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Commodity Innovation Policy - Kardash V. Ya., Pavlenko I. BUT.

5.2. Criteria for evaluating the future prospects of an innovative product

Vidomo, for an effective sale, you need to take a comrade, so you can increase your respect by resuming that you are unprotected by the market for those and other analogs. Back in 1954, economist P. economist P. Drucker meant, after his appointment - to save people - be the state official organization, marketing and marketing functions: marketing and innovation [18]. Ninemy it’s not possible to guarantee success on the market for extremely low costs for science-based robots, but you must not hinder the marketing of the planning and control of the innovation processes. Innovation is a complex and bagaspect process, which can be divided into three main warehouses with a great peace of mind:

Innovation Initiative;

vivchennya will use a market;

straightforward virobnitstva to the satisfaction of the market consumer.

Efficiency of organization and function of the names of business processes - innovation, marketing and marketing - to signify the competitiveness of industrial enterprises (Fig. 43).

Brainstorming of basic business processes

Fig. 43. Interconnection of basic business processes of business

The whole context of the thought of the thought of the European psychologist J.-J. Lambena [42], who respects the top officials of the commercial market, the first time to introduce new products, as well as originality and complexity of the conceptual product for the retail market, as well as the most advanced technology. If the company is more involved in the new sphere of dyalnost, then we are looking for some old strategic risik. My food was already hanging around and signaled, since the number of technology and technological innovations of enterprises is minimalistic. Vin zbіlshuєtsya, if rinok novy, ale technology vіdomі. There is more zrostaєmovіrnіst commercially unlucky companies, if there is an initiative, I want to go to the home market, ale for new technologies. Here you can transfer technical risik, a kind, prote, healthy neutral marketing and social marketing. The most economical model, if the company will learn new markets with the help of new products, products for new technologies. At all times, riser has become an adequate strategic diversification diversification. At the top view, all the criteria for classification are listed in the table. 21.

Table 21


Rinok Firmi

Goods and technology




Concentration riziki

Technological risik


Commerce Rizik

Foldable riziki of diversified diversification

Private sector changes in innovation and business can be achieved through strategic alliances with industry, business and science organizations that have 44 times more competitors.



Change Riziku i Vitratshvidi tempi commerzialіzatsіі, maximizing revenue in the allianceDirect to the achievement of leadership on the market

Changing riziku i vitrat Concentration on the suttvyh of their competitive moves, entrusted to the company


Changing riziku i vitrat Directly to reach leadership in nishi

Maximum Rizen RizikuDirectly to reach leadership on the market

Vikoristannya zdobutkіv, opanuvannya promising straightforward company-leader (competitor)

Viznachennya rozvitok vlasnyh інnovatsііinyh direct voltage


Fig. 44. The main ways to rezodpilu rizikіv

For the sake of raising the risk of a commercial failure of an innovative product, I would like to have a great oath of information that I will become a middle-aged business middleman. Requirements are also included in the extrapolation of the latest news from Maybay by registering pre-competitive competitive moves, in order to give success to the implementation of the innovative project. You can reach it for the minds of a systematic and flexible vivchenka market, securing all the storage mechanisms of the marketing security and the marketing of the international business.

I’m letting the service to marketing work right now, it’s possible to introduce new functions into two parts: security and realization [4].

Marketing the security of the innovative process for the straightforward process. We are able to transfer the form and development of innovative staff to the company. Praznivniki fіrmi povіnnі brothers take an active part in the processes of fragmentation and provocation of new innovation, rozumіti importantity of the price of business. It is necessary to reach out to the personnel, information about the care of the public, the acquisition of the procedures for the expert evaluation of new activities, stimulation of creative activity for the help of other competitive competitions, fairs. For the most part, please, my friend, my friend and my friend, and the information is secure. Significant role is played by the duty of service marketing. The head necklaces of such information are:

dosljennya spozhivachіv;

vivchennya goods, which compete with firms;

vivchenny galuzevih trends in the development of basic products and technology, as well as vikoristovuyutsya for virobnostva. Such an analysis is inevitable in the case of interchange with pre-registered companies and distributors of new goods.

Suttєve significant value is also advice to the marketing services of the public companies, who want to take part in the current activities, as well as get new goods and services. Marketers are waiting for the May Buty, ready to give that advice and advice on how to forecast the capabilities of a new product for an additional special system of criteria and indicators. The marketing service itself provides a wide range of information for activists of innovative innovations. For the sake of good health, we are in close contact with the information and information of the service for marketing. For the most part, the staff of the company are guilty of heaping up to the procedures of expert assessment. Golovne, schob zhodna propositsiya pracіvnikіv did not fill out a pose of respect and skin in reach innovatsiyyny dyalnostі little welfare soothed.

Methodically accept marketing for companies that want to become commercially attractive and that is not enough to stay in literature. Naibіlsh vіdomі methodical recommendations of the American American consultancy company “A.S. Nilsen” of the corporation “Dan End Bradstreet”, which in the mid-60s rocked the estimate of the matrix of a new product. In Ії basis laid the universal algorithm of commercial evaluation, which is transmitted directly to the analysis:

The market for a new product, a stan of perspective;

competitiveness of a new product for the market;

a pledge of oath to the goods on the market;

virobnichi problems, problems and secures of uninterrupted and instant delivery of high-quality goods.

Analysis for these strains allows you to help you with new opportunities. For the assessment of victorious hiding, marketable, productive and viral criteria. To market officials to inform: I need virobi; Perspective market development; competitiveness; stability stability market. Z commodity officials naychastche pove'yazuyut technical characteristics of the goods; packaging; price. Suttuvu role vidigrayut vozmozhnosti zbutu: harmonious assortment of products, what a shit; the mill and the system of zbutu; advertising. Great importance is the virologic potential: possessing that personnel; syrovinnі resources; knowledge of that kvalіfіkatsіya robіtnikіv. Evaluation of the criteria with the most important criteria can be reached for the additional small scales. Nayprostishoyu є such: food for the middle rivie, middle rivie, lower for the middle rivie (tab. 22).

Precise є assessment in balls iz vikoristannyam vidpovidnogo vagomosti criterias.

Tsіkavimi takozh є message of J.-J. Lamben’s matrix of forward evaluation of commercial chances of a new product of MDA’s American American Consulting Group. The top officials of maybutnogo success are getting involved in the privatility and competitiveness of goods. Kozhen z tsikh chinnikіv maє kіlka head criterion, yakі can buti otsіnenі for such a scale: narrower temporal, temporal, low, low. Prior to the main criteria for the appropriateness of goods, there should be: a trending market; termіnt life of goods; Shvydkіst yogo rozpovsyuzhennya; physical potential market; groshy potential market; consume purchasers; sellers shutter; need for advertising; accessibility to the market. Competitiveness of interest for such criteria: belonging to the goods; Reconstitution of viscous and similar analogous goods; competitiveness; hour zberezhennya vinyatkovostі goods; vіdpovіdnіst goods directly dіyalnostі fіrmi; price; Sum of sales and salesmen; adequacy of sales staff; Riven Yakosti [42]. Є Also, new criteria for evaluating the possibilities of a new product for reaching strategic products. If you have a good time at the form of ideas for new products and the lower prices of commercial failures, you can reach companies that want good marketing and innovation.

Table 22






lower middle

A. Rinkovі characteristics

Need for Virobi

Virіb zadovolnya є new need, significantly anti-counterparts

Virib of additional deprivation is less than the secondary characteristics, yakі, odnak, may be significant for a fairly wide stake

Virіb not vіdrіznyaєsya vіd analogіv і zadovolnyaє tі samі consume

Prospect Market Development

One-sided zagalonatsionnalny, a little significant prospect of development iz zuchennyam zіznih prosharkіv buyers. Great potential for export

The market is stable, with the potential benefit in the region for the rachunok wide expansion stake. Mozhlivostі for export insignificant

On the market dominate a strong competitive competitor

Competitiveness of the Virobu Rivne

Strong competitors in Germany. Rivne vitrat on advertising, as a matter of quick sale, low. Low rate of innovation. Competition May Be Great May Become New

Competition may be met, the avenue is for the removal of peace and blessings. The innovation is very small

At home, there’s an equally strong competitor. High advertising riviera zbutovyh vitrates anti rivne sale. Vartіst fragmentation of the viroba, analogous to the competitors ’products, is great. Competitiveness, Helpfulness, and Effective Counter-Comes of New and Traditional Company Products

Production table 22





lower middle

A. Rinkovі characteristics

Riven stability market

It’s practical not to pour into the market of foreign economic officials. The rinok is not seasonal. With great ymovіrnіstyu can be transferred, scho will drink on virib budde postіyniy. Stretch kіlkoh rokіv norm a little extra money for the middle

The oath of duty to the dwellers is to lay down peacefully in the western consumables and seasonal seasonings. Virib matime will drink a fair amount of money, but to tempt the return on investment and the loss of profit

It is necessary to lay down the oath to the zutu in the form of zagalno zonomichnyh zmіn. Significant seasonal sales of sales, which are due to the staff and material reserves. Unapproachability of capacities of investment. Sumnivi schodo deceiving

B. Commodity specifications

Technological authorities

Viribom н unique authority, significantly overtaking comrade-rivals, over patenting

Viribom є unique authority, yak signi fi cantly rivaled comrade rivals, but patents may have a low rivie nadіnostі. Vlastivosti virobu important for copying

The power of the patent doesn’t need to patent, it can be easily copied by competitors


Having and trade packaging є unique, significantly outperforming competitive rivals and may be patented

Lipsha packaging for the one that competes with, is not patented. For коп ї коп коп і пот пот пот пот склад склад склад склад склад склад склад склад склад склад, склад,, склад,, склад склад склад склад склад, склад склад склад склад склад склад ї ї ї ї ї ї ї ї ї ї ї ї

The power of packaging patent patent is not easy and easy to copy

Production table 22





lower middle

B. Commodity specifications


Virib lіpshoі any such self-sacrifice, like a comrade-competitor, but only to realize the lower prices. For the price, the competitiveness of the competitor, the change in performance, the value, the right price, to look at the eyes of the unspecified

Virib to fall for such values ​​themselves, but in competition, ale maє I look for yak_st

Virib maє odnakovu yakіst with competing goods, but ale to compete for more high price

V. Zbutovі characteristics

A sound with an assortment of products

Virib dopovnyuє explicit assortment. Yogo virobnitstvo ma ry to accept a product range as a whole

For the necessary virib mobe but harassment to the explicit assortment. Wine is not sluggish

Virіb is rotten, but you don’t have to bother with an obvious assortment. Sales of virobes can be brought up to a change in consumer products


Realization to the best of our ability to take care of the full and freshest measure and the necessary equipment

Realization in the main is secured by a vivid, rozpodilnoy measure. It may be necessary to have part of the reorganization of zbutovogo equipment and zmіnі zbutovih territories

Rozpod_l mozhlivy lish for the heap of the pre-Datatian canals. The great number of necessary resources in the organization of the number of household equipment, as well as the need for a new deputy

Zakіnchennyya tab. 22





lower middle

V. Zbutovі characteristics


Unique authorities give great opportunities for effective advertising, stimulate food and showcase products with vikoristanny methods, which are the company of Volodya’s

The power of viroba does not overwhelm the dominance of goods analogue, ale firm Volodya by advertising methods and stimulation to drink more for competitors

Virіb maє singing characteristics, suitable for advertising, ale the technique of advertising robots of companies significantly to the competitors

G. Virobnichі characteristics

The staff and staff of the company

Virobnicha base I can distribute virobnitstvo products. Being victorious without any work. Pre-paid staff not required

Virobnitstvo can be organized without suttnoy zbіlshennya virobnichnyh burdens and virobnichnogo staff. The need for re-training staff

More important is the availability of new, new technical staff and staff, staff training


Vikoristovuyutsya traditional material resources (anyway go virobnitzstva). Firma maєlzhivіst prodovzhuvati ikh of purchases in the main postachalnik

Zdebilshogo vikoristovitsya awake syrovin (anyhow vihodi virobnitstva). It may be necessary for the pre-date dodatov syrovini to be traditional, so in the new postalnik

Syrovina has been discovered (anyway, go virobnitstva) of the Vicorists, there is a lack of chi that is unapproachable. Potential large purchases of material resources

Engineering and technical knowledge and additional staff

Virib yes I can optimally vikoristovuvati engineering and technical knowledge and access to staff, as well as living power products. Product support заб Learn more for further knowledge and professional staff.

The engineering and technical knowledge, additional staff, and the knowledge of the living authorities of the products ensure a new virobility. At a time iz zim is possible the need for qualified staff and the required staff

The engineering and technical knowledge and additional personnel more often can be used for the new virobility