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Controller signals at the crossroads

Сигналы регулировщика

Patrol policemen regulate the traffic so that drivers can safely pass, and pedestrians - it is safe to cross the intersection.

We recommend that you refresh knowledge of the signals of the regulator and repeat paragraph 8.8 of the SDA for this.

Сигналы регулировщикаСигналы регулировщика

The traffic regulator faces or faces you. His hands are divorced to the side, lowered down ( photo 5 ), or the right hand with the baton (red disk) to the left is bent before the chest (photo 4):

  • Movement ● is prohibited in all directions. This position of the regulator is equal to the red signal of the traffic light (paragraph 8.8 (a) of the traffic rules).
Сигналы регулировщика

The regulator faces you. His right hand, holding a rod (red disk), stretched forward, that is to you (patrol in photo 2):

  • Movement ● is prohibited directly , and ● to the right - movement is allowed . This position of the controller means a red traffic light signal with a green arrow to the right ( paragraph 8.8 (b) SDA ).
Сигналы регулировщика

The hand of the regulator with a staff is raised upwards (photo 3). At the same time, it stands to you sideways:

  • This gesture means that ● traffic at the crossroads is now changing . This position means "Warning!" And a yellow traffic light. Cars and pedestrians must leave the intersection, traffic is prohibited ( paragraph 8.8 (c) SDA ).
Сигналы регулировщика

The adjuster stands to you with his left side with his hand extended outward with a baton (patrolman in photo 2):

  • ● You can go in any direction: to the right, to the left, straight, and also to unfold. This signal of the controller means the green light of the traffic light ( paragraph 8.8 (b) of the traffic rules ).

If the adjuster stands left side to your car, and his hands are lowered down, stretched out on either side or bent and pressed to the chest:

  • You can ● go straight or to the right by skipping pedestrians first . Such a signal means the green light of the traffic light, but with the prohibition of the left turn ( paragraph 8.8 (a) of the SDA ).


When the regulator regulates traffic at an intersection, his gestures take precedence over traffic light signals and the corresponding traffic signs.

When the traffic controller faces your face or back, you can not go directly.

Сигналы регулировщика

The controller can give other signals that are clear to drivers and pedestrians.

The traffic controller at the crossroads is your assistant!

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