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Political economy - Krivenko K.T.

2.3.6. Mechanism of the law of law Consumer

From the point of view of the law of law, the consumer needs to be seen three great groups of consumers: traditional, otherwise, new, so that you can get born.

In accordance with the traditional needs of the slogans, such as yakі became sound for people, so that normative. One of these needs is to consume a long history of consumption (consume meat, milk, bread and butter), and consume 30–50 hours (television, refrigerators, and microwave). To satisfy this demand, we will need to get the most products.

At the same time, because of traditional and new consumption, to consume in such material goods and services, as a result, they have not become loud to the greater population, so that people are more conscientious to recognize as new consumers. Water hours of new material benefits and viral service even more often than not have been mastered and can be more quickly expanded (stayed models of televisions, computers, and so on).

Realization of the law of growing consumer demand can be seen in the following form:

Rivne of realizatsii to the law of growing special needs of the people ,

de Rozp - real estate law to the growth of special needs of the people; C - living with housekeeping of material goods and servants; Fri - traditional (sound) consume; Mon - New Consumers.

Oskilki virobnitstvo and science are developing, then try to learn to learn new perspectives for living and comprehending virobnitz. On the basis of this, you can absolutely brand new consumption (Pan). For example, a project to launch a design bureau im. Antonov’s superlitaka “Mriya” means the formation of new consumerism. In order to realize the need, I’ll need to realize less than that, if the designers bring the model of the new one to the same level as I could, and I’m able to learn new technologies in aviation and the need for practice.

The emergence of completely new consumer needs is being supervised in the middle of the day-old traditional needs (most of all, basically). So, in fact, a little consume in the reapers, the dimming lamps, the trees and the bucket and the speeches, the living of some bulos is characteristic for suspension by stretching the bag.

In this way, consumers need to grow up in earnest beyond the tradition of consumption, expand their boundaries for new consumers, so as to become traditional; ask your new cherger to expand your boundaries between consumers, you will be able to form, which will become new needs in the singing hour, which will help you to satisfy your needs. Science and technological progress, as well as the culture of people are ruined, try and think for the emergence of fundamentally new needs, so that you can grow in the middle of the day. Zagal sukupnі consume suspension grow. Such basic warehouses and machinery under the law of consumer demand.

From now on, the statutory requirement of the law is to increase the demand for steel and for the increase in consumer demand. The sphere of consumption is not expanding vertically, but horizontally: consuming more and more people at all large numbers of people; at the world of suspension development of ludin pragne to gain the blessings of the highest level.

Prior to the specific features of the law of petite people, it is necessary to establish a certain “lack of closure”: if there is a need for intense intensity for a situation, you need to take care of it, as a rule, in one and the same time - with a little growth. In consumer development, as in the case of complacency, the role of establishing virology is extremely important. Prote slid pam'yatati, scho posture needs needless and very virobnitstvo. And the wisdom of minds for the uninterrupted development of the consumer will require ш rushіynoy force of the development of suspension virobnitsva. You can interchange it with the following formula:

Bp = f (Pu),

de VR - development of suspension virobnitstva; Pu - mindset for uninterrupted consumer development