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History of Economic Studies - Kornіychuk L.Ya.

1. Marginalism

Historical reports on the emergence of marginal margins, which are based on the formulas of the category “boundary corridors”, as well as on the basis of the analysis of the behavior of the mathematical system of deposits in the city’s main deposits French - J. Dupont and O. Cournot.

Johann von Thünen (1783–1850) - one of the first to formulate the laws of boundary analysis in “an economical system with a method to reach the maximum value of the functions to keep things safe”. Yak the associate and practitioner J. Thünen at his book “Isolation of Power”, the first volume of which was published in 1826, giving (on the most important theoretical theory) a number of practical recommendations for a rational and state hospitality. Basically, the idea fell into the middle, the maximum clean income of the earthman could be thought out for thinking that if there are more boundary vitrates for the factor, then there will be the same boundary corinosity product. Primed his thesis, Thuenen issued a method for analyzing the factors of virobnosis, forcing the size of the factors, so the price of the cutaneous factor.

Merit of Thünen є also disagrees with the mechanics of the form of rent of land for rent and fall of land and land of land and land for the production of agricultural products.

Antoine Auguste Cournne about (1801-1877) є not only one successor of marginalism, but the next as a new fellow - mathematically straightforwardly in economic theory. In the book “Upgrading mathematical principles in theory of buggery”, win, revolve around the analysis of functional deposits, formulate understanding of the economical rationality, see the scientific knowledge of the understanding of diversity, flexibility and respect. In addition to this, the analysis of the market and the marketplace of identifying such categories, as competition, monopoly, oligopolies. A.Kurno zastosovu funktsii priit i positsitsii to clarify the form of price for market minds, European evolutions, repairing all kinds of purely competitive ones to monopoly. The main idea of ​​the concept was that in the meantime, economical systems should be considered as closed circuits of mutual links (supreme categories and propositions), so I would be able to relocate. I appreciate the price when I see Yak Groshov’s supreme turn.

At the center of Courno Bula, there is a behavior of environment companies, such as selling goods and selling goods to the market, so that they can analyze the economy in the country, do not save the country in price. In case of encouraged economic models, dictate purchases, and sellers recognize the obligations of the virodnation products, and the price of the goods is fallow.

Prote Cournot, having recognized that the problems and the most irrelevant economic difficulties, are more impotent for the help of a mathematical analysis, he has thanks to Valras for good reason.

Jules Dupuis (1804-1866) 1844 p. having written the article “About the Vimi Corinosity of the Huge Robots”, I also knew the image of the boundary analysis. Having formulated the win-win statement on understanding the “new surplus”, so that the most profitable income is the greatest possible income, you can buy and sell leather goods for an invariable price.

Herman Gossen (1810-1858) wants and doesn’t have to follow the fakh economist, but he has arisen with cliché problems and published in 1854 p. a book with the title “Development of the laws of suspension of life and the rules of human activity, which means to whip with them”, in which I have formulated a number of important theoretical propositions that have gone into the field of economics by the name of the first law of another. The first law is to maintain that, for the benefit of the given good, the corporeality of the good is limited, but for the mind of the satisfaction, the demand will be completely non-existent.

Creativity pіdіyshov Gossen і to the interpretation of the category of exchange. Looking at this process, there was a gain in corinth for the youngest participants, arguing that, in the process of exchanging leather goods, for the other, it’s worth the good. If the blessings are є unequivocal, then the doctor’s sense and self exchange.

Obviously, with another Gossen law, the structure of living (eating) is optimal for reaching out for the minds of the same boundary cinnamonism of all the good things that can survive. The skin sub'єkt maximizu summarize the cinnamon for oneself, moreover, the sharing of resources with the most good things, so that the only remaining resources are tarnished, it’s possible to reach the same satisfaction. In addition, it seems that, in general, there are not enough goods to satisfy the people, then better and better to see them, if you want to enjoy the skin benefit the same way (if you have the same skin value).

From the law on the exchange of the living wartime interests, the law on the value of the market. For buying існує ціна, there is no need to buy goods for yaku vіn. For the seller існує ціна, the goods cannot be sold lower for yak vin. Here on the front side of both sides there will be a price, in order to satisfy both the buyer and the seller. Vaughn сл for a long time the border corinths of winter goods.

Stanley Jevons (1835–1882) - an English economist who has a certain (independent view of the original authors) having scribbled a theory, separately with a certain number of goods, which must be exchanged, more expensive goods. Pratsya, at the thought of Jevons, is throttled by the new proportion of benefits; the cost of the benefits is reduced, and so on, by themselves, there is a marginal limitation on the price. If you spend the praxis to become significant, then the praxia itself is nabuva negative corinosity. That’s why the process of practice is complete, the dots are negative, the negative is negative (for the absolute value), the lower is the value of the product, which has a good price. Pislya vstanovleniya rivnovagi process virobnitsva given good pripinatsya.

At the “ Theory of Political Economyprac- tice , Jevons formulated the theorem, the essence of which is highlighted in terms of which, for rational living, there are more goods in proportion to the price. S. Jevons also saw the economics of understanding economics as economics, and the idea was to become a substitute for the understanding of politics as economics.