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Management at the state bodies - Tsurul O. A.

2.3. Close the system of state-of-the-art equipment by the state power service

By way of a certain approach, the result, characteristics of the American students by J. Meisi: “The power to keep your problems open — to bring law, order and order, the curse of the middle class, the atmosphere is stifled — keep your hands open. stimulate vikoristovuvati human talent ".

Two main methods of staffing with the state power service characterize yak vidkritu, so i close the system.

Close the system ґ Runting on secured access to state service and low mobility of hired state service. The axis is characterized by a lock, chi “tangerines”, a system of sovereign service in a newly-owned Holy Bank: “You’ll recognize the understanding of the“ image of elity ”in the government service. Competitive recruitment of candidates for a centralized order і, as a rule, to be considered a whim of suvorih introductory attendance and a high assessment of the dough. Often, candidates alternately choose one of the best possible salary and preparation system. Elite frames may be tanned, and not specially trained, that they should be entered at a pository office, and not hired for specific robots. By stretching the whole process to recruiting and training elite cadres, learn the intensive social socialization for capturing the basic values ​​of the sovereign service ”.

The European model of systems of the sovereign service is heavy up to the closed system, with the class and social structures of the country. Characteristics of the European model include such rice:

  • State service of відповідає розмежувування for head classes (higher, middle and lower) in suspension, in a spiral to revive;
  • deyakmezhdennya mobility of power services at the structure of power service;
  • elita on the other side of the sovereign servant’s service; high prestige and status;
  • political neutrality and sophistication, as well as robotic singing;
  • ієrarchіnst yak basis for publicity;
  • Suvory Code of Conduct and Morality.

Territories, de-accused and closed, closed systems, - France and Japan. In these countries, the duality of closed systems is to be tied to the sound with a specific open mortgage: Japan - Tokyo University, France - ENA (national school of administration).

The most popular butt of the model of the secondary system is the system of the sovereign service of the USA. For the sake of allowing the system to enter a bearer of the sovereign service vidpovidno to kvalіfіkatsії. Silently lay, by posting bi-shots, and in addition to the sovereign state service, there may be less change in class and social character. Regardless of such a strong entry to universities, business and industry, the service has secured the basis for the singing social mobility and utmost power of the closed class structure, the power is closed.

Joining the US State Service is a lot of excuses for a lot of practical work for the job, a lot of fun, a lot of fun, a lot of fun for giving you more time, and not more competition for more music.

Necessarily rose, as a system - vidkrita chi zakrita - suitable for krai, de vidbuvayutsya significant political, economic and social services. You can bring a glimpse of quietly majestic problems to face these countries:

1) the establishment of internal and external bezpeki;

2) preservation of a stable order;

3) the recognition of the latest relations, ethnic, class and regional interests in suspension;

4) rozpodil povnovazhen on kіlkoh rivnyakh ustranilnny;

5) the development of the current political, economic and social institutes;

6) mind building for economic, social and political development.

It’s important to navigate beyond the reach of the present system of interests. For quietly speaking, weak and weak institutions, these functions will be redirected to unproblematic problems.

Nutrition of the security system for the closed territory of the Bank of Ukraine. For some time, in these minds the system of moving over the report is closed.

In the minds of significant people in the country, I am satisfied with the demand for high-skilled professionals in the field of politics and management, you can do more for understanding the acquisition of an educational approach to the acquisition, development and utilization of these services.

The rigidity of the social and class structure of the closed system can be destroyed by thinking, as well as by the number of entry points, by which they live, by the way, I will have the opportunity to join, and I will be able to, I will equal for all introductory criteria.