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Top places for good fishing in Kiev

Топ мест для хорошей рыбалки в Киеве

Fishing - the occupation of fishing fish from the pond for food or just for fun. In some countries, fish do not die from suffocation, but are released back into the reservoir after some time. Most of the damage remains only punctures from the hook in the lip or gills of the fish. Fishing is divided into amateur and sports. Unlike fishing, fishing is entertainment, leisure, recreation, tourism and sports. Fishing is one of the most popular hobbies of mankind. Who ever visited the pond with a fishing rod and caught the first fish in his life, he will never forget this.

June 28, in Ukraine and other countries of the world celebrate World Fisheries Day. This holiday is celebrated annually, since 1985. The holiday is established by the decision of the International Conference on Regulation and Development of Fisheries, held in July 1984 in Rome. If you, like us, like fishing, then you will need these 10 good fishing places in Kiev.


Десенка - Топ мест для хорошей рыбалки в Киеве

You can try your luck on the left side of Vatutin Avenue, along the entire Troyeshchyna massif. The desenka is quite deep throughout the site, there is no current.

What is caught: perch and pike, less often asp and pikeperch.

Where: Truhanovskaya street.

Cost: free of charge.

The lake Almaznoe

Озеро Алмазное - Топ мест для хорошей рыбалки в Киеве

The lake on Troeschina is not bad for fishing. Almost to the water is a pine forest. The lake is flowing, the depth reaches in some places up to 35 meters. If you go by car - you need to move from the metro station "Chernigovskaya" to Bratislava, and near the hypermarket "Epicenter" - turn right to the street Hrainyu. The lake will be to the right of the road.

What is caught: there is a rudd, a plovitch and a scoundrel.

Where: Pukhovskaya Street, 4.

Cost: free of charge.

Embankment near the Metro Bridge

Набережная возле моста Метро - Топ мест для хорошей рыбалки в Киеве

The Dnieper, as is known, is rich in carp, roach, perch, white cupid, catfish, lin, pike-perch, carp and bream. And in this place of the river, as the regulars say, there are good depths for fish. So without a catch, you probably will not stay.

What is caught: catfish, pike perch, carp and bream.

Where: the metro Dnieper.

Cost: free of charge.


Китаево - Топ мест для хорошей рыбалки в Киеве

The territory of China has three small ponds, which are called Chinas. Among the picturesque cascades it is pleasant to stay even in winter. China Mountain is known for its historical past. Once there were moats, ramparts and a fortress, the remains of which can still be seen today.

Where: there is Kitaevo in one of the greenest areas of Kiev - Goloseevo.

Lake Solnechnoe

Озеро Солнечное - Топ мест для хорошей рыбалки в Киеве

The lake is located between Kharkiv Massif and Pozniaky. The territory is controlled by the state utility company Pleso. Around the lake there is a recreation area. A clean beach, a small embankment, benches, several restaurants and an entertainment complex nearby. The lake is full of fish, wild ducks live in summer. On the shore opposite the embankment, a lot of vegetation.


Вишенки - Топ мест для хорошей рыбалки в Киеве

At the fishing-hunting base "Cherry" there are conditions for fishing, there is a rental of boats. If desired, you can stay in one of the rooms in the house with private facilities. There is a cafe on the territory, there are mangalas, gazebos, shooting range and sauna.

What is caught: carp, thick beef and crucian carp.

Where: The base is located 14 kilometers from Kiev downstream at the mouth of the Dnieper Bay Shulyagovka. You need to go from the metro station "Slavutich" through the dacha array "Osokorki" and then after the second gateway to the right side of the road. You can also get there by minibus 452 (A64) from the metro station "Osokorki".

Fish Park Zabirie

Фиш парк Забирье - Топ мест для хорошей рыбалки в Киеве

This park includes lakes near the village of Zabirie Kiev-Svyatoshinsky Kiev region, 25 kilometers from the city. On the territory there are also gazebos and lodges on the water, as well as a fish restaurant.

What is caught: thick bears, crucian, white cupid, pike perch, pike, catfish.

Jordan Lake

Иорданское озеро - Топ мест для хорошей рыбалки в Киеве

In this untouched corner of the wild nature you can truly enjoy the peace and tranquility: since the water here is not the cleanest in the capital, bathers do not come here. But the biting is simply excellent! And fish, according to the local habiters, a lot.

Ponds «Sturgeon» fishing »

Пруды «Осетровая» рыбалка» - Топ мест для хорошей рыбалки в Киеве

If you only have a few hours of free time, which you would like to spend on the air, then the equipped places for sturgeon fishing in Kiev can be a good idea. "Sturgeon" fishing provides an opportunity to successfully engage in fishing all year round, even in a period when spawning ban on other reservoirs is introduced. By the way, it is strictly prohibited to let the catch back into the reservoir.

What is caught: bester, sterlet, Lensky and Russian sturgeon, oarlocks and rainbow trout.

Where: ст.м. Vydubychi, Naberezhnaya-Korchevatskaya, 29

Cost: admission is free of charge - payment only for the catch. Catching paddlefish - 250 UAH / kg, sturge 170 UAH / kg, trout 150 UAH / kg.


Киеврыбхоз - Топ мест для хорошей рыбалки в Киеве

This is a paid place for fishing. To get there, you need to go from the Vydubychi metro station to the Promyshlennaya street, then follow it until you turn to the Vydubychi Hotel. On the territory there are toilets, you can also rent one of the gazebos.

What is caught: in the lake there are carp, crucian carp, cupid, thick-bean, perch, perch, roach.

Where: Vydubichi.

Cost: fishing - 250 UAH per day, you can catch from 4:00 to 20:00. Rent a gazebo - from 200 to 400 hryvnia.

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