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Children's questions that even adults do not know the answer to. And we know :)

Ответы на детские вопросы

Countless questions torment us since childhood. Why our hair can not have a natural blue color or why the eyes of cats have such a devilish glow in the dark? Many of the things of interest to us are still shrouded in mystery, but far from all.

The editors found the answers to questions that worried everyone at least once in their lives.

1. Why do we love to sleep after sleep?

Ответы на детские вопросы

Muscles after a long period of immobility need a soft but strong tension that prepares them for an activity regime.

The easiest way to do it is to reap a pleasant sensation, because this movement is necessary for the body, and all that our body needs is usually excites pleasure centers in the brain.

2. Why insects fly to the light

Ответы на детские вопросы

The flight of insects to the light is a paradoxical phenomenon: having noticed a source of light, the insect is striving towards it, and when it approaches, it loses its orientation.

Moreover, these creatures need light, because without it they are incapable of distinguishing surrounding objects, therefore, as a rule, they do not fly at night.

Science has not yet succeeded in answering this question with 100% accuracy.

3. Why in the year 365 days

Ответы на детские вопросы

In fact, the number of days per year is approximately 365.256 days. To get this amount, you need to divide the time of rotation of the Earth around the Sun at the time of rotation around its own axis.

By the way, scientists believe that the duration of the calendar year is shrinking: the study of fossil corals allowed them to assume that 380 million years ago there were about 400 days a year.

4. Why ducklings go in one piece

Ответы на детские вопросы

Ducks often build nests far from the water, and to get to the reservoir, they need to walk a long distance.

If the duckling gets lost on the way, it is simply doomed to death.

Therefore, the birds are forced to go one after the other on the trail: only this can guarantee that the whole brood will reach the place safe and sound.

"Leader" is chosen very simply: when the chicks hatch, they begin the so-called sensitive period.

At this time, the duckling remembers its mother or the one who is next to him (therefore ducks can walk, for example, and for a man).

5. Why hair can not be green or blue

Ответы на детские вопросы

Hair color depends on the ratio of the two "dyes" based on the natural pigment melanin - eumelanin (black or brown) and pheomelanin (yellow or red).

The resulting color depends on their ratio.

Blue, like green, of these shades can not get.

6. Why on the street can not see the chicks pigeons

Ответы на детские вопросы

Pigeons nestlings spend a long time in nests and leave them as adults.

The glance of a simple person is unable to distinguish an adult from a young, therefore all pigeons seem to us approximately the same in age.

Nests are usually inaccessible to humans places: in attics, cornices, in secluded corners on the roofs.

7. Why trees do not freeze in winter

Ответы на детские вопросы

Frosts are best tolerated by those trees that accumulate enough sugars in their tissues: dissolved in the cell sap, they protect the cells from water loss and, as a result, from protein coagulation.

If there are not enough sugars in the tissues, the cells will begin to freeze and crystallize. The protein in this case will collapse, and the tree will die.

8. Why does the hammerhead shark have such a form?

Ответы на детские вопросы

The hammerhead shark feeds on stingrays that have poisonous spikes on their tails.

Injections are not terrible for them, since sharks have innate immunity to neurotoxins, but to lose the eyes for this predator would mean certain death.

Over time, evolution has adjusted the position of the organs of vision so that the spikes of the rays cannot reach them.

In addition, this arrangement of the eyes allows predators to notice in advance more dangerous individuals and thus to survive.

9. Why is a person trembling if he is cold

Ответы на детские вопросы

One of the most amazing functions of self-preservation, which is actively used by the human body, is to increase muscle activity.

When we are cold, our body tries to warm up on its own due to frequent muscle contractions, and this is what we used to call shaking.

10. Why cats have eyes glow in the dark

Ответы на детские вопросы

In many animals, including cats, the eyes are able to capture and make the most use of even the faintest light radiation, which is reflected from the back of the eyeballs.

Outwardly, it looks like a devilish glow, but in reality it only allows animals to see better in the dark.

11. Why do aristocrats have “blue blood”?

Ответы на детские вопросы

From time immemorial, aristocrats married close relatives, which was fraught with the development of so-called incest diseases, such as blood cancer.

And in this case, the expression "blue blood" meant that this blood was not bright red, but reddish, devoid of healthy color.

According to another theory, the aristocrats had a more transparent skin, through which the blue veins could be seen, therefore, in common people it became customary to assume that the color of their blood is blue. Pallor, in turn, appeared due to lack of sunburn and lack of vitamin D.

12. Why a spider does not stick to its web

Ответы на детские вопросы

In the web there are two types of threads - smooth radial and sticky concentric.

The spider always moves only along the radial threads, and therefore does not stick.

13. Why the sky is blue

Ответы на детские вопросы

When the rays of the sun reach the Earth’s atmosphere, they collide with air molecules and scatter.

Sunlight has a wide range of colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple.

Blue is dispersed faster and most of all, therefore we can see the sky painted in this color.

Accordingly, at night the skies become dark, because the light from the Sun does not reach us, and therefore does not diffuse.

14. Why stars are visible only at night.

Ответы на детские вопросы

In fact, the stars shine night and day.

Only in the daytime the sun's rays "overlap" their light, and at night, when there are none, nothing prevents us from seeing the stars.

15. Why "ass" cucumbers bitter

Ответы на детские вопросы

The "ancestors" of the modern cucumber grew in the shade of tropical forests and were sweetish in taste.

In northern latitudes, cucumber, once in the bright sun, "protests" and produces the substance cucurbitacin, which makes it bitter.

In other words, the more sun, the more bitterness in the cucumber.

16. Why a person has 5 fingers

Ответы на детские вопросы

It is believed that the five-fingered limb is a legacy of the ancestors of all vertebrate creatures on the planet.

Reducing the number of fingers, or even their complete loss, was possible only in those species to which, for some reason, their fingers began to interfere, becoming “redundant.”

For example, it happened with horses: the middle finger turned into a hoof, and the rest were reduced, because they were an obstacle to the development of the hoof.