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Management at the state bodies - Tsurul O. A.

1.2. Organizational managers, distributors of technical services

Management of intransigent engagement with people, as if they are managing. There are a number of peculiarities inherent in the most important types of organization, such as the nature of the principle, the subject, the results of victorious mischief. We especially distinguish the subject of information, information, yak, managers accept the decision, and the necessary for the close contact with the manager. Vrakhovuychi, on the foreground, I’ll understand what’s wrong with you, as well as information. The result of the evaluation is at the time of reaching the supply.

For the weekend of their obov'yazkіv the managers are guilty of mother and special knowledge and the goodwill of the victorists of all praxis. Vimogi up to their professional competence could be cleverly intellectually engaged in two groups (Table 1.1).

Until recently, it was respected that you should also be gifted to people with nature, as long as you can get them in the process of robotic robots with a sample of grace and pardon, however, you must still have access to science to allow you to see the nature of human beings and to control people for the most part.


Vimogi to professional

competencies manager

Group Vimog

1. Rosemary of nature management and process management

2. Knowledge of the manager’s functions and functions, ways to reach the goals and efficiency of the work of the organization

3. Umіnnya vikoristovuvati sochasnu іnformatsіynu technology і zasobi komunіkatsіі

1. The knowledge and experience of working with a professional in such a special field, as a management. The stink is on:

  • Intelligence and acceptance of decisions in situations, for certain characteristics of the temporal dynamism and unintentionality, temporal information and nutritional development of organizations;
  • knowing about dosvidom management in the higher organizations;
  • Health, manage resources, forecast and plan work, organization, manage efficiency;
  • umіnnya vikoristovuvati sochasnu іnformatsіynu technology, hassle the communication and that sound

4. Volodіnnya mystery management of human resources

5. Volodyny mystery of the sacrifice of the calling zv'yazkiv

6. Health until self-esteem, vmіnnya robiti correct vіnnovі і uninterrupted pіdvishchuvati kvalіfіkatsіy

2. Zdіbnostі to spіvpratsі people with that governing themselves. Shchob pratsyuvati, managers of the guilty mother of bagato of specific special bristles, like wikkaylyayut doviruyu povag from the side is quiet, with a stink to make contact. All for all:

  • at the temple almost respecting the obligation and reference;
  • garbage in people with people and friends to partners;
  • umіnnya cleanly hang your thoughts and reconnect;
  • more importantly, it’s important to place people in a position that is independent of their position in the organization;
  • Health Shidko vidnovlyuvat your physical and spiritual strength and critically assess specialty dyalnist. There are no insurance against robots, you can find the right team, the manager, the professional staff and the public, when you have peace of mind, clarity of thoughts, and more than half the situation

We appreciate the official’s effectiveness in management, namely, managerial assistance, special managerial assistance, and on-the-flyer licensing. Viddovno to tsogo in organizats_yah to see so see rozpod_lu pratsі manager_v:

- functional;

- structural;

- technology;

- professional-kvalіfіkatsіyny.

The functional support base is based on the form of the support group management, as well as the management functions, plan management, organization, control. One of the most practical tools for managing a device is to specialize in robots and plan, to use another one to control your work, to start working on a third plan, and also to control them, we’ll control them.

Structural support of managers will occur on a daily basis for such characteristics as management, structure, scope, scope of activity, galuse, and specificity. Through the great number of factors, it’s possible to invest in structural support, and it’s specific for the skin organisation. You can see the daylight hours and the special drawings, as well as perch for all the vertical and horizontal distribution of the manager’s hands. Vertical rozpodil prazі encouraged on the basis of three types of management:

- lower

- middle

- handsome.

Before the lower rivnya, the managers are introduced, as though they may have their own order in front of them; stink zdіsnyuyut control such first pidrozdilami, yak dilnitsі, snakes.

The middle period including the manager, as a rule, for the organization of the organization; This includes also the managers of regular and functional services, the office is managed by an organization, an official account and an official account, as well as additional services, major programs and projects.

Food Risk - the main administrative organization, as well as the main strategic organization in general, functional and state-owned complexes. In fact, the number of organizations is characterized by a great degree of recognition and number 1–2 to 8–10 (in the case of great organizations).

Vіdpovіdno zmіnyuєtsya і zmіst zavdan, yakі vіrіshuyutsya іn rіznyh trivia management. Let us take a look at those whose skin signs are passed on to the oaths of robots by management functions. Це horizontal rozpodil pracі for functions.

The functional structure of the skin on the skin is uneven. If you are entering a lower level to the next one, you will have to add more and more to plan and organize all the robots, and the value of the control function will increase. On the lower and middle rivals, managers are engaged in coordination of people’s activities, which is due to the fact that they’re more motivated and more important.

More horizontal horizontal support for the transfer manager спец their special needs for the main areas of business, as well as the approval of the organizational system.

Technological and professional-professional qualification manager, manager in urakhov, see and folding robotic work. For these criteria in the warehouse there are 3 categories of categories:

- kerivniki;

- special services;

- services.

If you take a look at your personal experience and take a look at the management, then you will receive the first mark for all the prizes at the official level and the organization of practical implementation; special services, health and safety projects, services involved in the main information security process.

The complexity of the management robots to be insured by vimogs, such as guilty vіdpovіdati managers, obimayuyu singing posad. Most of the time, in the planning and sound practice of our country, the main goal was to plant the following personnel:

- Kerivniks and ikhins defenders;

- head special services;

- engineers;

- economy;

- rosrahunkovo ​​accounting staff;

- clerical staff;

- The legal staff is skinny.

The clerks store one of the most significant groups of management personnel, and the most important ones are the most complex and the most common.