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Blind Truck Zone

Слепая зона грузовозов

The blind zone near the car is a section of the road that cannot be seen in the side mirrors of the car.

Very many motorists, both beginners and experienced, having only a passenger category or motorcycle, forget one thing - when driving close to a truck, and any large vehicle you need to take into account the fact that it has so-called dead zones, where the driver is you will not see with all his desire.

Even a passenger car has its own dead zone, which is much smaller than that of a truck.

Слепая зона грузовозов

In the "dead" zone of the truck can get as a small car and quite large car. The truck driver can crush you by starting a maneuver, as you simply did not notice.

The length of the blind zone is about 3 meters ahead and 5 meters back, so that you are noticed, you will need to either get ahead of the tractor or slow down. If such maneuvers are possible in a real traffic situation. (there may be another vehicle behind or in front of you).

Yes, by the way, you probably noticed on some trucks a number of mirrors are installed at different angles to the road, including directed downwards. These mirrors provide a better view, and therefore reduce the blind zone. But she is still there!

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