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Sites that are worth visiting, when you are unreal bored

Анти-скучные сайты

Entertainment - activities for pleasure, leisure. Has other names - fun, fun and so on. There are individual and group, differ in energy costs.

Sometimes it happens that there is nothing to do, work for today is long over, and until the end of the working day there are still a couple of hours. In the meantime, beloved sites are fed up, read something lazy, and got the same type of tape in social networks.

For all those who want to cheerfully kill time at the computer or just find out that there is a newcomer in the network, we in prepared this list.

The Secret Door

Секретная дверь - Анти-скучные сайты

Every time you open the door, you find yourself in a random place.


Radiooooo - Анти-скучные сайты

Select the date and country and you will hear the music that was popular in it at that time.


Liveplasma - Анти-скучные сайты

Based on your preferences, the site will offer music and movies that you will definitely like.

Letter to the future

Письмо в будущее - Анти-скучные сайты

Write to yourself a future letter today. After a while, you will most likely forget about it. But suddenly get it in the future.


GeoGuessr - Анти-скучные сайты

This service uses Google Maps to throw you around the world. And you can guess where you are.

Museum of Disappeared Sounds

Музей исчезнувших звуков- Анти-скучные сайты

Along with unnecessary things, their sounds also disappear. Fortunately, many of them are stored on this site.

Designer of 8-bit avatars

Конструктор 8-битных аватарок - Анти-скучные сайты

You can make an original avatar for your page.

Sounds of rain

Звуки дождя - Анти-скучные сайты

Feel yourself whole with nature and relax to the sound of rain.

A bit of alchemy

Немного алхимии - Анти-скучные сайты

An unusual game. A total of 4 basic elements can create as many as 550.

Training 10-fingerprint printing

Обучение 10-пальцевой слепой печати - Анти-скучные сайты

If you still type the text with two fingers - this link is for you.

Generator of random predictions

Генератор случайных предсказаний - Анти-скучные сайты

This is the place where chance lives. In addition to answers to these questions, you can check your erudition, learn random facts, get acquainted with the wise statements of great ones, generate a random number or password.


Mitoza - Анти-скучные сайты

Very unusual project. In most cases, you will be surprised by the development of events and look at more than one end of this endless wheel of reincarnation.

Virtual piano

Виртуальное пианино - Анти-скучные сайты

A great opportunity to play the piano on the computer.

Composing music

Сочинить музыку - Анти-скучные сайты

The easiest way to feel like a composer and compose a simple motive.

Milky Way

Млечный путь - Анти-скучные сайты

A detailed and very large-scale model. Run and travel!

Virtual interlocutor

Виртуальный собеседник - Анти-скучные сайты

If you want to talk to someone, the virtual interlocutor is always at your service.

World flight map

Мировая карта полетов - Анти-скучные сайты

You can watch in real time for all the aircraft that are in the air right now.

Catch the black cat

Поймать черного кота - Анти-скучные сайты

Very exciting game: you need to mark the yellow circles around the cat green to catch it.

How many people are now in space

Сколько человек сейчас находятся в космосе - Анти-скучные сайты

In real time, you can find out how many people are in space.


Мультатор - Анти-скучные сайты

Here you can draw your own simple cartoon.


Релакс - Анти-скучные сайты

A site where you can select a background, put on full screen mode and just enjoy the noise of the surf and look at the waves.

The future is now

 - Анти-скучные сайты

What awaits us, in the opinion of scientists, in 20, 30 years, and that in 100?


Панорамы - Анти-скучные сайты

The most beautiful and large-scale panoramas of high resolution from all corners of the world.

Wikipedia: Unusual articles

Википедия: Необычные статьи - Анти-скучные сайты

The most eccentric and bizarre articles that you just will not find in other encyclopedias.


OMFG Dogs - Анти-скучные сайты

Especially for those who have tried everything - cheerful running dogs.

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