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Commodity Innovation Policy - Kardash V. Ya., Pavlenko I. BUT.

4.2. Vimogi of international standards to okremikh etapiv and processes of production of yakisno products

4.2.1. Marketing Security

Marketing for market minds is most important in visually significant products. Win is guilty:

1) familiarize yourself with the need for product or service;

2) give me enough information about the market and the realm of realizing what I can do to plan the oaths, the assortment, the variability and the term of the virobnitzstvo products and any services;

3) do a formal analysis of the contract, contract or consume a market, so that you can buy vajati and vimogas, live, transfer the trend of winter money to maybutnim.

Marketers may have to wait a little more time with a detailed official call, but without any problems, I’ll be able to get to the product, for example, with a short description of the product. The remaining may be the basis for the weekend work with the design of new products. A short description of the products to be stored in warehouses:

main operating parameters (try to know the middle treasure, vimogi to the highest level);

organoleptic characteristics (style, fashion, color, relish, smell);

installation and installation diagrams;

vіdpovіdnі standard and legislative regulations;

vimogi before packing;

the order of security of vacancies and transfers.

The importance for realizing marketing functions is important. It was removed the head of the main information є the basis for a permanent thorough system management and the most important value for the formation of the economic strategy. The water hour is the system of compliance with information transfer: secure function marketing to all necessary resources and material troubles; zdіysnennya zadіv for zapobіgannya clemency at marketing; Kerivnitstvo all marketing minds and officials; postal polіpshhennya dіyalnostі z marketing.

4.2.2. Yakіst product targeting

The system for ensuring that the product is secured by the product, which is compatible with the technical and technical requirements and the safety of the product. Vіdravnі vimogi to the project to the product, dismissed from the prior marketing of their achievements, as it was said, it’s fixed in a short description. Creme, by the butts of the input can be but:

Consume first time and market;

Consume the first interested party;

spіvpratsya with a hitch;

We’ll help you to secure your first project and separate the product;

Zmіni vіdpovіdnyh legal and regulation vimog;

international standards and national standards;

industry norms and rules.

In order to further develop the project, thoroughly develop the time and creative team of the most successful designers, technologists, marketers and the most important companies. The procedure for cooperation with the public and the public, to take part in the projects on the other stages, to become familiar with the documents of the system of clothing. Such є programs, internal regulations on food production, procedures, regulations on production, planting instructions.

The main supreme document for the project is the production of products є technical inventory (TK). It’s very easy to follow the results of the future science and pre-experimental and experimental work, the science of forecasting, the analysis of the advanced achievements of the scientific and foreign industry. Technical specifications and economic requirements are established in TK for production, which means recognizing good governance and effective stagnation; indicate the transfer of technical documentation; the order of health and acceptance of the results of the TK. Zmіst technical zavdannya voznachayut zamochnik i rozrobnik. In singing hitchhikers, the role of TK can be seen in the last document (agreement, application of the deputy, contract, protocol, etc.), changes by the parties for such, which may be necessary for the completion of the vimogie. Independently, the vimog is right now, the rosrobnik is guilty of curtailing respect for the vimogs of the bezpecs, bury the dovkill, and also on the ambush base of the policy of the hairless podprimstvo schodo yakostі. Dodatkovo is taken to respect the legislation of the territory of the country, and the products are transferred.

The rozrobnik on the front page of the technical specifications and standards, so that I can relate to this kind of product, I’m doing the necessary technical documentation. Можї it is possible to conduct, design, work, information. Vih_dnoy documentation vzvyazyut TK and a short marketing described virobu. Project design documentation н technical presentation, preliminary design, technical design.

At this stage of the project, you will vibrate the ambush of constructive decision (the principle of incitement and encouragement). A new project is to blame for the mother’s sole designation, the main parameters and the overall dimensions of the Maybut virobu.

After an hour of development of a technical project, we’ll need to experiment with theoretical and experimental design schemes and constructive solutions that will be developed. On the whole, it’s possible to carry out a detailed breakdown of the winter versions on the mock-ups of the special annexes. Pislya zakіnchenchennya zikh robіt to work on clothes about the availability of Maybuty products.

I am working on the basis of working documentation, I am working, designing, technological, operating and repairing. Information documentation - catalogs, information about patent grants, expert visions, certificates and protocols. In addition, it seems, the design document for the virobot integration is the result of fundamental and applied dividing, pre-design fragmentation, engineering and virological descriptions, healers, okremich vinokhodіv. An unavailable part of a set of technical documents є technical know how (TU) with up to specific types, brands, models of products. Whose document is found in the image:

1) technical vimogi, which means indicators of performance and performance characteristics of products (basic parameters and characteristics; characteristics and power; completeness, marking, type of packaging);

2) the rules of adoption;

3) methods of control (viprobuvan, analizu, vimiryuvan);

4) vimogi to transport and save;

5) instructions for exploitation;

6) the guarantor of the post-hack.

For the purpose of launching a virobnitstvo inadvertent product at the hour of the project, the task of virobility is to periodically monitor, analyze and evaluate the project. Stage and stage of periodic monitoring and evaluation of the project to lay down the form of novelty, complexity, and special features and stability of products. Otsіnyuvannya project tsіlomu zdіysnyuє zamovnik, Money Does rozrobnik podaє OAO All neobhіdnі materіali: tehnіchne zavdannya project tehnіchnih minds abo standard konstruktorsku, tehnologіchnu that іnshu tehnіchnu the documentation and takozh zvіt about the result viprobuvan, INSHI materіali scho pіdtverdzhuyut tehnіchny rіven, konkurentospromozhnіst, bezpechnіst that Ecological products, up to date experimental testing of the product. From now on, designing and dividing a product into a product is a matter of complete processes, and I will re-create the images for the given characteristics, but for the documentation the technical description of the product.

Pislya Uzgodzhennya TU chi to the standard for products to repair the development of the Russian virobnitz. You have an hour at the factory with the help of a special rozrobnik zdіsnyuє complex entrance with the production technology and training for personnel for the launch of products with stable performance indicators. Obov'yazkovo held kvalіfіkatsіііnі viprobuvannya zrazkіv production of first-hand industrial parties. Vibration policy, which is important for the main parameters of the products, due to the technological technology, do not go beyond the permissible limits, so as to ensure that you have the necessary virobility.

Thus, the system of Yakostі maє transmission:

1) plan of work with project;

2) a complex of calls іz zapobіgannya for pardons at the project;

3) conversion of the project to the project of vimogs;

4) periodic analysis of all components in the project;

5) analysis of readiness to live production;

6) control over the project’s winter;

7) repetition of products.

Preparing the product for the product is very easy, the technological process is in full and the whole element is healthy, the product is ready for the most technical documents. We would like to reassign such items of equipment, such as possession, materials and complete parts, technological equipment, tools, equipment, additional materials, technical documentation, and a middleware. The system of safety management of all elements of the radio, so that the control and reduction of the elements at the mill. I especially respect the need to come to the viral processes, to form the parameters of the products.

Managing the viral processes of the local zdryamovane to secure the products and services for the hour of viewing. For the entire operation, the requirement is to provide detailed documentation and documentation for the operating instructions. Relocating the products, the process, the software security, the materials of the viola virus middleware at the most convenient virocenter points. Technological processes are converted to adaptability for the production of products with the installation of technical specifications. The greatest effect is to reach out for the statistical regulation of technological processes.

In the district of virobnitsvah, the great desire is to add such additional materials and supplies, such as water, calm down, energy and chemical products. Usі tsі materialі takozh pіdlyagayut postіnіі perevіrtsі. Remaining obov'yazkovo bite and I will become a virologic treasure (temperature, vologіst, purity).

Launching materials from the viral industry and the complete virobi require less information to convert to standard specifications. In the process of viral resources, it is necessary to have the regular order of security and occupation for the purpose of providing functional functionality. The stability of the virological process is ensured by the fragmentation of the prophylactic technical servicing programs.

Having infused the system of preparation of virobnitstva to the effectiveness of a new product

Fig. 28. Infusing the system of preparation of virobnitz to the effectiveness of a new product

Obov'yazkovymi elements of the system may have a buty control that viprobuvannya ready-made products, as well as the processing of virobnitzva. The system is based on the statistics of statistical methods of control over the world, is available for analysis, analysis, testing is one of the most characteristic of the products (services) and their identification is established. The system is guilty of ensuring the availability of products as well as for installation, installation, distribution, installation, and installation of components and components. For the whole reason, you need to get the necessary resources: come in: technical consultations, first-hand staff, some kind of operation, I’m folding technical support and maintenance and repair; Now and in the total obligation to reserve spare parts skinny. What is the meaning of the most effective way of ensuring the safe preparation of a new product є zasosuvannya іnnovatsіynyh technologies (Fig. 28).

4.2.3. Yakіst managing material and technical resources

I will look at the special features of the functions for the minds of the transition economy and the importance of the ability of the systems to the material-technical postachannya. Materials, details of the higher education institutions, which will be purchased, to become part of the finished products and to infuse directly on the Russian market. Virobnik carries the highest quality for the main parameters of products in general, regardless of the availability of resources. From now on, he is guilty of a rebate about those that require the supply of material and technical resources, which have been added for higher education, have provided to the standards, technical and technical documentation.

Зідно із вказівками of international standards to reach:

1) vibor kvalіfіkovanih postachalnik;

2) the exact regulatory procedure for the development of the super-sale of products;

3) the health of the input control and the restoration of the most reliable materials for the use of material and technical resources;

4) the correct arrangement of the contract, the contract of their land.

For arranging the contract for the purchase and sale of resources from a completely new owner, clearly identifying the goiter and assignment of the post-scholar з zazpechenenny yakostі. Tsі zobov'yazannya can be formulated in such alternative forms:

1) Conducted of a full-scale technical control and viprovanie products;

2) compensation for the supply of resources for the most recent results in the control and the selection of these resources (the highest number of resources);

3) the health of the vlnogo input inspection and vidbrakovuvannya in the process of virobnitstva.

If you are not interested in the posting of the poster for the sale of non-selected resources and not for the purchase and sale of goods, please be informed that this resource is available. For the sake of the law, by the day, I’m legalizing that it’s non-interruptible and that there’s no indefinite postal-driver for yakіst, as well as the right to turn over a defective product.

You can go by the head method of the assistant and the postman to set up such statements, as well as to ensure that you have the highest possible quality control and the minimum control. Pratsyuyuchi with maybutnyi postochalkami, deputy viconu takі zavdannya:

1. Viznacha vimogi to the materials and complete set of viral vii (parts, universities, components), which will need to be added, as well as vimogi to be repaired at the post-master systems of ankosti.

2. Otsіnyu є лив потен потен і потен ач ач ач ач ач ач ач на на на на на в в в систем систем систем систем систем систем систем я я я я с є є є є є є ogu є є є.

3. Vibiraє і zaverjuє postachalnik.

4. At once, with the postchalker of the plan, the level of freedom and the components, which will be added.

5. Spіvpratsyu є with a step-by-step for the development of problems of concern, which will not be possible at the end of the contract.

6. I’ll reject the production of installed products.

7. The form of the clerical bank of the Danish about the post-master, the estimate of the yakost_ visakanny taken by them goiter'yazan.

Reporting the rest of the week to keep up with the complexity and novelty of the items of material and technical delivery, delivery costs, number of delivery huts, repeated retrieval, as well as the need for special quiet delivery. One hundred percent of the technical complexity and thoroughness of the items purchased can be divided into three large groups:

1) standardize the material and possessions that allow you to promote the knowledge of technical minds (resistors, strengths, simplicity) and types of posters that do not allow the creation of special programs;

2) folding component parts (mechanical and electrical institutes, integrated microcircuits, special designation), individual design for a separate workstation, payroll system;

3) additional materials and components, for obvious technical and technical needs, but the post hitter is guilty of accepting frequent health care programs.

Foldable yakisnogo material care, scho to ask the procurement process for the necessary resources, to develop a new business order. The original turn of the industrial robots and the river musk (middle - C; high - B) is shown in the table. 15.

Table 15


See Robit

Subject of technical-technical postachannya

Standardized Material and Ownership

Optional components


Viznozhennya vimog




Otsіnyuvannya postachalnik




Vibir postachalnik




Bedroom planuvannya




Співробітництво під hour See through the contract




Підтвердження відповідності




Atestatsiya postochalka




Udoskonalennya Yakostі




Visnazhennya rating postachalnik




For the minds of the widespread market economy of the bagato industry є frequently and often integrate, that’s just one economy є stochovno one of the deputies and postochalki. In such vipadoks of call dzherela postachannya vikoristovuyut yak dodatok to internal. The obvious changes in the internal posture є the forgiveness of the change in rights and the need for financial assistance, as well as the great need for additional information about the need for technical support. Dosvіd industrial enterprises of Ukraine, as a rule, have been demanded to control systems, to protect, to ensure that the policy is strictly limited to the material and the security and technical maintenance. Rospodil obov'yazkіv among those who are in need of occupation, the need for personnel, the number of qualified personnel, the pooled type of material resources. So, for the purchase of folding components, it is necessary to evaluate the capacity of the potent postachnik. For the results of such an assessment, the proposition of the vibration is drawn. Evaluation criteria can include the following: engineering and technical potential of a post-consumer company, help to ensure the availability of items, the price of material resources, the accuracy of the supply schedule and financial stability. Zbirayuchi іnformatsіy one hundred percent potential postachnikіv, the deputy cherish respect the image company, Ії financial institution, vivchaєsvolny bank of Danish about it. The attachment of post-executives for okrimnimi indicators to be evaluated in balls (inkolyu to the robot to hand over to the independent organizations).

The residual vibration of the postochalka is based not only on the estimated features of the virology, but on the basis of all purchase vitra

In addition to the international standards of ICO 9000, the post-taker is also guilty of documenting and documenting the work of the procedure, as well as securing the installation and distribution of robots, storage, and delivery of products. The price is indicated in the normative and technical documentation for skin products. It’s stinky to have buti hidden on the mind for the most safe care and saving the yakost. For the whole, the post-hitcher is guilty of the mother of the warehouse, but for the production of the products. In order to regulate the procedure for the acceptance of products in the warehouse of the warehouse and the warehouse.

With the most important international standards to the level of material and technical care, there is a need for identifying and restoring products. Енти Identification of the transfer of markup and markup of syrovini, materials, complete sets of ready-made products, finished products, as well as technical and technological documentation for them. For help, it’s possible to have a prostitution in Belarus and to find out a marked skin condition by identifying possible reasons for marriage because of defects in technological and technological processes. At the end of the week, they give tribute for the assessment of the added value of the product and the above postal manager.

Diyalnіst іz zezpechenennaya akostі postachannya otnormuyut at vіdpovіdnomu procedural documents, which є warehouse part of the documentation system and ankostі in the assistant. From now on, a systematic management of yakystyu maє obov'yazkovo include registration and analysis of the authorities of the purchased products and the evaluation postalnik. The functionality of the system is more likely for an hourly, full and unbalanced care of all the necessary resources. In addition to the need for systematic monitoring and resource management through the use of the post-policy policy.

In this way, for assessment and control of products, it is necessary to procure, you need to come up with such ambush principles:

Now, efficiently, and more precisely, the establishment of consumer demand and technical characteristics of products, which we can procure;

otsіnyuvannya vartostі to a product, with urakhuvannyam yogo indicators, prices і vitrat for delivery;

assessment of the special processes at the post-graduate;

the ability to guarantee product purchases, but I don’t need to vimogam;

the manifestation of proper branding and Danish product retrieval;

Yakіst zberіgannya productіv;

the availability of legally documented documents, including the fact that it is necessary to have a detailed report and a statement of the status of water testing;

nayavnіst control over vіdhilennyami produktіv od vimog;

free access to the post office;

information about the number of deliveries, installation and acquisition of the product;

the appearance of the fast-moving viral process in the post-scholarship, and later, the change of prices for purchasing a product.

Because there is no need for a complete system of management, it’s more impotent without a clinging ring for a quick analysis of the satisfaction of the consumer needs of the product. With the help of methodology, there is an organization structure and documentation of the system.
Organizational structure of the system - all rights reserved, both the functions and functions of the secret service, the management of it, and the management of it. You can form in the boundaries of the organizational structure of managing the enterprise. Overseas management yakіsty guilty of health and safety at home. The international standard for goiters is documented to document that you see the results of activities that are directly or indirectly incurred for yakіst. Such documents can include but not limited to regulations on regulations; documents, scho establish the order of the end of the function and the work is completely solid. Documentation of safety роз One of the most important policies and procedures for the protection and management of this policy. I won’t give you the opportunity to improve the rights, rights and obligations, establish the procedure for the interchange of loans and meals. The leaders of the documentation close themselves in the face of traditional traditions, concentrate the most advanced and safe care, and manage it and that policy.

A document, such as certification, management system, control of international standards, certification, and appearance of special audit (see English - rewriting). Audit is a methodical, independent and documenting process. Proof of evidence and effective evaluation of the requirements for the recognition of the criteria for the selection of criteria. I want to go through certification for the certification of standard ISO 9000 standards, a special register-health certificate, an inspection certificate, an increase in the availability of standard processes and transfer. Vіdpovіdno up to vimog standards ІСО 9000 і elemental and processes of the system and require regular іpyrіki y otsіnyuvannya. In other words, it’s almost necessary to have a quick look at the systems of the ability, through the control, analysis and evaluation of the functional functions of the system. With the most efficient and effective systems, the actual plan is effective, procedures, working instructions, contract documentation, monitoring journals, results of control and testing. The last day that the warehouse is from the audited audit of the functionalities of the iakosti systems served at the view of the flowchart in Fig. 29.

Qualifications to auditors and their respect are governed by the normative documents of ISO 9000. Qualifications of the auditor are required to reconsider the need for special brutes, to teach and improve the work of the robot. In addition, it seems that there are aspects of competence, the revelation of what is necessary for the appointment of an auditor. Please note that the following independent auditors are obligated to postpone (leather and leather) and to renew their compliance with the prior principles of ISO 9000. We can provide further certification.

Flowchart of the function of the system

Fig. 29. The block diagram of the cross-functional functions and system

4.3. Advanced system management

Reserving the systems of visibility at the time of business - one of the changes of mind is the form of the market mechanism, the harmonization of the day and the world economy. All this is especially important when you get the feeling that there is a total transition from total management (TQC) to total (all-inclusive) management - TQM. As soon as the first step of transmitting є control к control ’by means of the video installation of the vimog on the basis of control, then TQM will include the control of the method and the power by the vimogs themselves. ТQM is based on a systematic approach to developing practical skills, methods and methods of efficient management of consumer needs for constant needs. Tseyamok dyalnostі spriaє pіdvishchennuyu productivity of virobnitsva, and the very same: uusuvannyu defective products; half design product; expedited delivery and lower product availability. From now on, the initial strategy of TQM is all the same to the satisfaction of consumers. Such a form is the form of a warehouse of service items for the visitor in the total management and transfer of the fate of the skin prince at the vicenary (Fig. 30).

Obligations of the third party in total management iakostі

Fig. 30. Obov'yazki vishchogo kernіvnitstva in total managementі yakostі

The basis of technology management is based on the vidomy “Shukhart-Deming cycle”, which can be stored up with several stages - the last stages, which should be kept in mind and effective because there are more problems (fig. 31)

Plan (plan);

Come around (do);

Control Abo Vivchay (chek or study);

Come around the corridors (action).

Head warehouses for the management cycle in TQM

Fig. 31. Head warehouses for the management cycle in TQM

In the newer versions of the ІСО standard homeland 9000: 2000, the Shukhart-Deming cycle was introduced without interruption in the text of ІСО 9001 and 9004 standards.

Згідно з філСОСі T T TQM Effectiveness of management ікістю to lay down in three heads of minds:

glybokogo rosumіnnyh as a special planting seed for special consumption in the permanent diet;

investuvannya not in possession, but in people;

rebuilding or special organization structure for total management.

Berserk zagalom, you can say that TQM stock up on such items:

QA - safeguard;

Qpolicy - politics of jacosti;

Qplanning - plan for yakostі;

QI - Polypresence Yakostі.

Security in the TQM allows you to choose the right access system, which will always be able to keep up with the availability of products. Vіdpovіdno suttvo zrosta і the role of people and orientation to staff. There is a greater number of certified posters for the higher certification systems for higher standards of ISO 9000. There are active methods for evaluating the number of posters, for which there are a lot of ratings. There is great respect for coming as well as for processes, for soaking up for having so much called 5M:

Men - people (information, motivation, qualification, goal, labor collective);

Machine - machines (possessing, prisosuvannya, tools);

Material - materials (purchased sirovin, parts, products, complete sets of virobi);

Method - a method (organization system, style of technology, technology);

Mileu - middle ground (think for praci).

Polyphony of the yakost in the graphical viraz

Polypropagation of the graphical virazi (Fig. 32) is the transfer of the postal progression of the cinnamon authorities of the products.

In this rite, vseosyazhne upravlіnnya yakіstyu - tse kontseptsіya, yak peredbachaє vsebіchne, tsіlespryamovane, skoordinovane zastosuvannya systems i metodіv upravlіnnya yakіstyu access in all areas dіyalnostі - od doslіdzhen that konstruktorskih rozroblen to pіslyaprodazhnogo obslugovuvannya - for uchastі kerіvnikіv i sluzhbovtsіv usіh rіvnіv of efektivnosti vikoristannyam tehnіchnih mozhlivostey. Yasna rich, what is the concept of TQM yes, it’s clear that you need more information about the rest of the way to the storage of all warehousing management, security and maintenance, as well as managerial practice. Leather of the country is guilty of vibration of the national national style to the highest quality products. Zrozumіlo, shvito sovtovtovarstvo opratyuvalo bagato universal methods and approaches, vikoristannya some can help the home of Ukraine to reach the best possible opportunity to improve their day, more traditional practice than ever. The classic cliché has been filed in tab. sixteen.

Table 16






Management Yakіstyu

Process control

Kerivnitsvo staff

Resource Management

Viznachennya understanding yakostі


Team Kerivnik

Program vitrat on Yakіst

Politics Yakostі

Statistical Control Methods

Zagalne go with food safety custody

Weekend Control Indicators

Back to the staff

Mozhlivostі processes

Organizational group pracіvnikіv

Vartisny indicators

Vzєmovidnosini with internal friends

Razv'yazuvannya technological problems

Methods i need motivation

Conservation of resources

Systems Yakostі

Conscious process

Z'єdnuvalnі lanka

Polispenny Navkolishny middle

"Jackets Yakostі"

Analysis of the nature and insight of the stage project (FMEA)

Theory of Intensification

Pratsya for the principle “exactly at the lines” (LT abo “kanban”)

Methodi Taguchi

Those on stage virobnitztva

Підвищення кваліфікації


Yak vidomo, yak_zhit wait for the bullet of the functional hour, yakoy post_yino koriguє vimogi until some survivors and suspensions. In 90 years of the 20th century, the influx of suspension was significantly overpowered by investment, while the rest seemed to be more and more inclusive of the suspension of interest. This led to the establishment of the standard of ISO 14000, so that you can install vimogs to the systems of management, which is why I need to save the security and safety products. First of all the ambiguous standards in group terms with the group names “Management Systems for the Middle Ages” and “Establish a Good Environmental Audit” were blamed on 1996 rock. Ukraine 1997 fate deferred the standard of voluntary. Standards of the ІСО 14000 are attached for the organization. For the sake of universality, the terminology itself is explained by the following terms: organization - the whole company, company, organization, authority body, installation, functionality, legal rights, legal rights, without any rights to them, Mayu adminstratsiyu. The very introduction to management systems is safe for the total amount of standard ІСО 9000 and ІСО 14000. The control system for the first asset is also the same, there is a small part of the management, the organization has the following structure: environmental policy. This means that the organization must constantly shave the mustache for a minimal amount of fuel for dovkill. Certification of the systems of visibility for standard ISO 14000 standards is no less popular, lower for standard ISO 9000 standards (Fig. 33).

The model of the management system by navigator

Fig. 33. The model of the management system by navigator

Ров ISO 14000 standard requirements can help the deputies to be more productive in environmentally friendly products, as long as the concept of socially-ethical marketing is clearly discouraged. In addition, I’m grateful for the opportunity to do so, to have access to a large number of goods, to get access to the market, to pay attention to the availability of goods, and to receive the most frequent goods.

The terminology dictionary of keys to understand those

Safe care - the plan is reserved and systematic zdіsnyuvanykh coming in, so as to secure the necessary for the understanding of the skin of the "loop" is such a rite, so that the products are pleased with the song.

Ф Identification - a procedure, such as transferring a mark and a set of syrovini, materials, complete sets of finished products, finished products, as well as technical and technological documentation on them.

Methodology for management of skills - the most complete methodological position is to recognize the development of theory and practice of management of skills.

Polypropagation - dyalnost , so as to save on the technical technology of products, the flexibility of products, the convenience of all the elements of virobnitz.

Rosakitok system iakostі - the process of the constant progressive change of the system yakostі s metoy pіdvishchenny її effektivnost

Totality (vseosyazhne) upravlіnnya yakіstyu (TQM) - kontseptsіya upravlіnnya yakіstyu scho peredbachaє vsebіchne, tsіlespryamovane, skoordinovane zastosuvannya systems i metodіv upravlіnnya yakіstyu access in all areas dіyalnostі (od doslіdzhen that konstruktorskih rozroblen to pіslyaprodazhnogo obslugovuvannya) for uchastі kerіvnikіv i sluzhbovtsіv usіh rіvnіv of efektivnosti victorious technical capabilities.

The more accurate system of performance - the process of changing the performance of the system, which is the main goal of performance.

Process management - dyalnost iz planuvannya, organization, control, regulation and evaluation processes of installation, installation and maintenance of technical services for products.

Management of the product - the number of operational methods and the ability to use the latest products and services in the system.

Philosophy of Management of Yakosti - a singular system of ambassadors to management of yakosti, is straightened out on the basis of fundamental practical problems.

Functionality of the system of visibility - it is self-evident that you see the dyalnosti, which can be seen in the system.

Control food

1. Appointment and Standards of the International Standards of Serie 9000.

2. The designation and organization structure of the Yakist system.

3. Etapi "Loop Yakostі".

4. Project of new products.

5. Vimogi system "Yakіst" to material and technical postachannya.

6. Preparation of virology and the process of production of products.

7. Clutter and warehouses of total management of brightness (TQM).

8. Appointment of the International Standards of Serbia 14000.