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Management at the state bodies - Tsurul O. A.

2.2. Centralization and decentralization of the development of the state service

In a slavish state, service is considered as important to the warehouse of the good of the democratic and democratic system. The State Service may be a behavioral agent, as much as you like to have a great deal of power, and when you like people to work in the State Service.

Sovereign service is possible to evaluate, hovering around a number of criteria, chi characteristic features of sovereign governance.

One of the central problems is the development of the system of the sovereign service, which is how to go around evaluating the merits, the reason for this is how to organize the selection of candidates and the development of the state service. There are two ways to get to the folding folding power supply: centralization and decentralization.

The centralized personnel system should not be expected to mean that all functions are controlled by one organization in a state structure. So, in the United States, the personnel management function is subdivided by the Department of Personnel Management, a certain representative for the policy of the sovereign service, I’m glad to clean up the merit system, and I want to protect the legal view and the process of reprimanding super fast services for. At Canada Skarbnich I am glad to control є even employment in departments. At Singaporean budget management of the Ministry of Finance, there are equal staffing levels and the staff will be able to work on a job for the robot. In England, the stretch of the 80s pp. Skulbnitsya did not blame the department of the sovereign service, security control over it. The situation was based on the presentation of the fact that the British service is small and large, and the necessary service is required in the state service system. The retaliation control is over the processes of recruiting candidates and the selection, at that hour it is control over the staffing and financial assistance of the candidates.

Pidhid as centralized, so decentralized power with an hour of upward trend until winter is inevitably subject to financial control.

Centralization of financial statements is more important for the development of state service policies, coordination of personnel functions, such as candidate selection, test, qualification, and availability of the required payment system. Singing elements of economy and efficiency in the classroom сл using the centralized approach. Wada in that, as a rule, it’s almost awesome bagato rhivnіv shvalennya, then the blinds in the process of praising rishnin’s take away the bagato hour and shkoditut efficiency of the last dіy.

There, de исок ectively qualified staff with the management of personnel on the same level of priority, є the ability to have more decentralized functions and that’s obov'yazkiv.

Decentralization of pidhid, for any ministries and vidomodstva is allowed to take on yourself a greater vidpovіdalnost for the weekend of personnel functions, to run on the basis of the necessary staff to respond to the need for staff. Decentralization pidkhid vimaga ry high level of information and coordination between the central viddil and okremim pidrozdil. For the whole reason of the excuse and the computerized system and the data processing system for the protection of the necessary control. There, there are de-management and technical capabilities, small-capacity, decentralization pidhid mig but good success.

For bagatokha krasnaya, de mamaє it is a highly accused sovereign service on the lower levels of management, a variant of the centralized approach to managing personnel є like painting.

Independently, on-the-go may have a look in the main ones. Development of personnel dyalnosti. To lay them:

1. Vozniznennya scale of assessment procedures for staff.

2. Development of methods for recruiting and qualifying standards for the acquisition of the most relevant candidates.

3. Established methods for vidbora, such as tests, whose most methods for visually valued and found people.

4. Development of methods I will describe that kvalіfіkatsії posad for installation of kvalіfіkatsіynih vimog to candidates for the planting, as well as for the development of the payment system pratsі that pidvishchennya for services.

5. Development of the payment system.

6. Development of a line of conduct for conducting, educating and rewarding practitioners, giving them the first and last days, the procedures for reproaching them and the rules for repeating them.

7. Opportunity of opportunities for the promotion of the future and the professional growth.

8. The recommendation of new lines of conduct for the current policy with the effective management of personnel.

State policy in the minds of Ukraine, if the process of becoming a state power did not end yet, turn on two main strains. The first one of them is responsible for centralization, the other for decentralization. It’s important to centralize, then the state policy is to transmit access, secrecy, and such basic goals, as well as the security of the state territories and the lack of intercourse of Ukraine. We can protect the function and development of the single system of the sovereign government in new ambushes for the protection of the unitary sovereign system with an instant development of decentralized processes in the system of the sovereign government and the government. Before tsіley at tsіy spheres to preserve:

  • the rule of law of Ukraine in all the territory of the country, the legal status of the organs of authority, the authority of the AR Criminal Code and the laws of Ukraine;
  • є One economical space in the entire state territory, single penny-credit, tax-deductible, mitno and financial-budget systems;
  • One of the guarantors of the Constitution of Ukraine and the laws of standard standards and standards of life in Ukraine, as well as standard services are generally rewarded to the population by the authorities of sovereign authority and that of self-determination.

Decentralization in Ukraine, the transfer of a significant part of the range of powers to those of great power and enormous servants between the central and the government bodies of vicarious authority and the government of self-determination. The process of decentralization and rejuvenation of the small supervisor is the process of distributing financial resources to the minority budgets, granting the majority of the organs of government and such bodies the maximum amount of self-reliance on them The result of decentralization is the closest possible closeness of power to people, the establishment of minds, for which the main part of the sovereign and enormous servants is mainly secured by the organs of the lowest level in the system of sovereign power. Decentralization of the right to supervise the establishment of partner partnerships between the authorities of the vicarious and those of the self-reliant authorities during the voluntary deprivation of them, which is important because of the most important business problems.