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Commodity Innovation Policy - Kardash V. Ya., Pavlenko І. BUT.

5.2. Criteria for the development of market prospects for the product

V_domo, so for the effective sale of the necessary comrade, you can pay respect to all the customers who are interested in similar functions. Already 1954 rock v_domy ekonomіst P. Drucker zaznavav, just for his priyaznennyam - zabezpechuvat yogyzhachiv_v - whether gosparska organisation dvі і tіlki dvі golovnі funkії: marketing and innovation [18]. Nin unmoorily guarantor of success on the market for a vita of life on science-based robots, so as not to be bothered by the marketing plan management process. Інноваційна діяльність - tse skladny that is rich in aspects of the process, you can go to three head warehouses with great beauty for three years:

Innovation Initiative;

vivchennya demand;

directing virobnitstva on zadovolennya rinkovih consumption.

The effectiveness of the organization and function of the business processes — innovation, marketing, and marketing — is important to the competitiveness of the company (Fig. 43).

Interconnection of key business processes of the company

Fig. 43. Bridging the main business processes of the company

In tsiomu context іquіkavimi є pillows of the домvomogo є evropeyskogo vcheny J.-J. Lamba [42] Cauterets uvazhaє bunt chinnikami komertsіynogo riziku fіrmi scho zaprovadzhuє innovations yak rіven origіnalnostі that skladnostі kontseptsії product for spriynyattya її Rink, so i rіven tehnologіchnoї іnnovatsії in zdіysnennі brainchild of. Schoo glibshe fіrma zuryuryєtsya in the new sphere of reality, then we seek for a strategic rizik. Mi vzhe talked tsogo food and assigned, scho ry rinok that technology materіlazatsі novаіі ірііі віdomі - rizik minimal. Vіn zbіlshuuєtsya, in case the market is new, ale technology vіdomі. Already more than once, the commercial environment has been abandoned if there is a need to pracciwati want і to a different market, alia for new technologies. There is a transfer of technical rizik, yaky, prote, healthy neutral marketing. The most important business environment, if the company has mastered new products for new products that follow new technologies. In tsomu razіz rizik becomeє adequate strategy strategies diversifikatsії. In zagalnom viglyadі vsі can criterias klassifіkatsії induced in the table. 21.

Table 21


Rynok fіrmi

Product and Technology




Concentration Rhizics

Technological rizik


Commerce Rizik

Skladnі riziki povno diversifіkatsії

Frequently changing our business partnerships can be gained through the construction of strategic alliances with industrial, commercial and scientific and technical organizations and pereproditial and creative research and development, and I’ve put it on my own, and with scientific and practical organizations, I’ve put on my own, and with on-the-job organizations with perennial advertisements, and with scientific and practical organizations, I’ve changed my words, I’ve put it on my own, with all kinds of scientific organizations, I’ve been able to do this, and I’ve put it on-line with new scientific organizations and I’ve put it on my own.



Zmenshennya riziku і vitratShvidkі tempi kommertsіalіzatsії, maxіzatsіya income_in the allianceSpryuvaniya to dolepnennya leadership in the market

Rented rizik and vitrate concentration on suet competitive competitiveness


Zmenshennya riziku і vitratspryamuvannya on the outside of the leadership in nіshі

Maximum rivik rizikuPryamuvannya to the dwelling of the leadership at the market

Vykristannya zdobutkіv, opanuvannya promising straight lines kompanіy-lіderіv (competing)

Viznachennya rozvitok vlasni іnnovatsіyni nedmkiv


Fig. 44. The main way to pererozpodіlu rizikіv

For the benefit of the commercial failure of an innovative product, the great magnitude of the information of the school and the middle of the personal enterprise would be necessary. Requirements are also created by the extrapolation of various Danish events in May, using the method of assigning to the most recent competitive competitors, as a result of the implementation of the innovative project. You can reach the minds of a systematic glibokogo vivchennya market, zasosuvannya all warehouses to the mechanism of marketing campaign and that інноваційної dіyalnostі.

Usu a job marketing service marketing innovation can be implemented in two parts: security and real estate [4].

Marketing to defend the process of innovation for the headquarters. Peredovsіm tse stosuєtsya formuvannya rozvitku іnnovatsіynoi oriєntatsії personnel of the farm. Parents of the forum are actively involved in the processes of development and innovation, romance of the importance of democracy. Reach the tactile staff, information and care of the helpers, leave them to the procedures of expert assessment, stimulation of creative activity for additional competitive competitions, fair training. S usih tsikh directly nayvlivіshim є svovchne, rіznobіchnne and enough information informaccne zapepechennya. Significant is the role of tsiy dіyalnost_ fakiyvtsyam service marketing. By the brave heads of such information, in:

doslіdzhennya spogivachiv;

vivchennya tovіv, scho compete with the firm;

vivchennya gallery trends of development of the main products and technologies that are used for the production of goods. Such an analysis is created in the context of the modular development of the field of production of new products.

Suttєve value as well as consulting with marketing service professionals who take part in all countries, who are new to each other. Marketers make money but gotovі dati povnat kvalіfіkovanu consultation scoho koertsіynyh іn foregloods of new goods for additional specials of the system criterionіv that pokaznikіv. The service itself is a wider marketing tool for widespread use of pragmatics for the active use of active marketing. Ця діяльність to be in contact with contact information with the help of marketing services for marketing. By the very method, the part of the staff of the farm is guilty to get away to the procedures of the expert assessment of innovation. At the head, the prospective propositions of the pracions did not hesitate the posture of the respect and the skin in the new age of the little one.

The methodological approaches to marketing by the health firms to become commercial partners and the fact that little is found in literature. Naybіlsh vіdomі methodical recommendations of amerikanskoі konsultatsіyno ї kompanії "A.S. Nіlsen" corporation і "Dan and End Bradstreet", yak in the middle of 60-x rokіv proponuvala to assess the matrix of the new product. In її, the basis is laid on the universal algorithm of commercial analysis, which is carried out by analysis and analysis:

The market of a new commodity, your perspective and prospect;

competitiveness of a new product on the market;

mozhlyviy zvyag zbutu product on the market;

virobnichi problems, povyazanі іz bezpechennyam bezperebіynogo that hourly vypusku visok_aknogo goods.

Analyze for tsimi straight and let me do it my way to find a new product. For otsіnyuvnya vikoristovu-yutsya rinkov_, goods, zbutovі that virobnі kritіr. To the rhinokihs of civilized buildings: I will need it; Persuasion rozvitku market; riven competition; Rivne stable market. H commodity officials most often show the technical characteristics of the product; packaging; tsinu. Sutt вvu role vіdіgruyut mozhlyvostі zbutu: harmony of the assortment of products, just viroblya-єsya; stand this system; advertising. Great value is also the potential of the potential: the possession of the personnel of the company; sirovinni resources; znannya that kvalіfіkatsіya robіtnikіv. Estimates for the most significant criteria can be found for additional scales. Nyprostroka є taka: vishche for the middle river, middle river, lower for the middle river (table 22).

Tochno є location in the balls of Vikristan vidpov_dnoi vagamost kritііv.

Tsіkavimi takozh є posilannya J.-J. Lamben on the matrix in front of the otsіnki commercial chances of a new product in the home of the American consulting MDA group. By the head officials of the maybut success, vvadzhayutsya privabliv_st that competitiveness product. Kozhen z tsikh chinnik_v mak kіlka golovnykh kritіrіїv, yakі mozhut buti otsіnenі for such a scale: the arc of the temple, visok, nizka, the arc of nizka. Until the head criteria, the product is based on: tendency market; term_n life to the goods; shvydkist yogo rozpovsyudzhennya; physical potential of the market; pittance potential market; consumer purchase; staggered sellers; Requirements in advertising campaigns; Accessibility market. Competitiveness to evaluate for such criteria: belong to the product; relocation of proprietary goods of similar analogous goods; riven competition; hour of preservation of the goods; v_dpov_dn_st to goods directly to d_yalnost_ f_rmi; price; total amount of sales and sales; adequate sales staff; Rivne ikosti [42]. Є also the same інші Критеріїї ёпреньої otsіnki mozhlivosti new product for the strategic development of the brand. Ale naibіlshogo udachu u formuvannі іdey new tovary_v that znizhennі riziku komertsіyno ї nevdachі reach fіrmi, kotrі Mayut good marketing and security innovatsіy.

Table 22




high middle


lower middle

A. Rinki characteristics


Virb zadovolnya novu, meaningfully in terms of analogue

Virba of better licensing for secondary characteristics, however, however, they are meaningful for a sufficiently large number of posters

Virb doesn’t agree with analogs and preconceptions

Future prospects of the market

Odnorіdnij zalogalonatsіonalny, especially significant prospects for rozvitku іz zlauchennyam rіznih prosharkіv purchases. Great potential for export

Rynok is stable, it is possible to make a difference in the surrounding regions for the promotion of a stake of buyers. Mobility for export insignificant

On the market domіnuyut kіlka strong competitors

Rivne competitiveness with virob

Strong competitors are not. Rivne Vitrata on advertising, as a result of selling for sale, є low. Nizka sobіvartіst novvevennya. Competition mayut great mozhdinostі protidіyat novatsії

Competition marytsy positions, ale for otmanimennya pnіrnih pributkіv for pribіbnі pіrnі vitrati. Sobvartіst novvevendennya vnnosno small

On the market domіnuyut kіlka odnakovo strong competitors. A high level of advertising and that vitrate against sale. The issue of selling out a viro, analogous to competing goods, is great. Competition of health problems that kind of effective countercontrophies of new products or traditional products of the company

Tab. 22



high middle


lower middle

A. Rinki characteristics

Rivne Stable Market

Zaganі ekonomіchni bureaucrats practically do not sink into the market. Rynok is not a seasonal colivan. It is possible to bind the great ymovіrn_styu, just drink on the post. In the middle of the middle age

Ozbyag zbutu pomіrno zalegit vіd zagalnoe komnichnyh zmіn і seasonal kolivan popit Virb Matime is sufficiently drank, to curb the investment of investment and redemption.

Zbutu nadto zaleg vіd zagalnoe konkomnyh zmіn. Signed seasonal sales for sale, which is connected with the staff of that material reserves. Non significant value of mozhnosti okupnostі invest. Sumnіvi schodo otrimannya tidy

B. Product specifications

Tehnichny powerpower

Virba is a masterful authority, meaningly transferable comrade-competing, patent naming

Virb is unikalist of power, who considerably outraged comrade rivalries, however, patents may be inferior. Vlastivost virobu vazhkі for kop_yuvannya

Vibrovostі virobu patentuvnu not p_dlyagayut, they can be easily copied by competitors


Responsive and commercial packaging is unique, it means that competitive competitors can be patented

Packing a bag for that, compelling to compete, ale not a patent. For її kopіyuvannya potrіbne folding, knowledge of the technology and special preparations of the staff and technical staff

Power packs are not patentable; i easily copy.

Tab. 22



high middle


lower middle

B. Product specifications


Virb lіpshoo abo tako ї samoj self, yak i comravie-konkurentti, ale realіzuєutsya for lower prices. For tsin, vishto ї nіzh u competitors, perevagi in one's insistence nastnilki znachnі, just vizvdovovuyut tsіnu navіt on the glance of the special

Virba proponuyutsya for such tsinami, scho in konkuret_v, ale mak є vishu yakіst

Virba Maidukova, allegedly with competing goods, aloe to pay for the high price

V. Zbutov_ characteristics

Links with an assortment of products

Virb additivy naavnij assortment. Yogo virobnitstvo masprieti zbutu production in the whole

For nebhіdnostі virіb mozhe boutiques prisavosyovat naavnogo assorted. Vin doesn’t bother to create an innocent production

Virb the filthy abo zovsіm not tied up with the actual assortment. Sales to a viro can you make a replacement for your product


Realization in a different way obyazy ozpechuсноatsya vsyatny rozpov_lnoyu least thing that zbutovym apparatus

Realization in the main is to be guaranteed a vigorous distribution. Mozhe postati neobhіdnіst in chastkovіy reorganization of the zbutovnogo apparatus that zmіnі zbutovih teritorіi

Rozpodіl mozhlyvіy liche for zaludennya predatkovih channels. Great is the number of people who need to be organized in the organization and the number of the mainstream device abo

Final table. 22



high middle


lower middle

V. Zbutov_ characteristics


Universals of power give the greatest possible mobility for the promotion of effective advertisements, stimulate you and demonstrate the production of videotaped methods, funkimi volodі nailіpshe

Vlastivost_ Vyrobu not enthuse powerfulness of goods_in-analogue, ala fіrma volodіолод methods of advertisements that stimulate popit lіpshe for competitiv

Virb's unique characteristics, attached to advertisements, aloe technique of advertising robots of the farm means that the competitors

G. Virobnic characteristics

Obladnannya that staff personnel

The virobnic base is given to the zmog rozpopati virobnitstvo production. There are victories that are not related to virobnic needs. Pre-requisite staff

Virobnitstvo mozhe buty organizovane without sutvvogo zbіlshennya virobnichyh needs that virobnogo staff. It is possible to rebuild personnel

Neobhdіdne vodne dodatkove possession, new technical staff, personnel, repackage of personnel

Sirovinni resources

Vikorisovuyutsya Tradtsіynі materіalnі resources (abo vіdhodi virobnitstva). Firma mozhdlivist prodovzhuvati їх zakupіvlyu in the main postachnikіv

Zdebіlshogo vikoristovuyutsya naivna sirovina (abo vіdhodi virobnitstva). Mozhe posati neobhіdnіst y pridbannі dodatkovo sirovini yak u tradnіtsnykh so i in the new postachnikіv

Naivna sirovina (abo vidhodi virobnitstva) Vikoristovumenyaetsya lack of є zovsіm nepridatnoyu. The great purchases of material resources

Inzhenerno-tehnіchn_ znannya that dosv_d to the personnel

Virb da zmogu optimally ikorisovuvati іszhennochno-tehnіchnі znannya that dosvіd to the personnel, and takozhivch_ powerfulness of products. Production of a safeguard for the future for the rest of you know the knowledge and skills of the staff

Engineering and technical knowledge, to the staff and knowledge of the authorities in production, to protect the new virobna. At the same time, from the bottom of the room, it is possible the need to pvdvischennya kvalіfіkatsії that zbіlshennya k_lkostі staff

Engineering-technical know-how and more personal staff can often buy new-year-olds for a new workbench viroboo