whole, this is the best way to design a product , its parameters, design, packaging, designate the name of the brand of the product, and make the most of it. Project of product є central element of product innovation. Itself at this stage of development, the food of the technical technology of the viroba, the capabilities of the high-quality product, the maybutny efficient and the operational operation.

Success in projecting the product to be stored in a significant number of terms and conditions, including internal and external officials (Fig. 57). Їх is possible klasifikuvati yak:

  • market (position in competition, turnover, drink);
  • Organizations (concept, vibration, plan, control, personnel, organization structures, finance);
  • science and technology (yakіst, design, products);
  • virobnichi (vitrati, technology, organization of virobnitz, the main problems).

Visnachalnі officials of the project

Fig. 57. Visiting officers

Fig. 57 open, daily, daily, hour, hour, draft, project, the goods are pawned kіlkіsnі indicators yakostі, which can be divided into two categories:

- indications of a technical nature, such as the appearance of adherence to virobility to direct assignment (supremacy, ergonomics);

- indicators of an economical nature, like meeting (without interruption, but somewhat interchangeably) about the level of material, labor and financial vitrates for the sale of goods. The very same viti zdebilshogo znachenyat lower line between the price of a new product.

The tendency to accelerated technology is obscured, mineralization and technological development are violated in order to improve the availability of goods. The most advanced visibility is to design a viroba, as a creative designer. Overnight hours of oath, competitiveness and profitability of a new virobu are secured by the designer of the website in the world, in the winter information service to the marketing about the nature of the consumer needs. In addition, it seems, the construction of the main model of the imagination of the project about nailing ways to satisfy the needs of a particular market. This is coordinated and interconnected with the designer and marketing specialist according to the principle of importance for the achievement of the success of the company and for the protection of the future. Nedostovіrne chi nedostatnє іnformuvannya designer about potrіbnі robochі characteristics maybutnogo virobu, ekspluatatsіynі Minds Yogo vikoristannya, mozhlivі pomilki in protsesі vikoristannya, about kvalіfіkatsіyu th mozhlivostі navchannya potentsіynih koristuvachіv that about INSHI results of marketing doslіdzhennya rinkovih require uniquely zbіlshuє ymovіrnіst komertsіynoї nevdachі produktovoї іnnovatsії (Fig. 58) .

Zvazyazok etapiv living

Fig. 58. Zv'yazok etapiv live, virobnitz and project

The following also means that the design of the new product will help you to organize a new product for the new product. In all contexts, the role is to play indicators of technological design of new products. With them, the responsibility of the authorities for the construction of the law is necessary, so as to ensure the optimal vitality, care, material and time for the technical preparation of the products, the purchase and use of the product. For collapsible technical products already at the stage of the project, they are reeling in access to technological and rational design. Itself is a characterization of the ability to find the most efficient new virobu (aborio virobi) from vikoristannyam quiet material and labor resources, which are in fact the company. Effective victoria of necessary resources in sprijє takozha pretrimannya on this project the product principle in constructive technological offensiveness. Varto nagadati, scho offensive as a philosophical category is absolute, all-embracing. Take your arms to the ground, offensive - all the necessary necessary sound is new and old in the process of development. All of one of the nizagalnyh laws of development of material development and all the forms of suspension development are eliminated, among them there are science, technology, and virology. Вітчизняний и мінформація довід свідчить, wow, for example, with new car viros, and up to 80% of constructive solutions go from viro to virobu. The main characteristics of offensive structural and technological solutions are indicators of standardization and standardization of indicators, as well as indicators of repetition. Koefіtsієnt zastosuvannya (KZast,%), a certain yes, the most accurate designation of the constructive offensive of the storage parts of the viro, which should be designed, pay for the formula:

the number of types of warehouses of the storage parts of the viroba is ignored ,

de n - the bulk of the standard sizes of the warehouse parts of the virobu;

n 1 - the number of original sizes of warehouse parts, which are designed for the given type.

If you’re looking for more, then you need to spend more on the project and mastering the new virobility programs.

Koefitsynt repeat (Kp,%) yes the announcement about the availability of the viroba with the same storage parts and be designated for the formula:

the number of warehouses at the virobi is obscured ,

de N - the bulk of warehouse parts in the building is ignored.

The same is the designation of the average recurrence of the warehouse parts at the virobi (Kpc), so as to pay for the formula:

the number of warehouses at the virobi is obscured .

The order of the specified number of original warehouse parts is more technically and economically significant than the larger design elements. Tse spriyє polіpshennyu construction of a viroba, pіdvyshennyu yogo nadіynostі that dovgovіchnostі. For all the same minds, it’s imperative to enter into vigor of that kind of thing, a kind of lesser number of warehouses.

Nine the most basic form of design work ик victorious method of “complete programs” , so as to transfer the creation of the hour of creative teams (teams) at the warehouse of complete collection of works. Zdebilshogo such collectives may have a business leader and special specialists, healthy generations of the most important areas of innovation (market, technology, management). Healed fakhіvtsі pratsyuyut on the last ambush. Organizational structure, stock of special services and vimogs before the project, the project is considered to be more radical in the innovation solution for the product and the process is completed, as well as a completed term for work. Optimal for the number of creative teams involved in 6-8 fakhivtsiv. Dependently on the complexity of the problem, before the robot in the warehouse, the project could be more thoroughly acquired by third-party experts, such as appli- cations, market assessors, and special patent certificates. Separation of the project for the transfer of the weekend of such robots:

  • Public information;
  • perevka rinkovogo popita;
  • Realization of the project itself.

Zrozumіlo, but for the sake of success, this work is unfeasible without an active marketing message and protection.

Nayefektivnіshі takі collectives pratsyut on ambushes by consensus. Yak vidomo, consensus of the group function, transferring the first and second thoughts of the skin fakhivtsya right up to reaching the right compromise between them. The dynamism of the whole process is to lay down the special features of the creative core of the creative team, the freezing of the second member, the speeding of the informational information. Schematically, the chatter of a thought thought can be seen by the so-called spiral thought consensus (Fig. 59).

Spiral Consensus

Fig. 59. Spiral to consensus

If in a creative team one-way thinking is reached - a sign of consensus at the point "close on the door."

Depends on the availability of information on the distribution of goods (on a regular basis) to the participation of the creative representatives of the representatives of the consumer industry. As a result, I can hasten the time for making necessary information, more productive work for more and more practical people, who, for the sake of their last minds, were smiling at all. In addition, it is also possible to stiffen the best method of health knowing, as well as save expensive debris for reasons of poorly informed information and the possibility of getting ahead of time. Integration and structuralization of informative and informative information, as well as access to knowledge and knowledge of business, to ensure that the project is ready for a new product. In the current competitive environment, it is especially important, for companies that are effectively operating, the main thing is not himself + the creation of new products, but the priority of the fragmentation of the competition (Fig. 60).

Golovnі overtake quick term_n_v project

Fig. 60. Golovnі overtake fast termin_v project