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Car tuning. Application of a coating that glows in the dark.

Recently I came to the idea that making money is easier if you bring a unique product or service to the market. But this is only the first half of the matter. The second half is a ready-made network where you can sell the goods. And a few months ago I started looking for this know-how and sales network.

In the search for the idea of ​​business, I proceeded from the following criteria:
- The idea should be original and easy to implement
- The idea of ​​a business should be with minimal investment to start.
- The product of the business should be with wide opportunities for marketing. It is desirable the existence of ready-made networks for the sale of goods.

And I found such an idea. The decisive factor by which I decided to invest in this business was the understanding of how huge money revolves in the field of auto business and car tuning. Tuning atelier and car service are in every city. To conclude a contract with a small network of such car-care centers remained only a matter of time. And for starters and just filed an ad in a local newspaper with the proposal of his idea of ​​tuning the car.

The essence of the business is to sell an additional service in any car showroom. The service is really unique - it is the creation of glowing in the dark discs on the wheels of the car. This is done with the help of a special luminous composition. The luminous composition is sprayed on the discs of any car (whether it's cast wheels or simply hubcaps on the wheels). After that, car disks glow in the dark and attract attention with their unusual appearance. Such luminous disks do not contradict the rules of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate and are completely safe on the road.

Car tuning

Glowing paint

auto tuning

It's quite easy to start a business in this direction - you need to get this special structure, find a car repair service that deals with painting cars, and offer them cooperation:

- You place a poster at the entrance to the car service and advertising on local Internet forums and hangouts of motorists.
- Car service offers a new service in the field of auto-tuning.
- You become the supplier of the luminous composition for car service
As a result, you almost without attachments run a pipeline that generates profits and does not require any serious expenses from you.

The cost of the service, especially at the initial stage, can be very high, because this is exclusive - and for the exclusive fans are ready to pay any money. Clients in this case are motorists who want to "stand out", surprise and shock others, provoke their envy! Of course, the highest profit is given to those who are the first in their region to launch such a service, so in the case of this direction it is worthwhile to act promptly!

At the moment I work with more than 10 car-care centers in my city. Monthly 1 auto service provides a service for luminous tuning for 10-12 cars. The average price of such tuning is 5000 rubles. The manufacturing time is 25 minutes if the machine is clean.

My profit from one car = 1000 r. Consequently, a month from one car service I earn 10,000-12,000r. According to preliminary estimates, in my native Petersburg there are about 700 auto repair shops, tuning studios, car-care centers, etc. points for marketing.

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