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How to remove a bird's litter from the body of a car

Как удалить птичий помёт

Bird litter - the product of the life of birds, stands out from the cloaca at the time of defecation. Valuable potent fertilizer. Usually, the fertilizer uses litter of chickens, ducks, pigeons and geese. The most effective fertilizer is pigeon dung.

Bird litter of urban birds has an aggressive chemical composition and is able to easily corrode the paint and varnish coating of your car. In addition, it contains sand and small seeds that scratch the surface. We will tell you how to safely remove the litter from the body with your own hands.

Как удалить птичий помёт

Remove the bird litter from the car's surface as soon as possible, so that the acid does not have time to penetrate deeply into the paint, which is especially rapid in the sun.

So, to remove the waste of life of birds, we need water, compressed air, spray-wax and a towel made of microfiber.

First of all, pour the soiled area of ​​the body with water from the hose, and then, if possible, treat this area with compressed air.

Как удалить птичий помёт

So you can remove at least some of the sand, small stones and seeds, without resorting to rubbing the surface with a towel, so as not to scratch the paint.

After that, apply a spray-wax on the litter. It is needed as a lubricant, which will not allow the surface to be scratched.

Let the liquid flow freely down, then apply a little spray on a clean microfiber towel and put it on the litter.

Как удалить птичий помёт

Gently squeeze the towel hand, pour it with water from the bottle and blot. This will help the fabric absorb the remains of the litter.

Now you can lift the towel and admire the clean surface.

Rinse the body with clean water and do not forget to apply a wax to protect the body on the paintwork.

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