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Commodity Innovation Policy - Kardash V. Ya., Pavlenko І. BUT.


2.1. Commodity assortment and demonstration

Rіvne ізноманітності products, just to get it okremy pіdpriєmstvami, viznacnatsya with the help of the nomenclature and assortment.

The commodity nomenclature is the one that systematizes the redemption of assortment groups of commodities, and the commodity margins, which will be used as a virobnik for realisation. The main indicators of the nomenclature of the products of the local enterprise are the breadth, intensity, glibina and harmony (summation) . Indicator of the breadth of the list of the local economic situation of the products. You can understand, skolki okremih (for those who are above by their own authorities) are seen in the products of the wygoths of the company. The nomenclature nasicheny yes to the magnitude of the credit card commodity, which is to be stored. The size of the skin proponection of the area of ​​the product is characterized by the character of the nomenclature of the product of the company. Rivne pod_bnost_ tovary_v of the іznih assortment groups for assignments, technology, training, organizing the turnover, which is given at the same time, is shown in harmony. In between the nomenklaturi, formed on ambushes harmoniously, the practical exhortation of the real world, which is written according to this formula:

The formula for the assumption of the real estate

de v - zbіlshennya sumnoi ї realіzatsії sumіsnyh tovar_v rіznyh assortment groups;

vl, vs - real implementation of goods from other assortment groups, they are divided;

pl, ps - part of the real estate implementation, the otrimana v_dpovіdno skin assortment group for the first time, on the purchase of products from the nomenclature;

і - the mutual activity of each other by the purchase of goods by the goods of other assortment groups (among other things, the purchase and offense of comrades).

Rostock the butt. On the basis of buddable materials, who are in a good position with the ruber, I’m looking to learn more about the product of the commodity nomenclature. The first variant of the transmission of the accessory of the british skull and warrior to the skynny pokrivel. Other - virobnitstvo polіmerno-bіtumnih pokr_vel.

First option. Marketing research showed that for real estate 20 million m2 ruberoyduy on Rik with a price of 2 UAH / m2, you can ochivat obyagu realizatsiya bіtumnoi skvortsі have rose 5 million UAH.

When tsiomu rahokun pererozpodulyu Koshtіv, zaschadzhenih on kupіvlyu skin іnovovidu products, if you do not have 10% of the results of the real estate ruberydu and 50% of the realities of bitumen skits.

Rivne more mutually buy ruberoidu і bіtumnoi skull (for predictions) at a rate of 20%.

Thus, parallel sales ruberoydu і bіtumnoi skulls і ез bezpečuvatime dyagnennya zagalny obsagu realіzaatsіі produktsі pіdpriєєmstva in the sum 45 million UAH. The formula for the assumption of the real estate million UAH

Other option. Marketing research showed that for real estate 20 million m2 ruberoyduy on rik with a price of 2 UAH / m2, you can ochivat obyagu realizatsiya polіmerno-bіtumnih pokrivel u sumi 20 million uah.

When tsiomu rahokun pererozpodulyu koshtіv, zaschadzhenih on kupіvlyu skin and іnovovidu products, budetezhepechuvatsya 1% of the real estate of the ruberyduyu i 10% of the real estate of the polimerno-bіtumnyh pokr

Rivne vnomnogo obmіnu pokuptsіv ruberoydudu і polіmerno-bіtumnih pokrіvel (beyond the predictions) at 3%.

Thus, the parallel sales of half-size-and-a-half pokrivel and ruberoyudezhepechuvatime doyagnennya zagalny obyagu realizatsії products of the company in the sum 60 million UAH, in addition to the number of goods of the goods The formula for the assumption of the real estate million UAH

For the results of rozrahunkiv it is possible to make a few wisps about the last link between goods in the areas between the nomenclature in the first version.

The harmony of the nomenclature (for example, the goods of the A and B) is due also to the value of the reloading of the elasticity of the product to the comrade - ke.p:

kofіtsієnt perehresnoi elastichnostі

de ke.p - codification of overlap elasticity;

Ka0 - basic r_ven trampled on product A;

DКа - зміна питу on item A;

Рв0 - basic рівень ціни for product В;

DPV - zm_na price for product B.

So, on the other hand, on the back of the house, you will be able to

The main indicators of the nomenclature give an overview of the assessment of the potential of the company to adapt them to those that are not controlled by the market. Glibshu yakіsnіshu otsіnku commodity proponuvannya can be redeemed for the help of your company, assortment of products of the company, tobto (set) one-time products (poslug), specified for the names, types of peasants, specific products for (products), specified for the names, types, and types of products, specified by products, (types), specified for the names, types of products, specified by name, products, specified by name, types of products, specified by name, specific types of products, specified types of names, types of products, specific types of products (names), specified for names, types of products, specific types of products. Taku to the group of goods is connected with the similarity of functional-korisnyh power, special features of wigotting, turnover and survival between the same classes. Mіzh commodity nomenclature and assortment of ma є s_stse links dal і private. The main link and spivvdnoshennya on the application of a fragment of the nomenclature of the products of the harbor industry is shown in Fig. 12.

For the sales of goods for the assortment of the Vikoristov system, shows up.

Most often, the indicators of the width and the glibini of the commodity assortment should be taken up to the respect, if you decide to decide about the issue of the issue of okremih naymenuvan chi brands of products, or if you evaluate the assortment to the whole. So the solution is to build up under the furnishings that you have put together, and also because of the marketing strategy, as well as a wide assortment of diversified development. Rіznomanіtnіst products for the zmogu orіntuvatis іs rіznі vimogyu vyogivachіv і stimulate to stimulate the purchase of them in the same, altse need of donated resources і zluchennya significant cost. Nalienny assortment line drain for zadovolennya potrebpuvat_v ізних segment, and

Fragment of the structure for the assortment of the kharchovoi products

Fig. 12. Fragment of the structure for the assortment of the kharchovoi products

1 - the nomenclature is entered (M1 - sirovina for shkryano ї promislovost_; M2 - kharchov produktsiya; M3 - medichna produkts_ya; M4 - tekhnichna produkts_ya); 2 - nomenclature of kharchovoi promislovost (M2.1 - meat; M2.2 - mass of napvfabrikati; M2.3 - kovbasni virobi; M2.4 - canned food; M2.5 - kharlovy fat; M2.6 - offal); 3 - group assortment of kovbas virov_v (M2.3.1 - kovbasi dough; M2.3.2 - kovbasi cooked and smoked; M2.3.3 - kovbasi cooked; M2.3.4 - sausages and sausages; M2.3.5 - smoked meat; M2.3.6 - short virobi); 4 - a detailed assortment of kovbas virobov.

This is also the case for Іntensivnіshikogo vikristannya trade in the industry, held an effective international policy. Use tse spriya ил silennyu konkurentnopromozhnozhnosti_ goods that forgotten zizku. Protein pragnennya to the trunk of the yaknaipovnogo assortment in the wholesale and sale of goods to the trademark of goods for sale to the stores and products of the stock of goods, breeding goods in the middle of the market, asymptomatic products, in the range of products, which will compete in the range of products, which will be covered by the products in stockpiles, which will compete in the fields of goods and goods, and they will compete in the range of products, which will be covered by the products in the range of products, which will compete in the fields of goods and goods, and will be covered by the products in the range of products that will be covered by the products in stockpiles. Zdolati tse difficultly can be just as best as possible the optimal warehouse of goods from the various assortment groups for ıxnіm kіntsevim zamnazhennyam, channels rozpod_lu, sum_sn_styu toshko.

Slad takozh nobility, the headheads are responsible for the assortment of political industries. Before them lie down:

hailstones on-line-dosnіdі і dosl_dno-konstruktskii rozblennya;

see in the product range of competitors;

the need for a zbutu zbutu;

the obviousness of the vital needs;

Necessity for Victory Secondary Products.

For the assessment of the management of the commodity assortment of the goods, it is also a demonstration of the structure, the main type of delivery, the interchangeable structure of the assortment. Under the structure of the assortment of rozumіyut warehouse of the same type of views of virobov. The main assortment - the head of the warehouse, a yak yes є fіrmі dash ahead of the supply. Dodatkovy assortment of additional basic forms of non-traditional servants, nakadayutsya pіdpriєmstvom. As a rule, before the assortment of goods, the real estate is only a comrade, but the guarantee is guaranteed. Naychast_che tse to get todі, if you can’t do that, it’s not a good thing to sell such goods (first surprise, not a little surprise). The assortment of the transfer of goods to the mainstream products of the products of the group of goods. Effectiveness of this diversification is now more likely to be consumed by the assortment of the enta, if you can do everything else to get to the bottom of the living room of special goods, special goods, special desires, and you will get the picture. Farewell to the purchase of singing views or types of products in various modifications. Obscuration assortment arises for the strongest vibro that finanzivyh mozhlivosti, scho have become on the sidelines kivan popit і spadіv kon'yunkturi. In tsiomu razduyatsya vkorochennya assortment i concentration іsil on virobnittvі nikonkurentnopromozhnyh goods_v.

Kozhen producer is guilty of systematically revising the assortment і for the necessary conditions. Special discounts for unsuitable sales of unprofitable parts for the assortment.

Headnotes the efficiency of other warehouses in the assortment in respect of the demonstration zbutu. Pongs can point to these products, which can be controlled by a program. H zi застyu method zasosovuyut spetsіalny analіz, varіantom yakogo є so titles ABC-analіz [17]. It is necessary to produce three classes for one of these criteria such as: zbut, tobits, vodshkoduvannya vitrate. To category “A”, add part to the assortment, with a great (up to 50%) contribution to the mainland; to category “B” - to produce проду out-of-the-way from the main traders, sales of at least 25%, and to category “C” - from 25% і less. Graphic products for the production of products for the ABC-analysis of the Pareto Airline, the yak is able to understand the perception of the results of investment projects and innovations of the products in the range of products

The butt made by Pareto diagrams (on the basis of Danish Table 4) is presented in Fig. 13.

Table 4



Frequently okremikh virobiv at zagalny obsyaz_ real_zatsії pіdpriєmstva,%

Frequently sobіvartostі okremih virobiv at zagalnyh vitrata p_dpriєmstva,%













Diagram Pareto

Fig. 13. Diagram Pareto

Such a diagram is on a single coordinate field:

commodity structure of the real estate sales commitment (in order of replacement of parts of goods);

the structure of the vitrata of the enterprise, which is the main task of the hardship of the third-party undertaking for the field of goods and goods at the warehouse of the assortment of products of the enterprise.

Analyze with others is a guarantee for the structure of the structure, as well as other aspects of the program. However, the residual solution of the scrotal coruscion of the varietal to the assortment needs to be carried out on the parts of the leather goods warehouse in the past vitamins and vitamins. Zbut - tse naiprostyshy і na nadіaynіshy indicator of the economic camp of the country. Before that, it is easy to assign credit to the competitors in the competitive battle.