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Management at the state bodies - Tsurul O. A.

1.3. Management in the mind of today

The key moments of present-day systems are looking at management (I’m hard to call them a new management paradigm), as well as the following principles:

  • Vidmova vid of management of the classical school management, as the first person for all the regional organization of virology, changes in the vitro, so that you can manage the internal virology officials. Replacing the problem on the first place is the problem of numbness and adaptability (prisosuvannya) to the last zmіn of the traditional middleware. It remains to be characterized as the greater number of winners, as if the position between the organizations and not the sphere of unrestricted entrainment to the side of management. All of these organizations, as well as people who are responsible for this organization by virtue of the fact that they have been given before them all the victories. In addition to business, there is another series of the most important middlewares - social officials and experts, who are not directly involved in the operational activities of organizations, which are strategically important for business management. An important role here is to impose economic, political, legal, social and cultural, environmental, physical and geographical officials and permanent. The value of officials of the middle house is more clearly visible at the call of the complexity of the entire system of suspension services (social, economic, political and social), which can be stored. It’s the middle ground of dictation of strategy and tactics of organization.
  • Victoria is in control of theory of systems, which should be better taken into account by organizing in the warehouse of the warehouse parts, as well as intrinsically safe.
  • Victory of the situation before management, one way to the other, all internal organization є not at all, just like the other because of its nature. A central point is the situation, so that a specific set of furnishings is to be incorporated into the work of an organization in one hour. Sounds are a life of important importance specifics, for the officials who seem to help others are visible, they are very efficient, and it is possible to effectively reach goals.
  • In the course of social management activities, it’s in front of whole people, so they are in front of okremim people, so they are in the organization. A new role is played by people as the key resource of the vimag manager, in order to realize the mortgages in people to self-development. Zvіdsi - neobhіdna uwagi to such chinnikіv, yak organіzatsіyna culture (viznachaєtsya nayavnіstyu at vsіh pratsyuyuchih zagalnih tsіley, їhnoї bezposerednoї uchastі in rozrobtsі shlyahіv dosyagnennya Tsikh tsіley, zatsіkavlenostі in zabezpechennі zagalnih kіntsevih rezultatіv organіzatsії) rіznі FORMS demokratizatsії upravlіnnya, fate pratsyuyuchih at pributkah, vlasnostі , management.
  • The most important characteristic of the manager for the current stage is the organization of a new social group in organizations - cognition, the need to base oneself on knowledge and victorious intelligence, and not muscular strength. Cognition, a kind of access to information and pressure on a high culture, you cannot look at only one of the official officials, but a key resource can be interpreted, effectively managing and building a central office. In the booklet of J. Neysbit i P. Ebedin "Reorganization of the corporation", such a characteristic of the new vidnosin іzh organіzatsііyu і pratsyuyuchimi in them people:

- the people who are quick and easy to reach out to the organization, as a matter of fact personalization;

- the manager is not just a manager, but a ludin, a yak vikonu, the role of a judge, a lecturer, a mentor;

- people want a mother piece in the bargains of their organization;

- hiring a specialist, more likely to fill out contracts with them;

- Autocratically governing obedience to the democratic systems.

The sponuka paradigm is new to the point of view of management principles, old fragments perceive “praciuvati”. In the 90s of the XXth century, in principle, the main respect was given to the social or human aspect of management. Management of dressings on ludina, on those who want to make people healthy until they are dormant, and to make them more effective. Management form є communication with people and a visitor нд individual introduction of cutaneous pratsuyuchy in the final result. Ethics є the golden rule of management.

The system of looking at the management of the house in literature is new, like “quietly control the revolution,” which is not vipadkovo. Oskilki basic position can stagnate, not without reason at the same time ruinatsії structures, systems, methods of management, they have been put together, and moreover, they are steadfast to new minds. So, the system often controls the system of control on the basis of the transfer of data and on the basis of the sound, compromised solution. It’s stinky that it’s not good or bad Maybut. Organizations are increasingly reverting to methods of strategic planning and management, looking more quickly and efficiently in the middle, in technology, and competing in real-life economic management, as well as in new ones. The official rank is to be controlled and the management structure, decentralized decentralization is possible; Organizations need to be more sensitive until new problems are seen and new problems are decided, and before the work on the work of the monks has already been accepted. Maneuvering in diversified resources is appreciated as well as punctuality in third place.