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How to choose a lamp for the headlights

Подбор автомобильных ламп по марке и модели

Lighting in cars - a set of lighting devices on vehicles used to illuminate the area near the vehicle and designate the vehicle for other road users. Lighting equipment includes headlights, sidelights, spotlights, side lights, stop lights, daytime running lights, direction indicators, reversing lamps, fog lights and lanterns, as well as license plate lighting.

Headlight (from the Greek "Faros") - a source of directional light mounted on the front of the vehicle, designed to illuminate the surrounding area, the road. The number of headlights can vary from one (motorcycle, moped, bicycle) to several dozen (large airliner). Its power can range from a watt (bicycle headlight) to a few kilowatts (on locomotives and riverboats).

Lamp-headlight - a type of lamps consisting of a reflector and filament in a single assembly, on which the cover (lens) of transparent glass is mounted. Initially, the car headlights used small bulbs and reflectors, covered with a corrugated lens to reduce the bright light from the filament. The lid had to be insulated with a gasket. The disadvantages of such headlights prompted the opening of the device headlamp lamps.

The editors of shram.kiev.ua1 will tell you how to choose light bulbs for a car, which ones you should buy and what to look for when replacing and choosing.

The most significant characteristics for the selection of automotive lamps

Selection of automotive lamps by brand and model Selection of automotive lamps by brand and model

Base (lamp type)

Types and parameters of the cap and bulb automotive lamps, as a rule, are indicated near the installation site, on the headlight housing.

The bulb - the part of the lamp, which is made of glass, its appearance depends directly on the type of lamp, the base provides a connection to the electrical wiring of the machine.

It is important to know that lamps of different types are very similar in appearance, but are not interchangeable. Therefore, to buy a light "by eye" in case it seems that it is "exactly the same" is not worth it.

W (power)

Power is of two types: nominal and equivalent.

Equivalent power or luminous intensity is a parameter of the luminous intensity of a lamp, independent of its consumption. Therefore, focusing on such power, you can pick up the brightest lamp from the manufacturers offered directly for a particular car.

The standard, when specifying such power, is taken to be the luminous power of a typical (standard) lamp made from ordinary materials using conventional (standard) technology. For example, a 60W lamp can shine with both 60W and 135W power. Manufacturers are increasing their luminous strength due to new technologies, more complex compositions of materials, stronger flasks, due to a change in the shape of a spiral, etc.

Rated power - unchanged, it is set by the manufacturers, it is a parameter related to the electric system of the car. This power is designated in the form of marking on the headlamp, it is necessary to focus on this marking, because the electrical circuit of the car was originally designed only for this indicator.

V (voltage)

It depends on the electrical circuit of the car, respectively, the voltage may be - 24V, 6V or, for example, 12V.

It is important not to be mistaken in this parameter when buying a lamp, because a 6V lamp in a car with a 12V circuit will burn out immediately. And in the "best" case, if the driver does not take into account such a parameter as voltage, the lamp will shine dimly.

K (color temperature)

Подбор автомобильных ламп по марке и модели

This is, in fact, the tone of the lamp, which comes in different shades . The higher K, the lighter the colder, bluish, the lower - the warmer, closer to red.

This option in no way suggests that one color is better than another, but there are still preferences, because white is considered the safest.

White color "temperature" in the range of 4200 ° K - 5200 ° K. These figures are close to daylight. Higher rates are less favorable. Lamps with lower rates, for example, 2700 ° K, have a yellowish tint.

Decide on your own requirements

In each case, the car owner needs a certain lamp with specific characteristics, and each owner has his own preferences. Before you make a choice, it is advisable to decide what type of consumer the driver considers himself to be.

The first type of consumer is completely focused on safety , while on active safety, in other words, the driver wants more light on the road. The car owner prefers to purchase more powerful lamps than the “standard” ones, with enhanced brightness, with a comfortable light temperature and an increased service life.

It is worth noting that the lamp life is an important characteristic for any driver, because everyone would like a maximum of durability, as well as the optimal choice according to the criteria of price and efficiency.

The biggest advantages for drivers are the so-called "all-season" or "all-weather" lamps. Such lamps with a special coating provide excellent visibility in almost all weather conditions, which is important for high and low beam.

The second type of drivers pays attention to aesthetic indicators and optimal color temperature.

The third category of drivers, one might say, is content with passive safety . Such drivers are not interested in increasing the luminous flux, because, as a rule, they drive along well-lit avenues. Therefore, this category of car owners focuses on one thing: they need the lamp with the usual luminous intensity to have the longest possible service life in order to delay the time of its next replacement.

Understand what type of lamp you need

The easiest option, to understand what kind of lamp you need, is to take the lamp out of the headlight and carry it to the store - they will select the necessary one. If this option is unacceptable, then you can look at the technical documentation for the car. Usually on the last pages there are tables of all the lamps in the car and the corresponding type of base. The third option is to go to an official dealer who knows exactly what kind of lamp is needed.

If the sweetheart burns out in the head light, then you need to change only in pairs - right and left right away. It is not worth saving, because the sweetheart served shines worse, it has less light output, compared to the new one. And it is still not clear how two different lamps will shine, even if they are of the same manufacturer.

To dim light , as a rule, not a lot of claims. It can be used anywhere, anytime and in all weather conditions. Problems arise when choosing distant lighting.

Fog lights. Here you can choose what the car dealer recommends directly, that is, what is installed in a regular place. The standard headlight is selected for each specific car. To make a mistake with the choice is almost impossible, it is enough to know the make and model of your car. Many of the modern manufacturers already insert fog lights into their regular headlights, that is, into the headlight units. The block headlights are also present lamps that work as a high beam, that is, for distant lighting, and dazzle.

Additional headlights , as a rule, are universal and are suitable for any car. However, it is worth remembering, according to the rules of the road, any additional lights are called fog. They can be installed only two. Therefore, if you put two headlights of far-off lighting, there will be no place left for real fog lamps. However, this issue can be solved - to get the headlights and near and far lighting in one bottle. However, in this kit the high beam is not the most efficient. The reason for this reflector for low beam.

Choose a light bulb and tone

Selection of automotive lamps by brand and model

All lamps are divided into three types: halogen, gas-filled, xenon . Halogen lamps are usually installed by manufacturers when assembling a car in a factory; they are standard sizes and suitable for any car. Choose the most suitable type of lamp for your headlamp.

When choosing light bulbs for headlights it is not worth saving, and buy products of only well-known and trusted companies!

If the store offers to buy light bulbs with increased power (for example, instead of 60 watts to buy 90 watt), then you should refuse. This undertaking will not bring anything good, but there are plenty of flaws. Do not think that it will shine better, because the electrical equipment of the car is designed for a certain lamp power. And if it is significantly exceeded, wiring problems may occur - these are often blown fuses or melted wiring. In addition, modern cars have glass headlights made of plastic, which means that it can melt.

Selection of automotive lamps by brand and model Selection of automotive lamps by brand and model

In no case should not put the LED lamp , because such lamps shine much worse than halogen. And those that give good illumination, cost from 200-300 UAH. per set. It is worth saying that the temperature of the LED lamps is less, which means that the glass of the headlamp will fog up and freeze.

The service life of halogen lamps - 600 hours and it depends on the voltage onboard. The optimum is 13.2V. Exceeding this value by 5% reduces the service life by 40% (but the luminous flux increases by 18%). On the contrary, if the voltage is lower by 5%, the lamp life increases by 60%, but the luminous flux drops by 10%.

The luminous flux of a lamp depends on the voltage of the onboard network, the higher it is - the better the lamp shines. But it adversely affects the durability of the bulb. There are lamps with increased resource in the stores, but they are poorly illuminated. And there are lamps with increased luminous flux, which according to the manufacturer shine 50% better. Payback for this will be reduced resource lamps.

So that after the purchase it was not painfully offensive, even before going to the store, remember the conditions in which you had to drive in the last six months.

And the size and color when choosing a good headlamp matter - on the road there are no trifles. Yellow light is used for a better view and better visibility of the car during fog. The white color of the fog lights naturally has better, better lighting.

Headlight bulbs are generally the most important element, they influence the quality of lighting. Over the past decade alone, the bulbs have experienced a real revolution. Previously, for headlights used simple incandescent bulbs. Then halogen bulbs came to replace them, that is, these are halogen gas bulbs. Naturally, their lighting was brighter and better. To date, they are already crowding out xenon lamps.

A distinctive feature of xenon light bulbs - they heat up much less than their predecessors. This in turn makes it possible to experiment with a more complex design of the headlamp housing. But the cost of xenon bulbs is much higher than that of ordinary ones.

Choose a light bulb under the headlamp, and a headlamp for themselves. Be sure to ask the seller to check your headlamp. For this, a voltage of 12 volts is sufficient. With an eagle visibility in all weather conditions you will be absolutely calm.

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