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Management at the state bodies - Tsurul O. A.

1.5. Management at the sovereign administration

The Ukrainian power of experience is not a tight period of its formation. It’s wickedly more economic and socially political. The crisis in the sphere of economy and politics will be lost. The hour of reluctance of the independence of the country and the country has not been marked by the social and economic standards, the own structures are empirically, by the most non-rational way of sampling and pardoning. Vіdіrvanіst vіd life bugs of the program and solution, marriage of science-based prognostic approach, underestimation of functions and respect for the sovereign structures;

The crisis of the economy of Ukraine - because of the significant crisis of management. The process of the collapse of the command-administrative system of the sovereign government looked at the self-reliance on the principle and theoretical concepts of the transition period, scientifically revised and new management programs. The process of getting started is simple, haphazard, but not safe, it’s not only not allowing the past to happen, but becoming more bureaucratic and corrupt, so that you need to consume ordinary people.

Instructed to offer special respect to the problems of governance from the side of the sovereign institutes of that, naturally, science.

At the time of the development and development of the new apparatus of the sovereign administration, there are more and more opportunities to learn, more information is available, more information is needed, more

The post-socialist slanderous system has totaled the totalitarian system of sovereign government. At a time, the regional and regional relations are clearly recognized, but they were earlier. But what kind of a fundamentally new management system is it? Vaughn’s not tilka isn’t upset; ale navіt is not conceptually fragmented. Try for the sake of luck, for the first time I’ve got to the transition to the market, the advanced state apparatus with unprepared staff, ideologically and economically, the staff could not give positive results. Adzhe the basis of the basics of management in post-total minds - competence, efficiency, rozrazovaniya risik and orintatsіya to profit.

Management bureaucracy with authoritarian-bureaucratic methods of management did not sprinkle new social and political values. Calculation of the latest models of management has made the camp faster. Destructive tendencies in managing grandfathers. Zrostannya kіlkostі іntravlіntsіv often vіdbuvaєtsya for rahahnok incompetent people. Corruption has overshadowed the entire governance structure, bureaucracy has become the norm for the behavior of power services - the condition is that they actually rang the power management function, led to the loss of redundancy in the realms of suspension.

The disintegration process in the economic and political spheres has manifested itself as trivial and glibokim. Svitova ekonomika shche nikoli did not stumble with such extreme specific difficulties: economic, political, psychological. The marriage of the most important laws of the transitional period, the very process of reforming zashov from a deaf cut.

Postіyna perebudova governing structures to that pіdtverdzhennya. Kerry Lanka ix, so that you can shake your incompetence and lack of freedom, were in control of the leapfrog.

Kіlkіst rіplіntsіv roku in rіk zbіlshuєtsya. It was divided by the highest grade of independence on the present year apparatus of the sovereign administration of the territory 4.5 times.

The official’s apparatus is infused with the power to multiply irrespective of the number of active consumers. Dinamika zrostannya aparata zdіjsnyuєtsya vidpovidno to vidomih laws of Parkinson and Piter.

The essence of Parkinson ’s law lies in the fact that people are dominated by a tendency to protect their own strengths, and that less officials and an oath of robots aren’t just a mess. Army official bureaucratic zaєєa, without fail, to change, change, turn up to zero oath robots. Reasons її zrostannya mozhna zvesti, yak uvazhaє Parkіnson to dvoh bezzaperechnih aksіom:

1) officials are pretending to multiply pidleglikh, and not supernikov;

2) officials are shutting one robot to one.

It’s a new concept of management, which was introduced in the case of the transition to a civilized market, that I managed to establish a specific ability to establish the Ukrainian state. That for the whole, it is necessary methodologically correctly to identify the day and understand the management, the remnants of the government and the management function and the development of the suspension of the whole.

The history and legal literature didn’t add up to the stagnant, overgrown understanding of the sovereign government. One treat from the point of dawning of the day, real zmіstu, іnshі - forms that are very typing in the same functions. Naychastishe vonno become a whore vidmizhuvannya some of the most advanced forms of sovereign dyalnosti - all the laws of the past and that of the dyal'nіst power and become a serpent of sovereign governance. Such a formal viznazhennya is not the same as the reference day of the sovereign administration, its appointment.

Z positsі administrative law governing is designated as the vicarious order of state power. The first notice in the world is that there is no material difference between the managerial activities, the other parties, and the understanding of the rules of duty and the need for clarification.

Mabut, I’ll be more productive if I look at the real management of the specific type of suspension, the characteristic character of the picture and the sign, not be separated by a legal formal assessment. A more specific characterization for representatives of the sociological and scientific sciences, which is why they have to manage and manage. It’s important for them to recognize management as a systematic way of ensuring that people are direct on the suspension system as a whole on the territory of the Republic of Belarus on the basis of the knowledge of the authorities of the state of the art of the latest trends and the optimal trends In this way, the most important signs of management are the secure function and development of suspension of a single, complete, organ-like character. Otzhe, governing - the whole organization is the power of the country, which is hidden on the weekend, and that function.

The new function of the power of the transition period to zoom in and the new change of management, and from now on, to identify the forms, methods of control, the system and the structure of the bodies of the sovereign government. Earlier, at the main public posts, the position was higher, for the sovereignty governing, I looked at the way I governing people. I for the whole bullet to finish my education, osklki of the state governed as politically and sovereignly primus dyalnost, who won the most of the power - politically motivated, I’m more confident in that The signs of managing a specific type of suspension dyalnosty were obscured by themselves.

Navigating for the simplest forms of organizing collective and functional functions of management didn’t disagree on people’s behavior, they also managed to ignore the need for viral viral mechanics. Sustainable processes є the main subject of the governing power of the state. Governance is the main reason for the power, as I wish there are not only the realms of the sphere of activity, but also the realm of spiritual life, the realm of the side of human life.

Zrozumіlo, control of the influx of straightening on the front of the behavior of people. However, the power does not control only people, but the speech elements of the virobodnichy and spiritual life of people - natural, material and financial resources, territories, material objects of culture, so that all these “speeches” should be kept in order. To win for the minds of a significant reduction in the number of sovereign powers in the process of privatization in the uninterrupted state of power, there will be a loss in the cost of basic galleys of the economy and industrial complex.

Prote postupove rozderzhavlennya that demonopolіzatsіya Economy, start rinkovogo mehanіzmu samoregulyuvannya not zvіlnyayut power od neobhіdnostі zdіysnyuvati shirokі ekonomіchnі, sotsіalno-kulturnі th INSHI zagalnі that spetsіalnі funktsії and zobov'yazuyut vikonuvati їh in іnshih forms i methods nіzh ranіshe: spriyannyam utvorennyu kapіtalu market analysis, of life, valuable folders, forecast, income tax, credit and subsidiary policy, quarterly quotes, people who are interested in scientific and technological progress and that’s not the case with regular regulation of the economy spіlnogo of directive methods of command and admіnіstrativnogo upravlіnnya.

The primordial nature of the sovereign rule in the market minds is clearly expressed, I want to protect my principle of nature (I want to rely on nature for its own sake, the fragments of it are the coils of the state, sovereign will). Zdіsnennya zagalnyh functions, servicing the suspended consumer is not a clause є zosuvannya self-governing and primitive visits of the sovereign government, but only to make it less necessary to supplement the basis of free service. Tse - come in, stimulate, reconfigure, form a huge thought and light, almost like that.

The sovereign administration of ob'єktom management є the state body (state authority). The whole organization, specific features are those that:

1) individuals, which are responsible for the management of the property, є shall be protected or assigned;

2) most of the time the power is stagnant; the system is for the primus, as if the private companies are amused;

3) the subject of praci in ni є information, and the decision, often won’t take, often to mess with the information form (rulings, orderly skinny).

Management systems that are characteristic of powerful organizations are called administrative organizations (see Latin: administratio - management, keynote):

1) management of state bodies, organization of the sphere of government;

2) the organization of the power of the power; government apparatus;

3) planting individuals, singing personnel;

4) orderlies, vidpovidnye orderlies chogos.

On the basis of the work of the robot, the authority of the authorities, the management of management, the purpose of the service of efficiency and effectiveness. Management є extensive understandings, as it expands immediately into three areas: the process (planning, solution, management, control); structure (organization, rozpodil), personnel (Kerivnitsvo). From the first to the main functions of management: planning, control, organization, organization.

Management є type of management, which is the most important world needs and needs of the market economy. The main signs of management like management type are:

1) at the highest moment of organization and management and human health, human consumption, interests, motives, values, attitudes;

2) for income, principles and management methods, priority is given to economical needs and management methods;

3) professionalism management as one of the top vimog to the manager and staff;

4) management pre-announced a complex of vimogs to the particular manager’s specificities, so as to ensure the management of mystery (pіdpriєmlivіst, upevnenіst, komunіkabelіst);

5) management organization is characterized by a stunner of management organization, which is especially important for remembering that organization of an innovative type.

The main winners of the sovereign organization, such as respect the administrative management, are the structure, structure, technology and people. The values ​​of the state bodies are those who are willing to do well and function - to share in the subject matter (health policy) and formal (to spend on the people, the minimum cost, I am satisfied). The structure of the sovereign organization is the logical relationship between the management and the functional spheres, the formation in such form, and the way to allow it to effectively reach the value of the given organization. Zavdannya - values, transposing into specific orders to dії. Technology - replacement of resources from consumed products and services. People are the central figure in management , individuals with unique rice. Management is with the sovereign administration of the Vrachov’s authorities, the middle body of the sovereign organization and the vimaga of effective reaction to the new and intense.