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Corporation of wholesale purchases.

In business there is such a thing as Buyer Power - which translates as Buyer Power. What does it mean?
This means that if a certain commodity is sold in some wholesale company, and the average lot costs $ 1000- $ 2000, and the person went into this company, and said: "I want to buy from you goods for $ 1 lemon bucks, I will only talk with the owner of the company. "

You imagine what happens next. The secretary comes to the owner of the company, with a report on such a buyer, the host with a smile to his ears comes out to meet him, invites him to the office, orders food from the restaurant, and cancels all his affairs for today, going to the sauna, to his mistress, or where.

Now imagine that there are some small shops that buy some goods from wholesalers, well, let's take digital cameras for example, as one of the mass goods. The numbers in my example are all abstract, just that to bring my thought more clearly.

And so shops buy cameras once a month 10 pieces for $ 100, which is the amount of purchase from wholesalers at $ 1000. And there are 10 such shops in the city.

They all compete with each other, because they sell the same product, and continue to buy 10 lots for $ 1000.

Now someone, well, let me take the American (although in the idea I'll stay cool), opens the company "Corporation of wholesale purchases."

I dress a cool suit, clean my scrapbooks, hire a classy wheelbarrow and drive up to a wholesale base, where small shops buy these same photoaparas.

I ask them this question: "How much will your cameras cost if I buy 10, 50, 100, 1000 cameras from you?

Their answer is this:
10- $ 100
50- $ 95
100- $ 90
1000- $ 75

I say thank you for the information and leave with the price list.
The next day, in the same suit, I go to the small shops, each separately, and I suggest buying these cameras, through my company

"Corporation of bulk purchases." They immediately have a question: "And for how much do I sell them to these photocopiers?"
And I already have the price list ready, and I show them:
10- $ 97
20- $ 96
30- $ 95.50

As soon as I dial 5 stores that buy 10 fotikas at $ 97, and I'll buy these cameras 50 for $ 95, then I'll earn $ 100 from the first lot, and that's only on one kind of product. And if I find such 10-20 species, which is quite realistic, I will have $ 1000- $ 2000 per month, practically without spending, spending money only for a car and transportation.

Of course, there will be problems with taking a deposit from them, which would not later be left with a nonsense product, but everything can be decided if you are friends with your head.

Similarly, you can buy full pages of the newspaper and TV program in bulk, and give shops at a slightly higher price for advertising.
I hope my idea is clear.