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The origin of the names of famous brands, pronunciation errors

Компании и их названия

Brand (English brand, [brænd] - brand) - a complex of representations, associations, emotions, value characteristics about a product or service in the mind of a consumer. Mental shell of a product or service. The brand is an abstract name. The physical components (carriers) of the brand are the whole complex of elements of the corporate identity: the brand name (word, phrase), the logo with the principles of its construction, the palette of brand colors, the original style, a set of phrases, sounds, trademark and so on.

The brand, as an association in the minds of the target audience, symbolizes some specific qualities of the product or characteristics of the manufacturer of the product. For this, the brand must be recognizable; as a rule, the right to use it is protected legally.

Are you absolutely sure that correctly pronounce the names of world famous foreign companies and companies? For example, Nike, Lamborghini, Porsche, Moet & ChandonGuess, Lacoste, Loewe, Louis Vuitton, Marchesa, Miu Miu, Moschino, Nina Ricci, Proenza Schouler, Ralph Lauren, Salvatore Ferragamo, Sergio Rossi, Sonia Rykiel, Tommy Hilfiger, UGGs, Versace , Vionnet, Yves Saint Laurent ? And how to correctly pronounce the famous Levi`s, Xerox, Samsung, Mitsubishi , not to mention Hyundai ?


Компании и их названия

The Italian manufacturer of expensive sports cars is called "Lamborghini". According to the rules of reading in Italian, if there is an "h" after "g", then it is read as "G". However, in Russia the wrong pronunciation of Lamborghini is so widespread that even the Google auto search system gives it out exactly. But if you say Lamborghini in the usual way to the Italian, you will be looked upon as an idiot who has caused a serious insult.


Компании и их названия

The name of the brand comes from the name of the goddess of victory Nicky and the original sounds "Nike". This is how it is pronounced in the United States. However, ignorance of this fact on the one hand, and the rules of reading the English word "nike" on the other hand, led to widespread misrepresentation of "Nike" in Europe in general and in Russia in particular. Incorrect in essence the name not only took root and was fixed, but also used in the name of the official representative of the company in Russia.


Компании и их названия

In translation from Korean "Hyundai" means "modernity". The correct Russian transliteration of this word is "Hyundai" with emphasis on the last syllable. In Russian advertising, the title delicately tries not to pronounce, confining itself to English-language writing, although the official website of the company uses the writing of Hyundai. The people of the Korean automaker are also called Hyundai, Hyundai, and even Hyundai.


Компании и их названия

Pronounced "Porsche" with an accent on the first syllable on behalf of the founder of the company Ferdinand Porsche. Russians either confuse the stressed syllable, or lose the ending, wondering why then the final "e" in the name of the luxury off-road car Cayenne (Porsche Cayenne) is not read.


Компании и их названия

It's silly of course, but some fighters for the correct naming of everything and everything assure that it is necessary to say "B-M-Double-Yu." It is not necessary - because "BA-M-V" is absolutely adequate pronunciation for BMW, the German automaker, whose name is known to have happened, having been reduced from Bayerische Motoren Werke. In German, the letters that are included in brandnames are called exactly that, and W is "We".

Wash e Shadon

Компании и их названия

Contrary to popular belief in Russia, the name of the world-famous brand of champagne wines is not "t" in the word Moet, but "n" in the word Chandon. Union "and", represented in the name ampersand, is read, as it should be in French, "e".


Компании и их названия

Careful research has revealed that both options have long been firmly established in common use, and even in the US there are both options. People continue to be interested, argue, prove, but the whole evidence base in this case boils down to two points: English speakers are most often told by Leaves, because according to the rules of English, Levi's name is read as "Levy"; but the creator of the first jeans called Levi. Levi Strauss was a German Jew, who at birth was named Loeb. At the age of 18 he moved from his native Bavaria to San Francisco, and his name for convenience of utterance in the States turned into Levy. And if you follow the grammar of the English language, then the "Lewis" is more correct.


Компании и их названия

Surprisingly, in fact, "ziroks", not "copier". In the States, the initial letter "X" is always read as "Z". "Xena - the warrior queen" also, by the way, is written "Xena". But in Russia from the very first copying machine Xerox was called Xerox, and now no one will understand what is going on if he hears the "ziroks".


Компании и их названия

Samsung is pronounced in Russia as "Samsung", but more correctly "Samson", with an accent on the first syllable, which means "three stars".


Компании и их названия

The Russian representative office of the Japanese automaker Mitsubishi in its latest campaign focused on the Mitsubishi option. The penultimate sound in Japanese is actually read as a cross between "c" and "w," but closer to "s" than to "sh," so the vast majority of Japanese and Japanese translators continue to insist on Mitsubishi.

Crib with rules for pronouncing the names of designers and brand names

Alexander McQueen - with the name Alexander does not arise problems, but his name is often pronounced incorrectly: you need to speak McQueen instead of McKooin.

Azzedine Alaia - three vowels in the name of this designer should not scare you, his name is Azzedine Alaya.

Badgley Mischka is not at all the name of one person, but the names of the founders of this design brand Mark Badgeley and James Mishka.

Balmain - in the English-speaking manner the name of this brand is pronounced as "Balmine", but it has French roots, so it will be correct "BalmAn".

Bulgari - the jewelry brand sounds like "Bulgari", not "Balgari".

Burberry - with this English brand there is a lot of discrepancies, and in order not to confuse you, we will not list them: the correct version is "Burberry".

Carolina Herrera - the first letter in the designer's name turns out to be mute, so "Carolina Erera."

Cartier - with an emphasis on the last syllable will be correct "Carte".

Céline - despite the apparent accentuation mark over the letter E, it will be correct to emphasize the last syllable: "Celin".

Chloé is a truly French brand, its name is pronounced in the French manner of "Cloe", not "Chloe".

Christian Louboutin - the famous shoemaker is called CHRISTIAN LUBUTAN, and his shoes are abbreviated as "Lubys".

Christian Lacroix - meet Christian Lacroix, and the last letter in his surname is not readable.

Comme des Garçons - this Japanese brand pronounces its name in French manners, so it will be correct "Com de GarsOn" without the final letters C.

Dolce & Gabbana - learn by heart and never make mistakes, it's the same "Dolce End Gabbana".

Dsquared - the complex name of this Italian brand is a play of words that is read as "DiskErt".

Emilio Pucci - Emilio in this case it is Pucci with an emphasis on the first syllable, but not Pussy and not Pucci.

Etro - the Italian brand has an accent on the first letter, that's why "Etro", not "Etro".

Hermès - in Russia for a long time this brand was called just "Hermes", although the correct version, taking into account the French phonetics will be a shorter name "ErmE" with emphasis on the last syllable.

Hervé Léger - bandage dresses produces the brand "ErveE LeyE", but definitely not some Herve Ledger.

Giambattista Valli is JAMBATTISTA WALLY, and his colleague Gianfranco Ferre sounds just like JeanfrAnco Ferre.

Giorgio Armani - to offend the great designer is not worth it, so remember that his name sounds true as "Giorgio ArmAni".

Givenchy - not Jivenchi, not Givenchi, but only ZHivanshi.

Jean-Paul Gaultier - with Jean-Paul, everything is simple, but with a name there are nuzzles - it sounds like "Got'E".

Jimmy Choo - brand of shoes and accessories is pronounced as Jimmy Chu.

Guess - please, just not Guus, but just "Ges".

Lacoste - reads as it is written, but with an accent on the letter O.

Loewe - as soon as the name of this Spanish brand is not distorted, although it sounds quite simple: "LoEve".

Louis Vuitton - not Louise, but Louis, and not Vyuton, but Vyuton. Write yourself like a cheat sheet!

Marchesa - according to Italian rules the name should be read as "Marquez", not "Marcheza".

Miu Miu - almost like a meowing cat: "Miu Miu".

Moschino - the name of the brand comes from the surname of its founder Franko Moskino.

Nina Ricci - by analogy with Guchchi utter Ricci.

Proenza Schouler - the name of this American brand can almost "break the language." Remember how the correct version is read: "ProEnsa Sculer".

Ralph Lauren - the pronunciation will be true Lauren, not Loran, because it's an American brand.

Salvatore Ferragamo - inhale deeply and exercise: "Salvatore Ferragamo".

Sergio Rossi - not Sergio, as in Spain, and Sergio, in the Italian manner.

Sonia Rykiel - with Sonia everything is clear, and the designer's surname is read as "Rickel".

Tommy Hilfiger - this is a simple name for some reason causes difficulties. It's right to say "Tommy Hilfiger".

UGGs are not "yags", but "ars," which, incidentally, does not prevent everyone from calling these shoes simply ugg boots.

Versace - we say "VersaAche" with an emphasis on the penultimate syllable.

Vionnet is not "Vionet" in English style, but "Vionne" with lost last letter.

Yves Saint Laurent - this name in connection with the release of the biopic is now at everyone's ears, so do not make mistakes, it's "Yves San Loran" and no one else.

Origin of brand names and companies

Adobe is named after the river Adobe Creek, which flowed behind the house of the founder of the company John Warnock (John Warnock).

Adidas in honor of one of the founders of Adi Dasler.

Apache Initially, the company was engaged in the supply of patches to programs. From this happened 'A PAtCHy', which was transformed into Apache. The Indians have their own version =)

Apple's favorite fruit is the founder of Steve Jobs (Steve Jobs). After three months of vain attempts to find a name for a new business, he put an ultimatum to his partner: I will call Apple if by 5 o'clock you do not offer the best.

Apple's Macintosh is the name of the variety of apples sold in the US.

Canon in honor of Kwanon, Buddhist god of mercy. It was changed to Canon to avoid the protest of religious organizations

Casio in honor of the founder of the company Kashio Tadao (Kashio Tadao).

Cisco abbreviated to San Francisco.

Compaq from Comp and paq (a small integrated part)

Corel in honor of the founder of the company Michael Copeland (Dr. Michael Cowpland). Stands for COwpland REsearch Laboratory (Copeland Research Laboratory)

Daewoo company founder Kim Woo Chong (Kim Woo Chong) called the company modestly, the Big Universe, this is how it is translated from Korean.

Fuji in honor of the highest mountain in Japan, Fuji.

Google's name comes from the word Googol, which means a unit with 100 zeros. And Google was written on the check, which the founders of this project (among which, by the way, the former Russian - Sergey Brin) received from the first investor. After that, they called the search engine that way.

HP (Hewlett-Packard) founders Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard tossed a coin to decide whose name would be the first in the title. As you know, Bill won.

Hitachi in Japanese dawn.

Honda name of the founder Soichiro Honda

Honeywell founder name Mark Honeywell

Hotmail founder Jack Smith has the idea of ​​accessing e-mail via the web from anywhere in the world. When Saber Bhatia appeared with the business plan of this service, he went through all the words ending in the mail and finally settled on hotmail, as the name contained HTML (markup language for web pages).

Hyundai in Korean present (time)

IBM International Business Machines.

Intel Bob Noyce and Gordon Moore wanted to name the company 'Moore Noyce', but by that time there was a network of hotels with that name. So they decided to dwell on the reduction from INTegrated ELectronics.

Kawasaki in honor of the founder of Shozo Kawasaki

Kodak. K. the favorite letter of George Eastman (George Eastman), the founder of the company. He searched for words beginning and ending with this remarkable letter. Moreover, in all the alphabets "K" is written the same. In the end, it was chosen Kodak, supposedly this is the sound produced by the camera when shooting.

Konica was previously known as Konishiroku Kogaku.

LG is the first letter of two Korean brands Lucky and Goldstar.

Lotus Mitch Kapor (Mitch Kapor), the founder of the company, was engaged in meditation. Hence the name (lotus position)

Microsoft - MICROcomputer SOFTware. Initially it was written like Micro-Soft. Then the dash was removed.

Mitsubishi invented the founder of the company Yataro Iwasaki (Yataro Iwasaki) in 1870. In Japanese means Three diamonds. The name is displayed in the company's logo.

Motorola founder Paul Galvin (Paul Galvin) came up with the name when his company started production of radio for cars. Many manufacturers of audio components at that time ended up in "ola".

Mozilla Foundation successor to the browser Netscape Navigator. When Marc Andreesen, the founder of Netscape, created a browser to replace Mosaic, inside the company he was called Mozilla (Mosaic-Killer, Godzilla).

Nabisco was originally The NAtional BISCuit COmpany, in 1971 it changed to Nabisco.

Nikon was originally Nippon Kogaku, means "Japanese optics".

Nintendo is a composite of 3 Japanese characters Nin-ten-do, which can be translated as "Heaven bless hard work"

Nissan previously known as Nichon Sangio, which means "Japanese industry".

Nokia began as a woodworking plant, expanded to produce rubber products in the Finnish city of Nokia.

Novell's name came up with the wife of co-founder George Canova (George Canova). She mistakenly thought that Novell in French means a new one.

Oracle company founders Larry Ellison and Bob Oats worked on a consulting project for the CIA, codenamed Oracle. Later the project was closed, but the name remained.

Sanyo in Chinese "Three Oceans"

SAP , Systems, Applications, Products in Data Processing, was founded by 4 former IBM employees who worked in the Systems / Applications / Projects group.

SCO - from Santa Cruz Operation.

Siemens was founded in 1847 by Werner von Siemens (Werner von Siemens)

Sony from the Latin Sonus (sound) and sonny (youngster in slang)

Subaru named constellation. It is also displayed on the company logo.

SUN is founded by 4 university friends, short for Stanford University Network.

Suzuki named after the founder of Michio Suzuki

Toshiba was founded after the merger of a company specializing in consumer goods, Tokyo Denki (Tokyo Electric Co) and Shibaura Seisaku-sho (Shibaura Engineering Works).

Toyota on behalf of the founder of Sakichi Toyoda. Later it was changed to more generous Toyota. In Japanese it consisted of 8 letters (lucky number in Japan).

Xerox Inventor Chestor Carlson (Chestor Carlson), wanted to reflect the name of the word dry (since at that time there was only wet copying). Xer - dry in Greek.

Yahoo's word came up with Jonathan Swift (Jonathan Swift) in Gulliver's Travels book. That was the name of a repulsive, disgusting person. Yahoo! Founders Jerry Yang and David Filo chose this name because they called themselves yahoo.mi. However, now the name stands for Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle

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