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Commodity Innovation Policy - Kardash V. Ya., Pavlenko І. BUT.

1.3. Golovnі Rinkov_ characteristics of the product

The goods of the ma'baghato rіznoanіtnyh of the authorities are leather. The stench is said to be active, especially in the procession of the goods and services to the product and the remaining amount of the purchase of goods. On the vibr of the spouse, they squeeze in to the people to them, to the crooks, to the springs, the ways of the mission, the materialist. Ale naisuttєvіshimi characteristics of goods for the minds of їhhnoї without interferences іznoan_tnostі that naavnost_ bagatokh povotsіnnih znіnnikіv respect the assortment, pricing, austerity, імдж, popular for that competitiveness.

Assortment zvaychayno nabіr goods_, sco ponuyatsya p_dpriєєstvo-virobnik to the market. Formuvannya assortment not guilty bring to the so-called commodity kanіbalizmu, if the pharmacy assisted the vipuskat product, yavichy shvidko "vishtovkuє" from the market of the old comrades of the self-produced industry, scored a fraction of the figure (Fig.). Pic.

Graphic innovation in "commodity kanіbalizmu"

Fig. 7. Graphic innovation in the “commodity kanіbalizmu”

This is the form of assortment and management of it, the only one important warehouse commodity policy of the company. Healthy product assortment is worn out and shaped behind such straight lines: okrem_ comra; seriii goods; All assortment goods.

In marketing dіyalnost і p ın to tsіna ’,’ naychastіshe rozum_yut that bag of pennies, yak spogivachі gotovі splatiti to add to the goods. Pick a political ts_n took for the marketing complex nayavliv_shu warehouse. Ninі bіlshіst marketovіv respect щ, scho tsіna - tse liche zasіb, for additional help you can put the goods on the back. I can help only the low prices for the minds of the game without trials of competitors. Rosglyadayuchi tsіnu yak monetarniy viraz tsnnost_ to a product, you can try out how to find tools and see how to find out how to get to it. Іnakshshe kazauchi, headache - the main goal of the house is to find the way to re-create the yakomog bilshoi part of the company on the part of the company. Zrozumіlo, so taki pidkhіd maє takozh peredbachati і sufficiently available for buying (Fig. 8).

Spіvvіdnoshennya tsіni virobnika і spogivchoї ts_nnostі product

Fig. 8. Sp_vv_dnoshennya ts_ni a virobnik і with the help of the goods

Zagalnі principles, yakimi keruvatsya pіdpriєmstvo ustanuyuyuchi tsіni on comrades, above all, withdraw from your own pricing policy. Orientation of the Healthy: 1) on Vitrati; 2) to drink (for the purpose of assigning prices for comrades to a wide variety); 3) to compete. The remaining principle is to look at the others and middle companies with a small range of prices. Nayvazhivіshimi officials, scho vplyvayut on the order of the main, ут: rinkovy drunk, virobnі that zbutovі vitrati, competition і korporativny tsіlі ірми. Tsі chinniki vvazhayutsya such, just the same vіdpovіdnі strategіy Іnіtvotvorennya. However, the very reasons for singing non-pebulous children are involved in marketing with an element of complex marketing.

Sl_d vіdrіznyati marketing p_dhіd to vnachnachennya і sale of goods to a v_d klassichny, shcho base є on a rational calculation of a calculus from all over the world. Marketing p_dhіd peredbacha proku tsіni yak optimally ї rinkovo ​​ї characteristics of commodity proponuvannya. When tsyuyu take to respect the irregularities of the middle ages, I will become a competitor and commercial riziku. In kasuchi rykshennya tsini ryshnnya priymayutsya for the minds of the lack of information about the defense. However, the unimportance can be significantly reduced by optimizing the optimal resolution of the balance sheet for the interests of competitors, which are competitive (Fig. 9).

Optimization scheme of the company policy of the company

Fig. 9. Scheme of optimization of the corporate policy of the company

In rozvinivіny rinkovіy goods і sistem_ spozhivach zadovolnya є svokobori, vibirayuchi and kupuyuchi іz bezlіchі zapononovikhykh tovіv those that you need. The basis of the choice of a specific product, as a rule, is the peace of a similar statement of that material good. Spіvvіdnoshennya mіzh perevagami, yakі matime spogivach, kupuyuchi ik ikorisovuyuchi product, і with vitrates on his side of the bed to become a sportive product. Bezprirednya koristy, yaku spogivacha maє vіd product chi poslugi, naychastіto ototozhnitsya y yogo yakіstyu. Otzhe, one can see how it’s possible to do it with the power of the product and the satisfaction of him or her. 3 position marketing mіrilom yakostі є rіven zadovolennya spogozhacha, yaky іsіnієatsya spіvvіdnoshennyam vartostі і spozhivchoї ts_nostі goods (Fig. 10).

For the product manufacturer without any defects, it is possible to implement real estate, which is already available. Navpak, to improve the quality of power, the power of the products, who are responsible for it.

Spіvvіdnoshennya c_nnost_ і vartot_ to the goods for virobnik і spozhivacha

Fig. 10. Spіvvіdnoshennya ts_nnost_ і vartost_ to the goods for virobnik і spozhivacha

In the state-of-the-art headache in yakost і to the goods - tse otsіnka її spozhivachem, and not p_dpriyamstvo-producer. If it is a commodity of mabagato korisnyh funktsionalnogo power, ale for the spouse of the virilicheskim more than part of them (Fig. 11).

Rozumіnnya yakostі product virobnik і spogivachem

Fig. 11. Rozumіnnya yakostі product virobnik і spogivachem

A - sukupnіst vlastivostey scho viznachayut yakіst product of Look virobnik and (tehnіchna efektivnіst, nadіynіst, tehnologіchnіst, standardization is the unіfіkatsіya, ekonomne vikoristannya resursіv in virobnitstvі, patent-pravovі pokazniki); B is a collection of characteristics for looking at (functional efficiency, perception at work, ergonomics and aesthetics, other than resource resources for sports, eco-friendliness and experience, resource and resources, at ecology, environmental and practical, resource and resource, at environmental, environmental, environmental and practical, and resourceful resources, effective, ecological, environmental and practical, and resourceful, resourceful, effective, ecologic, and practical. B1 - the helpers of power, the scrutiny of their products.

Fig. 11 But if you want a product, you can use your own technical characteristics of the situation with your own brand name, if you don’t want to take an active part in a particular market. Otzhe, mamo two understandings of self-sufficiency: “the perception of vidpov_dnosti” (for example, with the technical minds) and that “perseverance of the arsenal”. Zrozumilo, scozhe otnu ponyattya significantly shirsche for the first, because they don’t tsivku ochivacha, chi v_dpovіdaє goods tehnіchnym minds Vіn otsіnyuє specific vіrіb, Porіvnyuyuchi yogo zirobami-competitors. For the evaluation of the virions of the high visibility of the lack of accessibility of technical needs of the minds. Necessary to raise information about a dispute that is necessary to a virobu, about information that is necessary to avenous power. Otzhe, in order for the viscous goods to be bought at one hour and competitively, in a vidpovidi criterion and wimogam of a specific market at a specific hour. The bureaucratic hour is dullly important, because those who are worthy of it, may be irreversible tomorrow at the sounding of the product mod.

Zavdannya marketing - formavati іmіdzh yakostі for ізних споживачів тірізних ринків збуту. Nin tse is especially relevant, that is the main criterion, which is necessary for those who buy technology, so called for the cycle of the victorist. Vona vnacha-є to get spіvv_dnoshenchenim tsіni pridbannya tehnіki spozhivachev і vitrata on її ekspluatatsіyu, brought to the clever rock of urahuvannyam hornik hour. Tom yakіsnii ekonomіchny criteria of competitiveness of machines and possession of a rynnem of the national exploitation of vitrati on one robot, vikonuvano ї tsim possessing the standard to the singing standard yakostі.

Zrozumіlo, scho if you are about the competitiveness of technology, then you need to take care of the particular situation of a particular market. At the same time competing with each other, you should always be able to do it.

Kіlkіsne otsіnyuvnya konkurentnopromozhnost_ tekhnіki in the territories of the Republic of Rostovka economical reach to the help of a special index to the victim of the satisfaction of (CSI). Protein rozrahunki konkurentnopromozhnostі for such methods give zmogu much more than і down below, if you want a thrilling market until the competitiveness is significant zhorstkіshimi. It is clear that “competitiveness” is meant to speak about those, that the goods are not only visible to competitors, but can be sold on this topic.

In general, the competitiveness of competitiveness can be done for some part of the sale of high-quality products to a specific market. For example, the corporations of Japanese companies post control of the sale of high quality products on the market, which is the main indicator of success. Vihodyachi s tsogo nayefektivnіshimi rіshennyami vіtchiznyanih of companies schodo pіdvischennya rіvnya konkurentnostі produktsії slіd uvazhati takі, kotrі peredbachayut obmezhennya nomenclature virobіv of metoyu peretvorennya Chastain Tsikh virobіv in profіlyuyuchі. With tsiomu slіd pam'yatati, scho competitive rivny yakostі products - the price of visibility as a specialist engineering segment, technology, technology, materials, professional masterpieces, as well as product products, and tuff of tufted master training, as well as professional products, as well as professional training, as well as professional products, as well as professional products, as well as professional training, as well as professional products, as well as professional products, as well as professional training, as well as professional products, as well as product production, and tuff of tuition Inspiration of each other, the perfection of competitiveness of competitive products is raised through the designation (with the active participation of the state) of the most promising pertaining to visions. The innovative algorithm of industrial development in Ukraine was influenced by the support of the State-owned Innovation Fund, until deciding to the Cabinet of Foreign Economic Relations of Birchwood 1998 p. 243. Same number on derzhavnі іnstitutsії pokladaєtsya zavdannya zabezpechiti realіzatsіyu State polіtiki stosovno іnnovatsіynoї dіyalnostі through zdіysnennya fіnansovoї, іnvestitsіynoї that materіalno-tehnіchnoї pіdtrimki zahodіv, spryamovanih on vprovadzhennya in virobnitstvo Suchasnyj NAUKOVO-tehnіchnih rozroblen i novih tehnologіy, osvoєnnya Key infrastructure novih vidіv produktsії. Reach out to the o

Do not misunderstand through a lack of theoretical understanding of the food supply and services that are provided. This will be explained to the team, at a very important market, the great number of firms is great, they seem to be analogous to those who are practical and the same to those who are servants. Zhorstka konkommertsiya put virobnik_v poslug before the necessary transition from the «sale for be-yak tіnu до before the need of the most important links, the use of clinkers, the potential of post-modern corinstors, and the most important, post-qui-tenants, after all, you can use post-it-your-best clues, you’ll be able to do it, then you’ll be able to use it. The opening of vlno ї klієnturi, kotra guarantor є ірмі stability and success, can’t do without the value of demonstrators, because it is supposed to be a servant. Such demonstrations were instituted in the following way: a note to the assignment of the servant to the servant, the ability to put it on. Namagans of servants nadati yakomoga more often than not often the servants often negatively infuse on their own words, because they are often important, only one servant, a little Vikonanu, on a proper basis for adequate service. The development of the market in Ukraine in Ukraine, the most successful is the reach of companies, who give services to the newcomers, the analogy of them is in competition. The water supply is due to the “farm services” of a good knowledge of the market situation and wine making. Zvazhayuchi on the price, the essence of the servitude can be brought up to such a formula: rob everything good, once you have cleared pomiliki - tilka Todi you will be able to get rid of it, you will be able to get down to your frm. Tse means, just as a servant, start away from the sukupnisty її powerliness, ikum zumovlyuyat zodovololennya v_dpovіdnyh vimog i i consumed spzhivacha. Slade, odnak, zaznichi, scho dosyagti bazhanogo pivnya yakostі poslugi lishna todі, if the food yakosti vvazvatimutsya nayvazhliv_shim elemental znaglo strategіf іrmi. For this purpose, you need to develop standard standards, according to the requirements of the regulatory authorities before the skin treatment. In such a way, on the first plan, go about the theoretical understanding of the "service". In economics, you can understand everything you need: tech support Otzhe, servicing - tse sukupnіst dіy fіrmi for the construction of the most sensitive minds of the service of the service of the hour of the order, decorated, vikonannya that otrimannya. Zrozumilo, understanding “the servitude of the servants” ат is rich and inclusive:

the content of the moral and ethical norms of the first half of the day with the clint (culture of service);

Assurance, security and nature of the sanatorium camp, in the Yakom Klyunt register of health, registration, check, є vikonannya otrimu є servant;

an hour that was done by a vitrach klіnt on all procedures, required by us to serve them;

advertising-informacija zapepechennya.

In kanuchi kakasuchi, the servitude of the servants - the price of the supremacy of the authorities, the protection of the clues with the minds of order, the design, the vikonannya otrimannya poslugi.

Varto zaznichi scho vtrati vіd nizko ї sosti y sposіі poslug not mensh vіdchutnі, nіzh y promislovomu virobnitvі, i can lead to a catastrophic naslydkіv for the farms. Thus, in the case of French French companies in the field of service, this is the case, if 80 people are satisfied with less than 80% of our customers, you will feel like drawing a match for your company, you will be subject to receive a match for your company

The image (іmіdzh) product, brand, farm - tse ta іdeya abo asotsіatsіya, kotra Vinikaє in the purchase of a link with singing names. The main characteristic of the іmіju у those, scho vіn, on the French marketing marketers [16], won’t have enough, especially those who don’t know about the goods and not a lot of money, like the rest of the way, I’ve got a lot of money for your business, but I’m waiting for you, I’m not satisfied with the image, but I’m waiting for the rest of the world, I’m not satisfied The IMDJU is the “Vindicement” effect, if one of them is (positive and negative), she is very strong, because she is determined to make a difference. Entrepreneurship goiter's laze vivchati tsey efekt. In addition to the questionnaires of the questionnaires, they will inform the organization of the needs of the product, to the goods of the goods that they want, they came back, they came back, and they came back to life. Special advertisements come in on the approval of a pleasant new product for a new product abo prytrimuyut fucking imaginary traditional goods.

With the understanding of the іmіdzhu tisno pov'yaze rozum_nnya popular product. Congratulations to the spontaneously called (spontaneity) to the application list: “Yangi vzagli Popularity is awakened, as a rule, the need of the next ptdverdzhennya. Firms may not be shaky until the leg of a pleasant іmju of their goods, but also before the rest of the year as much as possible. Let me explain to you, just like the scooter, start to be mined in your own skills in the process of buying. At the inter-national market and for the trends of global market, postoyno zrosta, it is necessary to ensure that there are only a few brands of goods (three-chotiri) that you can earn real money for you. The stars can be visovuvati, just advertising for people who want to become popular, because some of the people who have already bought them are comrade yak nadiyni.

In the most important competitive medium, you can see your position consistently until the end of the year. In industrialist rozinuhti krainakh rynki postіyno zmіnyyuyutsya pіd vplom dosyagnen naukovo-technical progress. Zyavlyayutsya new vidi sirovini ta virobnitstva methods, maєse tse netraditsіyne zastosuuvannya traditional products, to regret the rate of change to the range of products mod. Zrozumіlo, scho vyrobniki neobhіdno peredbachati can put together in the days of competition and behavior, tobto vodchuvati "vimogi hour". Remaining sutrivo spriyaє testuvannya product. The most widespread of such marketing are scattered on products, make-up, cosmetic wipes, items for watching for pomeshkannyam. Test the yak already v_domі product, so and new abo modified comrade. In the first test case, the test will be carried out by the method of assigning to sales, which will be on sale: you will be satisfied with the purchase of this product, staged before the competitor. Rozblyuyuchi new products abo modifikuyuchy old, ppdpriмаmstva namagмаyatsya jyasvati, yakі sama positively positively bachat (hotli pobochiti) used in tiy tiy models, cause you to have a good way to do it, and you’ve got to get to the most appropriate models, cause you to get the most successful model, make it your business, make it to you, make it to you, make it to you, make it to you, make it to you, and you can’t get it, you’ll have a good way to do it, and you can’t get it, you’ll have to do it, you can’t do it. In addition, testing yes to the mother of witness, as a concrete product, go against goods-analogies, they must compete. Отже, попереднє тестування уможливлює прийняття рішень щодо модифікування вже освоєного виробництвом продукту чи переходу на виробництво нового товару. Головні ринкові характеристики товару є засадничими, але не єдиними для визначення конкурентоспроможності фірми-продуцента. Найчастіше, аналізуючи конкурентоспроможність фірми, беруть до уваги контрольовану нею частку ринку та перспективи її утримання, відповідність властивостей продукції потребам споживачів, абсолютний прибуток на одиницю продукції, прибуток у відсотках до витрат виробництва, якість розподільної мережі та придатність для ринку фірмової програми просування товару з огляду на дії конкурентів.

Термінологічний словник ключових понять теми

Імідж — сформоване й постійно підтримуване стійке уявлення покупців про престиж товару, торгової марки, фірми та її керівництва.

Конкурентоспроможність — можливість успішного продажу товару на конкретному ринку в конкретний час; здатність товару бути виділеним споживачами із сукупності інших конкурентних пропозицій.

Маркетинг — процес планування й управління розробленням, ціновою політикою, збутом і просуванням товарів і послуг до покупців з метою досягнення такої різноманітності благ, яка давала би змогу задовольнити потреби якнайбільшої кількості окремих осіб і організацій.

Послуга — заходи або корисні вигоди, що їх одна сторона здатна запропонувати іншій; об'єкти продажу у вигляді певних дій, зручностей чи вигод.

Прихильність до марки — свідоме чи підсвідоме рішення покупця про повторне придбання товару певної марки, яке виражається в намірі чи в дії.

Рейтинг — міра переваги однієї моделі виробу над іншими за умов практичного використання товару (послуги) споживачем.

Товар — усе те, що задовольняє бажання чи потребу і пропонується ринку з метою привертання уваги, придбання, використання або споживання.

Товари короткотермінового використання — матеріальні вироби, котрі повністю використовуються протягом одного або небагатьох циклів споживання.

Товари тривалого використання — матеріальні вироби, котрі витримують багаторазове використання.

Ціна — грошовий вираз вартості товару; сума грошей, які споживачі можуть і готові сплатити за його придбання.

Фірма (від італ. firma — підпис) — господарська організація будь-якої форми власності, що об'єднує пов'язані між собою технологією, проектно-конструкторськими роботами, матеріально-технічним постачанням і збутом функціонально різноманітні підрозділи.

Функції маркетингу — основні види ринкової діяльності або їхнє комплексне сполучення, що здійснюється для задоволення потреб споживачів товарів чи послуг.

Control food

1. Визначення та класифікаційні ознаки видів товарів і послуг.

2. Особливості маркетингу товарів виробничого призначення.

3. Маркетингове розуміння багаторівневості товару.

4. Зміст і складові маркетингових підкріплень продукту та підтримки товару.

5. Основні ринкові характеристики товару.

6. Ціна, якість, конкурентоспроможність та конкурентність товару.

7. Імідж та популярність товару.

8. Сутність та призначення тестування продукту.