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History of Economic Studies - Kornіychuk L.Ya.


In the remaining third of the nineteenth century. in the economic theory of the wines, the new trend is marginalism , as it became a clear step in the development of political economy. Obviously, the appearance of Russia appeared in the most varied languages, we got to see them in suspension and economical life of the country. Well, an intensive process of expanding the pose of the national mezh. Yakіsnі infringement, but we have a little less in the nature of the structure of virobnostva, methods of managing economical dyalnostyu on mikrot macro, in the sphere of living, they demanded a recession of a little more clearly, it’s a little more obvious

I appreciate the function in the singing world over marginalism ( marginal - marginal ), which can be done very quickly by having a wide range of activities at home, although I don’t want to have fun with singing odnobichnostі. The main idea is to reach the boundary of economical values ​​in the same way as in the absence of economical systems on the rivals of the economy - firms, galuses, national economies. Such pidkhid having seduced the congestion of new methods of analysis, they gave the zmog a sign of a boundary value for the characteristic of zm_n, which can be measured in an economical life.

Winnings of theories of boundary values ​​were impounded by the "marginal revolution" in an economical country.