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Management at the state bodies - Tsurul O. A.

2.4. Osvіta that principle of the system of sovereign service.

The concept of a representative bureaucracy

Because of the problem of the administrative system of the closed system, the idea of ​​the representative bureaucracy is tied.

Representative bureaucracy - the price of singing a song between the warehouse of the sovereign service and the structure of suspension. All in all, it’s about the establishment, which is probably the basis of the sovereign service of the Mother of God in proportion to these classes.

Arguments on the idea that the warehouse of the sovereign service should be reflected in the proportions of social classes:

1. People have the right to serve in all areas of the state service, which are democratic suspension of transmission, and the majority of the share of ownership are represented in all areas of the government. From the perspective of the representative bureaucracy, a stakhisnik of the social class system (butt - USA).

2. Security of the social class, economical camp, a lot of the old ones: also put the person who accepts the work on the robot, do not spin any more on the social, ale and the article, ethnic signs.

The reevaluation of the middle class, which is clear of the class of middle senior state services, is part of the larger closed system of the state service (butt - France).

Osvіta vіdіgraє I have an important role to play when entering the system of sovereign service. Єsnuє high step зв zvyazku mizhzhnyh singing exclusive mortgages (Tokyo, Oxford and Cambridge University) і entry into the state service.

You can view two steps to bring power services. Tsei filed a base on the basis of the closed and independent state service, as a whole, and special offers. At svіtі dovgo the super-streams were sharpened, moreover, a kind of pidkhid є is short. Let us take a look at the power supply in the application of the European, British and American systems of education.

The European method (of specialization) is more beautiful than the butt of the French system and the mortgage, which is necessary to post personnel for the state service. The French give sanctuary to their sovereign services for such mortgages, such as the National School of Administration and the Polytechnic School, but they won the rest and special offers, and up to 70 types of school.

So, for the sake of providing services of a higher level of foreign legal education for national schools of administration, I read courses in management and financial law (if you have legal training in the main services). For the preparation of technical equipment, such as engineers, the French, the technical and technical institutes, and the need for professional training. I mean, what’s more important is the specialty of the French approach to putting it into practice, if you can get the basic social services before the consumer’s needs, then we’ll need to prepare them for special training. In addition, the graduate students are confused by the vidovny spheres, the fragments of the stench are connected with the organizations (the so-called corps), and the viddanіm.

British piddіd to swirl on the back burner of power services for the groceries of technical recovery. At the British service, there is no need to prepare, while I have the best chance, I can have a chance to get service at the Oxford and Cambridge Universities, I’m good to humane. The consecration and socialization of the British sovereign service is laid by itself in the basis of this consecration.

American system of entry into the system of power I will join the power of the service of the pole in the state of the world through the great universal system. Already in the past, with the draw of his car’s, the curvatures will be overlooked by the management of the preparation, the American model has been more explicitly fixed for the presentation of the health of the concrete robot. Such pidkhid is based on the fact that the maybutnian sovereign serviceman has the benefit of singing, pay for their technical training, and even then, by stretching the car, they can learn the skills and control the way.

From now on, the humanities are transferring from the British state services, and natural sciences, as well as the engineers on the right, mathematics, the computer on the right are in the USA. If you feel offended, go ahead and post the robot to the robot in advance.

History, tradition and culture have played a role in developing the systems of sovereign service. Bagato is kraskі i siogodnі nagazyvayutsya undo chi reform your system of sovereign service. The American Stahl teachings, recognizing the basic principle, make it more universal and permeate the culture.

The main principle of the sovereign service:

1. Human resource management is a part of the mysterious administration, and not the function of the main head stream of the sovereign administration.

2. Managing personnel to see clearly dynamically, and not more static (just constantly develop and stay).

3. Personnel system to ensure that you have a normal thinking of busy hours, such as thinking good, pay that price for services.

4. The nature and directness of the professional service may be shown in the course of the life of the annual guide to human specialties.

5. Vіdbіr, incentive and utrimination of the state services, wait for the mother on the basis of merit and merits.

6. Administrative systems of power, the power of people, the style of the hired manager of the guilty of the good but reasonably motivated and the loyal, in order to stimulate the high power of the public in the interests of the public service.

In principle, it may be possible to secure the basis for the development of laws and statutes of the sovereign service irrespective of the type of system of sovereign service adopted in the country. It’s about representing the main people and professions, being the basis for effective state service in a democratic society.