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History of Economic Studies - Kornіychuk L.Ya.

3. The economical look of C. Rodbertus

Karl Johann Rodbertus-Yagetsov (1805-1875) - Nimetsky socialist. Pislya zakіnchenchennya in 1827 p. Gettingen University of K. Rodbertus serving the song hour at the ship house.

Rodbertus was robbed of a member of parliament, the song hour is the win of the ministry. Having filled the political arena, Rodbertus has attributed to himself the current social and economic problems.

The main principles of Rodbertus : “Before the recognition of our sovereign and economical camp” (1842), “Social sheets to Kirchman” (1850-1851), as well as low articles published in magazines and devoted to the statehood of old Rome. After the death of Rodbertus, Bulo was published by the Kratital (fourth social sheet) (1884).

Rodbertus posіdє svєrіdne mіssets іstorії ekonomіchno і thoughts. Sprinkling ideas of Sismondi, criticizing him of capitalism and the need for the establishment of a robotic class, of winnings from the propaganda of socialist ideas. Protego yogo socialism, on the basis of the Marxist, peacefully with the monarchy. Winnier is a suture of economical forms of struggle, of course against political diley of the proletariat. Rodbertus will take advantage of the winter, when the opportunity and the idea of ​​socialist society were blown up at that time. Ale tse, at a thought, do not hesitate theories. There is no guilty buti compromise. To this very win criticism of the theoretical ambush of the so-called catheter-socialism (of the German social-ethical school) and at once with one of the founders of the theory of "sovereign socialism". Reform of the suspension of winnings has been achieved with the assistance of the other socially-minded. I’m capturing the interests of the other bourgeoisie, wine, prote, interest for the payment of a robotic product of the product. The evolution of capitalism, beyond Rodbertus, is through the re-creation of capitalism to work. Zdіsnisni social reform of the power.

Theory of Wartost. Rodbertus is in the position of the labor theory, wants to know how to formulate and formulate something new.

The first distribution of the most basic praxis is such a headline: "The wisdom of all the gospodarsky blessings is to be recognized as prazey and tilki prazey" * 5. Roskrivayuchi zmіst price †‹вЂ‹ the same, Rodbertus is the foremost meaning, but to the realm of statehood, you need to bring more material goods. And with material benefits less than those є state gifts, scho varti pracі.

* 5: {Rodbertus-Yagetsov. To the knowledge of the position of our national economy // Theory of value. - L., 1924. - S. 113.}

He has his own analysis of such views as categories: “living”, “speech, attachment for living”, “living values” and “blessings”.

“Living” - the whole purpose of speech buti is in the wake of reaching the place, satisfying the consumer. Vaughn’m ma ’active basis. "Speech, attachment for life" - that is, like giving name to the healthy life. Ale is not all “speech, an attachment for living” є “living values”. Rodbertus’s “living values” will be worth less than speech, but there is no need for them. “Validity, * 6 - writing wine, - not є to speak, but to become one’s status, like one won’t be so much consumed in об об active features” * 7. From now on, "living value" is new for everyone - the category is sub-active. “Goodness” is the point of speech, which may be a good reason and is the result of human activity. Vartіst blessings, having fallen in love with Rodbertus, become more vain. Analyze the problem, Rodbertus put the food: who turns on the wartime, except for the fact that they have been invested without any interruptions in the good, also have the material and knowledge of the work? Yogi vіdpovіd є positive. So, turn on, ale tezh yak forward front vitrati pracі * 8.

* 6: {Validity and salvation, Rodbertus of the eye, is unambiguously understood. Div.: Rodbertus-Yagetsov. Name tv, p.113, 140.}

* 7: {There by itself, p. 114. }

* 8: {There, p. 120-121.}

The material itself cannot, by itself, provide information to the good. The benefit of the good includes pratsya, by the strata of which the power of the material is indicated. Pratsya, who has the right to sign up for a virology class, is included in the list of benefits as often as possible, and it’s irrelevant in the world.

Merit of Rodbertus є those who are in good faith with all the values, that is the meaning of the new values ​​and self-values, of the largest size. Ale, writing wine: "... Divide the two good things in their own right - there is no other meaning" * 9. Є a single world of values, half-life ’Rodbertus, є praєцa * 10. And one by one вї vimіryuvannya є hour.

* 9: {Rodbertus-Yagetsov. Name tv, p.150.}

* 10: {There by itself, p. 158, 166.}

Occurrence of labor theory, Rodbertus visa for unearned income income and land rent. Вх він обєєднує to инуdina category р rent-it-yourself ’, as well as the sight of the rivnotsinnoy category of the Dodatovo Vartosti. Giving great significance to the concept, Rodbertus claimed that K. Marx had “stole” from him the theory of the Dodat wartost, Yaku Vin (Rodbertus), Wiklaw ст sistlishe i zrozumіlishe, izh Marx. For the sake of all such indefiniteness, declare this, F. Engels wrote that in Rodbertus "rents" become simply a sum of land rents and benefits.

Land rent. Rodbertus zrobiv singing introduction to the scribble of theories of land rent. In yogo prazakh laid the foundations of the theory of absolute rent.

Rodbertus has the average price of all goods, such as promises, so much so, to be rewarded with labor labor news. The number of pre-dart wartosti ("rents") in both gallows is proportional to the sum of the bargains. Protein in the state thanks to that very sum of bartosts, and from the same pre-dictate vartosti, get a little less capital, lower at promo word, because there is a lot of gray material, syrovini. The norm for a profit is to become a business. Through those in the state thanks to the clerical song surplus over the rent, I should become a land rent. The rent of the land is to bring us land. Ozhera, Rodbertus having put food about the annihilation of rent, calling Yak Marx absolute. Right up to differentiating rents, then you need to overlook them, want them to recognize them, and you need to be more productive and have more land for rent.

The rented tract in Rodbertus has є singing super-hypers. I don’t have any confirmation of those who are about to go to the city of viral law, right there they can be victorious, good. The water hour is Syrovin’s day in the deluxe gallows of production, for example transport, but there’s no winery of land rent.

The basis for the approval of land rents Rodbertus is called private ownership of land. Won є the unearned income of the landowner. And take advantage of land rent by landowners on the basis of "positive law" through the permanent primus. Having rooted in the theory of land rents, Rodbertus has overridden the law of slumping family property.

The problem is rozpodilu. Rozglyadayuchi suspension as a whole social organism, assertions by a praise, Rodbertus unanimously assured of the need for completeness by suspension of singing social functions. One of the most important ones is the fair distribution of a suspension product. The fair rose was called the main problem, the science of science. We’ll be fair Rodbertus rosumi such a rozpodil, a kind of security is gained by a skin robber of a second product of his own right. Vіn pіdkreslyuє, sho more robotic targeting all products. Vlasniks of the earth capital gain a part of the product from the interest of rent. From now on, Rodbertus has seen two sides in the expansion of bagatism - economical and social. It is economical (through the use of market intelligence) that I can help the owners of the land and the capital to take part in the suspension product. And social - takes away the part of the product that they had been handed over to the robot, which means the fair distribution.

Oce chitke rozmezhuvannya economically and socially side rozpodilu bagatstva є the magnificent merit of Rodbertus.

I don’t have any special respect for the proportionality, I can add up as a whole to the factors (servants) of the law, Rodbertus to vote the main vote on the problems of the proportion of labor and unearned income in the national product. Win the robbery, which is often the case with the national product and change the color of the capitals and zemlevlasnik.

Vihodyachi z tsogo, Rodbertus visn є neobhodimost likvіdatsії private privacy, shcho to protect, at a thought, іkvіdatsіy unearned income. Ale tse to the right of the distant maybutny. І Rodbertus is reluctant to know a compromise between the young people and the collectives and the Maybutny suspension. You have to compromise on the strength of the power in the distribution of the national product.