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Commodity Innovation Policy - Kardash V. Ya., Pavlenko І. BUT.

5.3. Marketing marketing in innovation and innovation of the field

The development of innovation for the minds of global economic affairs is supervised by the suites from the middle of the industrial middle-aged (tab. 23).

Table 23


Etap rozvitku nestabіlnost_ systems

Characteristic of the stage

Scale nestabіl-nostі, bal_v

50 pp.


Subscribe to the notice

Zmіni zovnіshnogo sredstvischa v_dbuvayutsya povіlno

Maybutn forecast for an analogue of the min


60 th pp.

Problem solving

Podії peregachuvanі in mezhakh extrapolyatsіy dosvіdu

Zmіni zovnіshn th centerline vіdbuyvayutsya povіlno

Maybutn forecast for analogy of the minimo abo way extrapolation


70 pti


Under the frontline in interpolation extravagancies up to the analogy of the mine

Zmіni zovnіshnogo sredstvischa vіdbuyvayutsya shvidko

Predicted folding problems and new ways of extrapolation


80 pp.


Podії neperedbachuvani, ale Mayut analogyi in the past

Zmіni zovnіshnogo sredstvischa vіdbuvayutsya shvidko th viperedzhayut reaction pіdpriєmstv

Predicting for weak signals, communicating problems and innovations


90 pp.


Unsubstantiated and allegedly new

Zmіni zovnіshnogo sredstvischa vіdbuvayutsya shvidko th viperedzhayut reaction pіdpriєmstv

Maybutnch often predicted for weak signals or not predicted


Otzhe, syogodnіn іnnovatsіyna d_yalnit p_dpriєmstva can not be successful without chitkoi і gnuchko ї sistemi іnformatsіі іschrodo internal іnshіnogo і zovnіshnogo dіlovogo sredovishche. Zavydyak taki і інформаціії ств ств ств перед перед перед перед перед перед change their minds for a clever reaguena on all the microcircuits and macroeconomics, for the operational launch of the commodity assortment and technologies, the dynamite of consumerism, the group of purchases of the new product.

System of marketing marketing information for the protection of food products

Fig. 45. The system of marketing marketing information for the protection of food products.

Informatsiya system for the protection of new products of their projects in the company to stock the materials of the company of the company, a bank of technical patent patents, and a result of a monograph of a branch of the training department, a branch of a technician and technical knowledge of patent patents

The primary information, which is responsible for the main economic camp of the enterprise, є:

Documentation of the production of goods from sellers and goods;

accountant zn_tnist;

briefcase take;

klіkіsnі pokazniki rozblennya novikh i i modifіkuvannya oldkh virob_v;

the results of scientific achievements and communications that are brought to the stage, to the design and development of robots, to the wigotting of the public services and to the serial virobnitstva;

the demonstration will become vnosnin with purchases and interconnection with competitors.

Science-technical, patent-related and marketing information, just as often as every hour of innovation in new businesses, systematized for storage, in the table below. 24

Table 24


Information type


Stage Vikristannya


Informatsiya of a tendency of a tendency of a singing of tekhnoї tekhn_ki


Investment project

Technology description of mob virobnittva

Characteristics of the moral perіnodu ob'єtіv tehnіki

Vidomosti about innovations on the science-tech dosyagnennya that NDDKR

V_domost_ schodo standardizatsії that certif_katsії


Кількість та зміст Патівів


Building marketing doslіdzhen (assessment of marketing strategies and competitors)


Indicators tehnіchnogo pіvnya ry spryamovіst razvitku ob'єktіv tehnіki

Indicators of patent patentability of purity


economic economics

Structure of the market

Rinkovі marketingі doslіdzhennya

Rinky segment of the company

Shows drunk

Product perception

Stan competition

Warehouse Sporzhivachiv

Comrades-competitors comrades


Zagalnokomonichny tendensі

Tendencies rozvitku galuzі

Final table. 24

Information type


Stage Vikristannya

biznes-informatsiya schrodo konkurentivv that mozhlivih partners

Zalnaya Informatsiya, financial rating

Marketing & Promotion

Poshuk partner

Activi i passivi fіrmi, turnover, sell the sale, income and vitrati

Platinum-analytical information (termini Visa payment)

regional statistical

Result census population

Marketing & Promotion

Product Virobnitc

legal and legal

Laws on legislation and regulatory actions and practical training

Post_Vice Victory


Kіlkіst that warehouse organ_zatsіy, dіyalnі yakki hid on the ptdtrimku technological innovations

Dzherela investment

It is practical for all kinds of information on the marketing strategy of innovation on the future of the city to come to the headquarters. Wono is the basis for active resource marketing for new products. Marketing will be safe for such last-minute etapami.

Etap otsіnyuvnya that vidboru promising ідей new products. Tsya act on the detailed vivchenny naystyki element of the market - demand - for such warehouse:

1) zyasovuєtsya, hto readyy splochuvaty grozny for the pleasure of singing, consume, tobto headings segmenuvannya Maybutnogo market;

2) vivchayutsya prospects of consumption and alternatives are satisfied;

3) here is an analysis of the product to a product of socially negative public relations, could be perekkodzhati yogo zbutu;

4) enter into a ready-made market for spryynyattya goods, scheduling the ambush of the new, and also the penetration of the may virobu (new tradition) from the new sphere of Victorian;

5) vivchaєtsya vіdpovіdnіst іdeї product zagalnogaluzevim tendentsіyam;

6) take to respect the zagalnі ′ mozhlivost і resourse of the resource maternity of the new ïdea;

7) to evaluate the new power of the new product of the new and other products (Fig. 46).

Golovnі officials of the new product

Fig. 46. ​​Golovnі officials of the form of the new product

If you want to do that, then you’ll see something that’s better to get involved in active law and technical development and sufficient resources.

Otsіnyuє promising ідей new products, as a rule, a group of experts, to the warehouse of the marketers enter, economics and kernivniki golovov pіdrozdіlіv fіrmi. By the method of our successive succession “vіdsіyuvnya” nevdalih propositions for the criteria of the vision of the common market, the minds of the competition, the organic market. Taken as well before the time and vitrati on the issue of the development of the product by the virobnitvom, yogogo mozhlyva tsya, shvidkіst okupnostі that інші ктерії (fig. 47).

By the head in the hands of creative artists of collectives є the folding of one-hour vrahovuvannya of the significant kritko kritіrі і і trudomіstkist procedures that assess the extent of many factors. Bazhano, schob kіlkіst tsikh possible v_dpov_dala mind:

S = (57) n,

de S - kolkost better; pokaznikіv;

n is the index.

Zrozumіlo, sco tsi krіterії є orієtovtovnimi, ale arguments, which direct the experts at the time of negotiation, be aware of the importance of demonstrations and links in them. Formalization of the process of prioritizing to reach the victoristic methods of the metric methods assigned to the rating of new products (table 25) [37].

Criteria of fіltratsii іdey іnnovatsіnih products

Fig. 47. Criteria for the Filtration of Ideas of Innovative Products

Table 25


Vimogi to new product

Vagovi Kodafіtsієnti

Seredni otsіnki examiners for the seven-point scale

Otsinka rated (gr. 2? Gr. 3)





Origin ідеї




Optimum sp_vv_dnoshennya "tsya / akost"




Vartі marketing fears that piddrimki




Powerful competition




Vidovіdnіst galuzі




Addition of material dzherel materіalno-tehnіchnogo zapepechennya








According to the results of the rating, ratings and rankings of the rating of all new products, there are no prospects (a rating of 0.00-1.50), a rating of 1.51-3.50, prospects (a rating of 3.51—7 , 00). Ostannі include perenіk promising ідей, the skin with є ob'kom dodatkovih doslіdzhen. In the future, they give a sign to the rationalist zagalnaya uyavlennya schoda new product, a yak podpriєmstvo you can join a market, and by other way of marketing a new way of innovation in a newfamiliarity of the concept, a figure of a figure, a figure, a heart of a concept, a heart of a concept, a concept, a concept, a concept, a concept, and a concept, is a concept of a concept, and a concept of a concept is a concept of a concept of a conceptualization of a company .

The marketers of Krakin z raskinuyu rinkovoy ekonomіkoyu vvazhayvat, uchto є hour and naukovo obruntovane rozroblennya kontsetsі і ї new product yes мmogu on the order pіdvischiti shans yogo of commercial business success. Sama on tsyomu etapі form є a system of vlasnih oriєntirіv personnel fіrmi Stosovno concept ї new product in significant form for the support of the form. At the site of a new product concept of a new product base on the complex assessment of such services:

the address of the healthy segment, for the goods to be made;

vіdpovіdnіst yakіsnyh parametr_v to the product of the segment’s income;

sum_snіst maybutnogo product іz middle of yogo funktsіonuvannya;

head overloads of a new product over competitive goods;

peredbachuvan_ zmіni in sistem_ zbutu new product і mozliviy rozvitok system;

імовірні lines to the entrance of a new product to the market;

mozhliv_ negativ_ naslіdki virobnitstva, zbutu that vikristannya to the goods (ekolog_chnik і, sots_aln і tosch);

zagalnі vitrati on sale, virobnitstvo і zbut goods;

predicted tsini, revenues and income.

Otzhe, zm_st kontseptsії new product organіchno єdnuє elementi unіversalnogo algorithm for the evaluation of the market of a new product that shows competitiveness to the product. Tsya konceptsіya bazyat on odnokhih izroblennyah і poperednіkh roserahunkah If I’m talking about the principle of new consumption or comrades, then I’m widely embarrassed for an analogue. Great is the importance of a professional paradigm that forms the creative team, a kind of concept. Yak rule, such a collective ob'єdnu ц pratsіvnikіv usіkh provіdnih pіdrozdіlіv. I have my own creative creative group of experts, experts, who are experts, and special experts, and consultants.

For goods, concepts and concepts that are outlined by prospects for business, look at the equipment and follow the instructions.

The service of marketing and distribution of information is a service for the marketing of new employees that are based on the Nilsen matrix, the consulting group MDA and the analogous analog device. Crіm addition, й но уточ кори кори correiguyut peredbachuvan і obyag zbutu tsіnovі parametri product. At mіru prouvannya to etapu staggered doslіdnogo zrazka fahіvtsі z marketing y dbayut about pіdvishchennya konkurentirompromozhnost_ maybutnogo product, moreover, more optimally spіvvіdnoshennya yvoi іndivіduіzatsіііі інін ін, ін. Dosvіd zakordonnyh fіrm svіdchuє, scho zagatokhoh zapatkovani razroblen і up to the step of building a dosnі dnogo zrazka to reach even a small number of years, and without a second in the market - just oddits іnitsі. As soon as there is no hope for a new product, then the smaller ones will be the profit of a new failure to the market.

Urachuvannya vsіh chinnikіv, who vryvayut on the commercial perspectives of the innovative product, reach a healthy third-party marketing analysis, you can follow these measures [27].

Zagalnaya characteristic:

mozhlyv pributkovіst in the first three roki sale;

apparent competition;

can compete;

placement of the market;

The range of essential capital in virobnica;

patent zahist;

Rivne riziku against the commercial efficiency of the export.

Rink characteristic:

conjuncture and tendencies of the market for the remaining five;

por_vnyalna characteristic fіrmovogo nd competitive product;

mozhliva trival_st zhittєvogo cycle fіrmovogo product;

staged before the іmіju pіdpriєmstva і you can save the new positive moments for success in a new product;

vpliv seasonal chinnik_v product;

emotsіny Vpl product to buy.

Virobnic characteristic:

you can find a new way of selling a new product and setting such a new one;

perelok difficult, yakі mozhut posti for organ_zatsії virobnitstva new product;

accessibility of all necessary material resources;

The presence of the necessary engineering and technical pragates and laborers of the technical field;

can organizuvati virobnitstvo product for competitiveness;

zovnіshnіy viglyad product.

Rinky test product:

triviality of terminations from the results of testing;

kіlkist m_tsts, de yogo demago spend;

name the missile, so do the testuing in them;

It is possible to save vidrivu v_d competitors for the test.

In the case of suknostnosti dіy neperedіchne meaningful marketing guarantee for the sale of a new product, tobto vmіnnya "prezentuvati" іnnovatsіyny product rinkovі. Zrozumilo, knowing that mayboths were able to buy new goods, especially those, were built on the basis of new scientific works, which were demanded by the former. Utіm such a very vyperedzhennya require іnnovatsіі іnshih typesіv (for example, retroіnnovatsіі: car "Volkswagen-Zhuk" new generation, schodzvtvoryu zovnіshnіi viglyad models 40-x rock_v). Marketing services (and the front is the intensity of the advertising campaign), before selling it on the cob, selling the innovative product to the market to fill up with the nature of your business. For the sake of familiarity with innovation products, they can be divided into three groups.

Smooth innovation . Poyav such goods do not need special navalnuyu spozhivacha i not with the reason for his family in this behavior. For example, a pen with a capital rod - innovation pens according to the principle of design and pens - for design. Presentations of such innovations can be presented without a second sale at the beginning of the sale. Advertisements for goods smoothly їnnovatsії zseredzhuє uvagu on їхніх yakіsnih abo varіsnih perevagah.

Dinamic innovation . So comrades require the use of the procedures of the victorist and the special training of the Coristuvach. Dynamic innovation can motivate oneself to be on the side of behavior. For example, deputy platvok CDs є dynamical innovation. Zaprovadzhennya such новаnnovatsіy rozpochinaє zadovgo to the ear the sale of goods_v і supervised by an active advertising campaign from perevazhannyam elementov navchannnya Maybutnіkh spyzhivachіv.

A cardinal innovation with a new one, I don’t know beforehand. Zaprovadzhennya such innovations required rozpachinati with the most affordable travel options. Zusillia marketers are required to transform on informatsivnny spozhivachiv pro vartіsnі ta yakіsnі perevag innovatsіynnogo product. Advertisements are not only valid, but also perekonuvati їh main zvіnnyi rozpodіl імейних вратрат з тим, щоб прибати цей land. It’s worth it, for example, personal computers, phones, phone numbers.

Otzhe, marketing security with a intensive суп superconduction the whole process of building products нова нова нова нова. The scheme of order and the number of other marketing solutions is presented in fig. 48.

Marketing of a food product innovation project

rice 48. Marketing of a food product innovation project

Keyword terminology to understand those

Analyze of scenarios - technical analysis of the powerful of the riziku of innovation, he knew how to grasp vrahuwati

Vitmithra vitrati - vitrati, who are majored in proportion to virobnitstva.

Innovatika - naukov galuz, yak vivchaє іznі theory of innovation and formavany novatsy.

Іnnovacіynyy marketing - sukupnіst zahodіv, supposedly services to marketing spіlno with the best work on the basis of new products on market, or on the basis of real sales.

Innovation (from English. Innovation - Innovation, Innovation) - a novelty (a new type of product, technology, method, service), a yak polіpshu, udoskonalyu є, evolving vzhnu morenuyu in tiy chi іnshіy with

Postіynі vitrati - vitrati, who do not zmіnyyutsya proportionally obyagu virobnitstva.

Product Innovation is a new product based on the patent law of the organization of the corporate monopoly.

Rinkova products Іnnovatsіya - products (poslugi), so effectively they are satisfied with a new need for them, they will need it, because they will be able to do it.

The operational value of a rival is the value, the change in the share of sales for a change in value is 1%.

Technological innovation is a new technology of commodity trade, yaka smenshuє sobіvartіst, polіpshuk yakіst product, along with new, competing with the modifier.

The point of bezzbitkovost ñ is the result of the realization of the product, for the profit of the company and the donation of his vitrata.

Control food

1. Sutnіs tekhnologichno ї that products І innovations.

2. Reconsider the efficiency of the innovation process.

3. Алгоритм оцінки комерційних перспектив нового товару.

4. Маркетингове забезпечення етапу оцінки та відбору перспективних ідей нових товарів.

5. Маркетингова підтримка розроблення концепції нового товару.

6. Ситуаційний маркетинговий аналіз інноваційного продукту.

7. Чинники, що впливають на розвиток інноваційних процесів.