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How to determine the age of a cat and a dog by human standards?

Человеческий возраст кошки и собаки

People always treat their pets as "our lesser brothers" , but this is not so. Often, they are smaller (if you do not have a mastiff, of course) and require care of yourself, it's true, but as for age, it's not so simple and unambiguous. After all, the age, for example, of cats and dogs does not correspond to the human. Their maturation is measured by other rules, and by human standards they may be much older than you. To achieve greater mutual understanding with your "baby," you still need to clarify the correspondence of your ages. It's interesting to know how old your pet is? Well, interesting!

Возраст собак по человеческим меркам

The average age of dogs is 8-12 years , but there are also long-livers: the record belongs to a dog named Maggie from Australia, she was 30 years old! When translated into human age - it's almost 200 years! To more accurately determine the "human" age of a dog, it is worth considering its dimensions. The larger the dog, the greater its age by 5 years. On average, small dogs have a life expectancy of 1.5 times greater than large dogs. Of course, in addition to the size it is worth considering the breed, sex (as in humans, on average women live longer than men) and individual characteristics.

Cats on average live for 10-15 years . Their record holder is a friend who has lived a happy 34 years! 34 !! The ratio of the cat-to-man age can be determined as follows. A cat during its first year of life tries to live independently, without its mother, to hunt, play, eat, cognize the world. As for a person, he achieves similar results by about 15 years. A cat that has already turned 2 years old is considered an adult and a fully formed animal, which already has its own unique character, knows what it needs and how to achieve it. People achieve this by about 24 years of age. Thus, you can draw an age parallel. In the future, one human year for the seal is an average of 4 years.

Age of dogs by human standards

Возраст собак по человеческим меркам

Age of cats by human standards

Возраст кошек по человеческим меркам