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History of Economic Studies - Kornіychuk L.Ya.

4. The economic program of F. Lassalle

Ferdinand Lassalle (1825–1864) - a socialist, who, having respect for himself, taught Karl Marx. 1848 Rock Bouve for the Revolutionary Agitation. Pislya zvіlnennya (1851) vіn pripinyaє his propaganda dyalnіst i pisvyachuє himself science-based robots. 1862, Roque Lassalle turns into a political arena, targeting the “Zagalny Union of the German Robots” (1863-1875).

F. Engels, writing about Lassalle as an oversubscribingly talented and religiously blessed person. We’ve had water for hours, but Lassalle didn’t have an original thinker, but stole the ideals of socialism in Karl Marx and Wiklaw іh vіdpovіdno to his bakhennya.

Spravdі, in the treatise of socialist ideas of Lassalle on Marx’s. Prote is not a theorist; he is a better practitioner, a propagandist. Lassalle is conducting intensive socialist agitation, whistling at rallies, vigorously sticking out promises of a labor force, criticizing the squad and the bourgeois opposition. Vin zaklika to protect panuvannya in the power of the fourth camp (of working people), which gave birth to a second thought, neglect in the history of rozkvit suspension. Panuvannya of the fourth I will not mean the sharpening of the super crosses between the classes. Call to Panuvannya the fourth I will camp in Lassalle - tse "call to reconciliation" * 11.

* 11: {Lassalle F. Op. - T. I. - M., 1925. - P.129. }

In the case of specific methods and methods of reaching such a place, Lassalle is not a bachelor, but the possibility of integrating socialist ideas in the distant Maybutn. With respect to this, Lassalle, respecting us, will not lose too much, but we must not ignore the victory of the socialist extinguished from the flow of propaganda. Front-line social vimogi vin zv'yazuє zdobuttyam zagolnogo vibrochnogo law and the goalie virobnichih assotsiatsіy.

Above all, the law is right to protect the implementation of the "true" state of power. Lassalle vistupa proti іdey ekonomіchnogo liberalism. Vіn - a henchman’s hand in the country, on itself for some cover є vin nadії. For all sake of the problems of the superevocably great vagi, Lassalle opposes the bourgeois concept of the power of the concept of the robotic class. The bourgeois concept of the power of transferring the protection of freedom and the power of the bachelors is that I am imagining the strength of the exploitation of the weak by the strong. And the reference is meta power. “Meta power,” wrote Lassalle, “positively developing you indefinitely to thoroughly rejoice in humanity; seem better, - hello rightly designated people, that’s the culture, like the people’s healthy building; meta power - a whirlwind and development of humanity to freedom ”* 12. Behind the additional ignorant vibratory right, you are able to turn on the legislation of the legislator and, by doing so, make yourself closer to realizing the price * 13.

* 12: {There by itself.}

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From the foreshadowed problems and the tune of sound, the first is the mastery of the viral associates. As a theoretician of socialism, Lassalle sued the plight, the lawless camp of robіtnikіv. Ale explained that he wasn’t not socially-economical minds, but because of the so-called zalizny law of pay. The essence of the law is, beyond Lassalle, a pole in the middle, so that a robber will have less than the minimum amount of money, not a new product. “... Pay the middle wage, - write better, - wait to be reduced to the insanely necessary utrimany, scho to be represented by the sounds of the people, for the life of the living for the multiplication” * 14. On pіdtverdzhennya svyazhnoy lassovka Lassalle lodge on Smіta, Rіkardo, Say, Malthus and ін.

* 14: {Lassalle F. Op., Vol. II, p. 59.}

Skasuvati tsey law is impotent, but you can neutralize it, "put your mind on it." Neutralize the “law of the law” Lassal through the re-creation of robots to the organization of voluntary associations. In such societies, robots immediately blamed and received. Tim by himself would have been banned by the payroll and by the way, and the winery of the robot house was bi-biased to the product pracі. Tse, to the thought of Lassalle, and є huts to a peaceful, lawful and мож мож мож з мож способ способ способ способ способ щ щ лу operation. "Naybіlsh peacefully - wrote vіn - naybіlsh laws, naybіlsh forgive znischennyam pіdpriєmnitskogo Ziska Je organіzatsіya robіtnichogo camp for Relief dobrovіlnih asotsіatsіy in pozitsіyu Svoge Vlasna pіdpriєmtsya, usunennya CIM єdinim way of law, yaky for teperіshnogo virobnitstva daє robіtnikam lishe neobhіdne for Zhittya yak Naiman the fee, and the resolution of the settlement, - the axis є one true, one ’one, one such, one’s fair, I’ll be fair to the harassment of the rodent’s camp, I’ve set the camp’s camp” * 15.

* 15: {There by itself, p.65.}

The capital for the assimilation of such self-socialist mother powers. Zmusichi power can be deprived of zrobiti for the help of an ignorant shameless law.

The idea of ​​asserting robotic associations is not a new bull. Lassalle, Vlasne, copying the plan of the “suspension master” of Lou Blanc. Significant broadening in Nіmechchinі was gained by the various forms of cooperation of the economist Schulze-Delich. 1849 roku vin adjusting the great number of credit, living, posichkovich and those cooperative cooperatives. The stinks annoyed overwhelmingly remisnikov and did not transfer the sovereign half-words.

Lassalle did not overlook the corinosity of the cooperative. Ale vіn nakoloshuvav on the need for a clear reading between the interests of the employees, the benefits of the goods, as much as the "interests of the living." At the “Pan Bastia - Schulze-Delich, or Capital and Pracia” Praxis, Lassal Guest is critical of the economical program of Schulze-Delich and I want to bring the same visibility to it. The capitalism of Lassalle is opposed to socialism, and the violaism of socialism is similar in form to the May socialist mode. Maybutny slurry have the opportunity to be viral, to be healthy, and to reach the highest level of labor before the work of the skin practitioner * 16.

* 16: {Lassalle F. Op., Vol. III, p. 166.}