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Management at the state bodies - Tsurul O. A.


2.1. American and European approaches to the sovereign government

Vivchenya of the sovereign administration to establish the principles of analysis, the scale of the first galaxy. For the whole, I have a clear view of the power of 2 approaches - American and European.

Schob zrozumіti American pіdkhіd, sіl rozlanyuti іstorіu development of the sovereign government. Is there a specific nutrition, for example, say, such a management is mysterious, science, and also: what is the political policy of managing? The power of supply is the basis for the development of sovereign rule in America.

Підхід Вілсаона

The subject of the sovereign government was covered by a cob of books, which appeared under the title “Preceding Management”, as written by V. Wilson in 1887, even after 100 rocky words that fell asleep in the American system. Central ideas of Wilson can be presented as follows:

  • Managing by the exact science, as it were, took root in the singing theoretical ambushes, the small category categorical apparatus, the methodological base was thin.
  • “Management science is the most important part of that political science, since 2,200 years ago”, that’s the management of industrial science.
  • For the sake of knowing the ambush, in order to know how to know the ambush, they also helped the government organizations and the servicemen to signify their function.
  • The middle sovereign control for their ambushes is concentrated in the sphere of business and methods of control.
  • The first managerial profession, the clicked service for the business owner, as well as the second day of the maximum profitable business, as well as the management of human and financial resources in the most efficient products.

The main position of Wilson’s position is better, it’s possible to show that by identifying your own control as a specific science, as well as by the way you manage it, it’s important to know how to manage it economic rationality. Vilson’s concept of science of management has recognized the singing thirst in terms of the development of the science of F. Taylor and the development of the ambush of the management school of the cob of the 20th century. until kіntsya 30 rr. However, by extending this period of time, there were alternatives to these ideas, which were brought to life for the deceitful of all the vilson concepts, the concept of science, the concept of the science of management and distribution of politics and management.

Підхід Вайт

The concept of science being managed by a significant world of Bula was discredited in the 40s. The great pidruchnik pid entitled “Entering the Vivchenya of Sovereign Governance” (Leonad White. Study of Public Administration. 3rd edition, 1948), having written at that hour L. White, vidkrivaetsya distribution “Mistetstvo ruling”. The axis of visibility of White: “The management is the whole control, the coordination of control, so that you can control over the bugs for people to reach the singing value. All the same, I will permeate all the rivals of the organization, and I’m communicating with myself a lot of professions, crafts, specialties; All in all, like, I want it and so it is necessary, but not outside management ”White, 1948, p. 4).

Evolution of the minority in the sovereign control is evidently, I just look at the serpent of the 4th kind of fiduciary White, who was born in 1955. Nytom White had a request for “The Management of Management”, ale doda of the “Policy and Management”. I have a good chance of having and having won the position of the politics of politics and management. White to rob the gadgets: “Otozh, strenzhennya, scho politics and management - as a whole, an autonomous structure and processes in the American system, obviously hibne.

From now on, in the American prospect, Bula is a singing plutanist who is more likely to identify the Galois Sovereign Government. Usya tsya galuz, її зміст, to be created, є the highest policy, the business and economy. By the day, the state is in control, I’ll have a look at the entire spectrum of social science, I will also include social science, psychology and practical science there, about mathematical methods. From now on, the power of management is a whole thing, it’s pretty hard to concentrate on the processes and functions of management. Specifically, that more specifically the reign of the sovereign government is as follows: "The sovereign government:

1) the whole spirit of the singing group of people in the context of the nation;

2) I’ll cover all three vilki of power - the Visa, the Legislative Court, as well as their interception;

3) the role of formative sovereign politics is important for the Vicon, and later, the part of the political process;

4) to privately manage private management;

5) it is safe and sound with the number of private private groups and okrimimi individs in secured enormous servants ”(Nigro and Nigro, Seventh edition, 1989).

State governance in Europe prospects

ЄEuropeisky pidkhid before the recognition of the galuza of the sovereign administration and that of the other serpent is more accurate. The State Administration is the right to law in Europe. Tse, mabut, viddzerkalu trivale asotsіyuvannya huge service, as well as tsidvuvalos in Europe, and zdіzіsnennyam law and marriage in full flow in political processes. The European government services have been contacted by law enforcement officials and government officials.

An understanding of the European approach to the sovereign government can be made through a short analysis of the sovereign government in Nimechchin.

Warehouses zavdan sovereign governing є the main nourishment at the time of the seniors galuzі sovereign governing. American pidkhid perezhazuetsya pobhoduzhsya, scho її signify the political process and legislative rishennya. For such a situation to compete with the political and administrative functions.

Nіmetsky pіdkhіd until the coveted of the sovereign government pіdtrimu rozmezhuvannya policies і adminіstruvannya, to spiral on the legal basis for the recognition of these zavdan. Legal norms signify the boundaries of power, for the other powerful state governing its own obligations.

Criteria of economic efficiency and effectiveness establish the basis for managing praise in American approach. Legal norms to save more than a wide scale and meta, on the basis of some sovereign adminstrator you can specifically praise the decision. Rationality is to go round on the criteria of economic efficiency, which can be recognized for the help of such methods, as an analysis of the vitr. The German State Administrator on an essential basis describes the yak as follows: “The administrative administrator may not be on business, and if you don’t call it, it’s not necessary to call the administrator. For the implicit tradition of the rule of law at the Federal Republic of Germany, the rationality of the huge number of countries should be protected before buying norms and facts, as well as through the regulation, it is important for skin care. Nimetsky and European governments administering the list of times between the borders of the harsh bureaucratic system. Consider what you need to make your own mind more accurate. That method is appreciated. You need to know from the thorough knowledge of the constitution, laws and administrative processes. Їhnya osvita mother’s guilt is overwhelmingly legal, and with a significant amount of energy to develop the European sovereign governing.

From now on, we looked at two goals before the reign of the sovereign government. American pidkhid mench read, ale vidkriva shlyah for bagatodisciplinary method vivchennya sovereign control. All this is explained by the historical development of yogic in the United States, as I save more than 100 remaining rock. The model, yakos zasosovyut to the American approach, нruntє on the ideal methods of state management, de basis for praising the decision ек ekonomіchna racіonalnіst.

The European method is to be liable for a long time, to be founded on the right of tradition, as a sign of the establishment of the sovereign government, as a rule of law. ДержEuropean Powers administrative adminstory may have more signatures subject to sovereign governing.

Resentment of good practices is prejudiced for vidpovidnyh political, economic and social minds. It is permissible for them to allow the state services with a high degree of visibility and service of the sovereign government, and to ensure that they are in good standing.