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History of Economic Studies - Kornіychuk L.Ya.


The Social-Democratic collapse in the economic and political relations with the Ninis should be achieved by force, as a significant sign of peace, with direct efforts to bring about the advancement of the Holy Powers. History of history is closely associated with the evolution of Europe, I want social doctrines, like nevidnim element and miracles of people about happy, rightly and differently differently and completely differently. Maybutn began to engage in the establishment of suspended, foreign national moisture in the home of viral relations and suspension of income, due to the economy, amused excesses and crisis.

The main range of socialist ideas, by extending the history of society, was lost by ourselves, but by pouring out more energy in the development of an economic base of suspension, the theoretical basis for socially-based transformation was more theoretical. The other half of the nineteenth century had a better form of the two main strains of the theory of encouraging socialist suspension: Marxism and social reformism.

Marxism, as an economical theory and policy of radically awakening suspensions, has come to a head in two directions: revisionism and orthodox Marxism, persuasion of some kind of European revolutionism, and a friend in a clean view of everything.

Today's social reformism is not є one-time political power, which is based on a single concept of social and economic development. Shlyakh, who passed social democrats in different regions of the country, boules were not the same, programs of the other parties were designated by the national specificity, they reckoned with the cultural and historical peculiarities, and the traditional international Leather with a party representative of the “third hat” bachnenie development, its own concept of “democratic socialism”, “economic economy”, its own “economic democracy”.

Dosvіd social-democratic overturn і we are for economic science as a butt of a new form straightforward development of suspension, of institutional investment in the economic system. We are important for theoretical analysis of socially-economical knowledge of the specific economic model, improvement of the methods of economic regulation and the principle of the latest, more important, democratic platforms.