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A win-win bet for those who like to bet

Беспроигрышные пари, кто любит спорить

A dispute is a state of public verbal contests in which the goal of the participants is to convince each other of their rightness, and which are usually caused by contradictions of opinions or points of view. In a dispute, it is possible to use psychological and logical tricks, tricks, such a dispute is called demagogic. A dispute is a clash of opinions when both parties or more realize that they are in a dispute and have told each other about it, otherwise it’s a dialogue.

At a meeting with friends, sometimes such a moment comes when someone exclaims recklessly: "But we argue ?!" . If you often remain a loser, then this selection of tricks of the challenges for you. We at have collected the most fascinating and at the same time simple tricks to perform, the debate on the implementation of which will help you become the center of any party and immediately get a bunch of fans :)

Get a banknote from under an inverted bottle without touching the last

Беспроигрышные пари, кто любит спорить

Put the banknote on the table. It is better to take a larger bill and argue on it.

Then place the empty bottle upside down on the banknote. Invite a friend to release the bill from under the bottle without touching or otherwise affecting the vessel.

Your friend won’t succeed, but you won’t say anything about you: just pull out the banknote while tapping it gently and often on the surface next to it.

Make the egg stand

Беспроигрышные пари, кто любит спорить

Argue with your friends that make the egg stand upright on the table.

After each of them tries to do it himself and breaks a couple of pieces from the "props", take a small handful of salt and pour on the table . Now proudly plant an egg on the salt. Voila!

Move the ball into the glass without touching it

Беспроигрышные пари, кто любит спорить

On the table is a glass and a glass.

Take a small glass ball and offer a bet to a friend: you move the ball into the glass without touching it.

The secret is simple: cover the ball with a glass and lift it with spiraling movements . Do not worry, you will succeed.

Disappearing Coin

Беспроигрышные пари, кто любит спорить

An argument with a slight hint of cheating.

Show your friend two glasses so that he sees: at the bottom of the glasses lies a coin.

Then fill one glass with water - the coin will still be at the bottom.

Fill the second one and you will see how your comrade’s eyes widen: the coin has disappeared.

The trick is simple: you put the second coin not in the glass, but under it.

Make the bill stay in place after moving the glass

Беспроигрышные пари, кто любит спорить

Place two glasses upside down on the table.

Put a bill on top of them.

Conclude a bet with a friend: the bill is taken by someone who can not drop it after one of the glasses moves.

All you need to win is a coin: wrap it in a banknote from the edge that remains on the glass .

Do not drop a coin

Беспроигрышные пари, кто любит спорить

Take a glass and place a playing card on it so that one of its edges protrudes strongly.

Argue with friends that you can put a coin on this edge and it will not fall.

After everyone unsuccessfully tries to do this, with a straight face, just pour a glass of water to the brim . Now the coin will remain in place.

Make the paper clip sail

Беспроигрышные пари, кто любит спорить

Put a deep plate of water in the center of your company.

Take out two iron clips from your pocket and invite your friends to make sure that the clip does not drown in water.

Of course, no one will succeed. Except you!

Bend one of the staples at an angle of 90 °, put the second on it . Dip into the water and remove the bottom bent paper clip in the water. Done!

Get a banknote without dropping a match

Беспроигрышные пари, кто любит спорить

Build the following structure: put on the table two glasses upside down.

Place a banknote under one of the glasses.

Between them, approximately 1/2 the height of the glass, place a match.

The banknote will be taken away by someone who can get it without dropping the match, it sounds unrealistic, right?

But everything is simple: light a match and extinguish it .

Turn over a glass filled with water without spilling a drop

Беспроигрышные пари, кто любит спорить

It sounds fantastic already.

And your friends are unlikely to even try.

But in vain: just simply tightly attach a sheet of paper to the glass and turn it over .

Raise the glass with a balloon

Беспроигрышные пари, кто любит спорить

The main problem here will be to find a balloon in the bar .

But we think that in the heat of excitement you can get anything you want.

Especially since watching friends trying to break a couple of glasses is a lot of fun.

When they are finished, light a match and drop to the bottom of the glass .

Attach a balloon to the throat of the glass and lift the structure.

Cut lime cigarette

Беспроигрышные пари, кто любит спорить

Most likely, this call for your friends will sound like you are going all-in or completely crazy.

After all, it would seem that a cigarette is by no means a sharp object.

Nevertheless, cutting fruit with it is a doable task.

Light the cigarette filter and extinguish it, giving the filter a sharp shape , then cut the lime with a sharp movement of the hand.

An important nuance!

Of course, your friends can contrive and win some bets in other ways. To avoid this, it is better to offer a list of items, among which one necessary will be masked, and set the condition that nothing else can be used. So you will finally confuse your opponents and you can be sure that everything will go according to your plan.

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