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Political economy - Krivenko K.T.

2.3.5. Consolidated Consumer Law

Consume people not є fast. Stink - a product of developing suspension. Їx character, structure, and means of satisfying to lay down the reach of the productive forces, the stage of development of culture and science, social and economic fret. In dermal suspension, the law of growth of consumer. The essence of this approach lies in the fact that at the time of the world development of suspension virobnitz, and at the same time people and people, as well as special powers and productive strength, is required in advance of growing consumer demand. Your law characterizes the interdependence of consumer and virology in the process of development, if

... P '> B'> P "> B" ...,

to mature adults, consume P '(P' = P + ΔP) to stimulate the growth of virology B ', to increase the demand for growth of P ", and to cause the fallen growth of virology B". Such a process є uninterrupted (...), fragments consume people є non-contiguous.
Having expressed the essence of the law , the consumer will need to show the form of the manifest. You have the right to recognize the manifestation in two major forms: in the case of special needs and on-demand consumers. Special needs consume for items and services of a special residency. Dependently on the forms of satisfaction, consume and consume individual and duplicate forms. Persons are satisfied with the hat of the individual living subject and the servant as a leather member of the okremo slavery (izhia, odezh ta in.) But within the framework of the social (living for the old life, objects of the cultural and cross-linked designation of the former), (the servants of sanctify, protect health and that.).

In another form, I will show the law given to them: the growth of viral consumer needs, that of the ignorant consumers of suspension in viral care, as well as the expansion of the scope of viral material needs and the service for satisfying the most demanding people.

Particularly intensively growing and growing consumer demand is for the minds of the science-technology revolution, for consumption, for some reason not previously, in the baggage of the most recent objects and cases of virobnitztva. So, in the remaining ten wins, use the wikis for color televisions, personal computers, video recorders, and bagatyh objects that have survived.