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Commodity Innovation Policy - Kardash V. Ya., Pavlenko І. BUT.

6.2. Zagalnі pontitya and classif_katsіynі signs of a new product

Most importantly, the result of creative shuffling, one-day polish of the romance of the vocalist vzdomoho problems and troubles, or roz'yazuє problem, didn’t put it in the beginning. Such a rozumіnnі understand the "new product" mabagato tlumacheni, s-tomіzh yakyh nayposhirenіshimi є three.

In the first place, the newcomer in vivat, whether it is virb, virobnitstvo who roped obershe. At tsomu times for the criterion of novelty, to take a hour, it is necessary for you to learn, and not to be your own.

According to each other, the insights themselves are signs of a new product to a new product, an analogue of prototypes. By this way, for example, we can breed it, or, at the mercy of a commodity, we’ve been able to use it. New product deyakі author shilnі vvazhati novії, povyazanі with progressive progress, yakі vіdrіznyayut tse goods vіd silently, scho buli v_domі ranіse. Tsi zmіni mozhut stovuvatisya sirovini, materials, constructions, technologies, design toscho.

According to the third, not without the same signs, but because of the combination of signs, to characterize those things that are new to virob. For such p_dkhodu you can see the face of Chotiri rіvnі novizni product:

zmіna zovnіshnogo design for the saving of the head of positive authorities;

Chastkova zmіna spostivichi vortivivosti zavdyaki polіpshennyu the main technical characteristics, ale without the principles of zmіn technology vigotovlennya;

the principle of good governance, the yak to bring sut кореvі korektivi in ​​sposob zodololennya vіdomoї pobodi;

Scholarship, scho is not the analog.

In vіtchiznyanіy praktitsі nayposhirenіshim Je traktuvannya sutі novoї produktsії of pozitsіy virobnika: origіnalna, modernіzovana, modifіkovana, udoskonalena, іndivіdualnogo vikonannya, osvoєna virobnitstvom behind a cordon, osvoєna virobnitstvom on іnshih pіdpriєmstvah Ukraine, vіdremontovana, of vіdhodіv virobnitstva, re vikoristannya.

The original virb is a principle new virb if there is no such thing as an engineered designer who does not know the analogs of such a very constructive way of a partisan power. Origins Vibro p_dtverdzhuєtsya vidanim on a new patent or by the authors of the festival.

The commemoration of the virb - tse virib, constructively vikonnya yakogo chastkovno zmіneno for saving a little insignificant polіpshennya yogo common powerfulness.

Modernization of the vir_b - tsenovleniye virіb, rozblenenie zamіst addition, sco viroblyasya early. Nyom naavnі chastkovі zmіni konstruktsіі, based on the basis of new scientific and technical doyagnen. Contrary to the perennial (vihdnogo) modernization of vir_b mak takі samіі abo polіpshenі uzhivivі powerlivosti.

Modification of virb - tacomnos of virib, rozblenenie zamіst addition, just before that, with the method of expanding the sphere. Takiy virіb vіdrіznyєatsya vіd preddnёnogo doodatkovimy vzhigivchimi authorities.

Udo koskonalenyy virb - tsenovlenii virb, kotriy maє takі samі spozhivchі powerlivosti scho nd front. Water hour at the construction site, connected with the development of progressive technologies and materials, to the wines and rationalizations of the proposals.

Thus, by looking at them for marketing a variety of original and modifying types, they can be used for new products.

Absolutely new (p_onernih) goods_v duzhe nebagato. With them, it’s best to take such a comrade, who want to redefine the life of the people to reality. For the entire history of the people of such goods, it is better to get kіlkasot. Well marketers marry right with a polish product, a good deal with the benefits of virobal (poslug), who were satisfied with their favorite (modifikovany and modern virz). At the same time, the new product (product-new) will be canceled virb, yak maє novі abo datatkovі funktsіonalnі mozhlyvostі, zmіni u forms і design_, packs, which can be important for you. The main reason to fahіvtsіv with marketing mauty buti spryamovanі on the trunk of the product Rinkovo ​​ї novelty. Such a product is guilty of satisfying the aboard of new goods, or of a significant degree of satisfaction with the need vzdomu, or roshryuvati kolo spogivachіv. It seems that the product of a small-scale new technical solution, ale zadovolnaya є samі consumptive and mate kolo kolozhivachіv, yogogo can not be considered a commodity of rinkovoi novelty. Otzhe, itself rіven rinkovo ​​ї novelty goods_v primordially for success іnnovatsіyno ї dіyalnost p_dpriєmstva. For tsі оyu oznakyu rozrіznyyut comrade, new yak for the halo і in full, so and for the group of companies. Otzhe, new comrades can be very local, systematic or strategic parts of the market, or individually or differently. Nychastіshe dzherelyami viknikennya tovarnіv rinkovo ​​ї novelties є: bachennia vinakh_dnika; signals the market; logo rozvitku galuzі; results on scientific reach; dії competing
Sly zdachit, scho amerikanska school marketing maє vlasnі look at the classics of new products. For example, American marketers, based on the results of 700 firms and 13,000 new products and industrial goods, developed this way:

- Comrade of lightness of novelty 10%

- new for the farm comrade 20%

- Rosy gami goods_v 26%

- onovlenі comrade 26%

- Zmіni in position_yuvannі product 7%

- Vitorite rate (virobnica innovation) 11%

At tsіy klassifіkatsії comrades of their own velvet novelties do not ottotozhnyutsya with absolutely new (p) products. The water supply is comrade with the new positions of each other, due to the fact that they have the characteristics of the goods by the customers.

Zagalnov_domo, scho is far from the leather of the idea of ​​a new product to enter into a competitive product, which is the reach of commercial success. Tomorrow, tackling a new product, it is necessary to:

the sphere of mock-up to the commodity, the lot of the potential of the spors and that number;

New Resource Vibration and Zbutu;

neobhіdіі zmіni in virobnitstvі that zbutі, spritinen_ transition to the vypusku new product, that vіdpovіdnі vitrati;

you can riziki, t_m number of emovіrnіst konkuruvannya new product zimi, scho vigotovlyayutsya fіrmoyu (commodity kanіbalіzm);

you can add a new product for technology using real methods for products, which is developed by virobnitstvom.

For international businessmen, not only virb, but rather wide parametric series - product line. Napriklad, nabіr drilv one type, ale rіzno ї potuhnostі (5-10 naimenuvan). Parametric rows for filter types in the purchase chain product mix (product mix). Scho assortimentny nabіr, then і і і мімірніст, just be a buyer to know sobі neobhіdny goods. Shirok_ parametric ryad dopomagyut gnuchko reaguvati on the transition to the goods from one cycle to another. On stadiyah uprovazhennya goods on the market dotsіlno davati tіlki naibіlsh hodovі models_, on the stage ії zstanstannya - rozshyryuvati nabіr, on stadії zrіlostі - povachati povnyy nabіr virob in a whole parametric series.

The market for a new product is always risky, and to that the producer of the product is ready before the product is in the product, and I go to the store in the first product and marketing program. The value of the miri zapobіgti nevdacham dopomagak dovgostrokove planuvannya strategic product management. Effectively dovgostrokove plan for the production of needs: systematic doslіzhen and razroblen; placing vimog spogivachiv before production with the power of the industry; great respect to the results of the production parameters of the products; sutєvih vitrat o'clock and koshtіv; defense and strategic strategies. By the method of strategic management of safeguarding of competitive competitors. Leading the strategic tool of strategic management is the matrix of the SWOT-analysis, which I named after the first players of the English forces Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities, and the same, I’m the same, I’m the same, I’m the kind, I’m the nature, I’m the nature, I’m the nature, I’m the nature, I’m the strength, weakness, I’m, I’m, I’m the kind, I’m the kind, I’m the kind, I’m the type, I’m the type, I’m the type, I’m the type, I’m the type, I’m like SWOT-analysis of the internal status of the internal strengths and weaknesses of the industry, as well as the analysis of the humidities and the fear of the secondary business environment.