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Political economy - Krivenko K.T.

21.3.5. Problems of maximizing the profit of a monopoly.

Let’s take a look at the rivovag for the maximum profit of a monopoly, a kind of control є a glaze. As a matter of fact, the monopolist is sticking with the deceitful drink on the products of galuz i bazha maximizuvati gross margin, what is guilty of zrobiti? For the valued value of the gross income, the gross income is the gross income of the minus gross profit (for the symbols - VP = VD - BB = (P x q) - BB).

The monopoly maximizes its profits by establishing the oath of virobility on such a level, de ГВ = ГД. Often, the meaning is, the value is P> DG. Through those schools, there is a boundary monopoly, a kind of maximization of a monopoly, a change in the oath of virobility, and there was a lot of competition in mind.

Qiu rivnovagu, yak maximizu side, shown in Fig. 21.3.

Liniya I will pay for the production of the monopoly of DD vіdpovіdaє galuzevіі krivіy. What will be the maximum benefit for the monopoly ? This can be seen in the figure at point E - on the overflow of the curved GW and the crooked GD. The optimal price for the monopoly will be the G point on the DD line, which should lie at the point of E. The price is monopolistic, but there will be more at the edge of the competitiveness of the largest monopoly. The water-time monopoly monitored oversight virobility in winter, but they would have been thoroughly competitive for the minds.

Rivnovaga monopoly and maximization

Fig. 21.3. Rivnovaga monopoly and maximization

Graph in fig. 21.3 show, by a certain rank of the market of incomplete competition, regulate the small number of drinks and acquisitions and obligations of the virobnitz in a leather monopoly galuz.

Wanting a big deal of monopoly and oligopoly zakakavlenі in the offense of such a move, there was no need for re-code: control of the sovereign organs, power and desire for penetration of the great corporations at the right place, so you can go a bit further. One of the changes in the monopoly maximization margin is the fact that there is a great deal of monopolies and oligopolies, and there is a great deal of non-monopolistic enterprises.

At the same time, it’s necessary to bring the monopolization of the law up to a piece-by-piece reduction of the law and effectiveness, and the monopolies to win more than one profit, it’s practical in these countries to have antitrust laws.