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Children's games for adults.

A few years ago I was with relatives in a village, 77 km from the city. There, during the holiday season, I met surprisingly many old acquaintances. Among them was one of my old comrade, a fan of PC games. And then one day after the evening fire, he suddenly announces to everyone: "Guys, how can we play zombies as a child?" We are: "Uh-oh, come on." And it turned out everything is much more interesting than the intended one.

A couple of kilometers from this settlement was an old abandoned military point (with underground branching bunkers, scattered papers on the floor, pages from diaries and magazines on duty, peeling plaster and other anticepical pieces of a post-apocalyptic atmosphere). All the interesting materials from there have long been dragged away by the local residents of this village - who is for scrap, who is for his personal needs, but the point is not that.

In one day, this point was examined for the suitability of floors and ceilings, the absence of voltage in networks, the absence of hazardous components in the air, the presence of all sorts of sharp corners and abysses in which you can easily “leave” in total darkness, and other things to ensure at least minimum security.

The next day a common game scenario was developed, detailed maps of all the rooms were drawn.

In the evening, in the circle of families, the whole case was announced, a trial recruitment of participants was told and started. It turned out that many immediately agreed to experience new sensations. It became very interesting for everyone.

And so, the next morning the first stage of the game began. The teams shared the following: 12 people alive (each one had a small red heart imitating a present on his jacket / sweater / jacket with literally two stitches), 3 kerosene lamps for the whole team; and three so-called zombies (with flashlights that can be turned on / off as opposed to a kerosene lamp), which an hour before the release of people had already gone to the spot and laid out maps of the premises in various places. The next time it was planned to do this special techniques.

Well, here, people go to the point. The task they have is simple - they have the first map, on which some object is marked in such a room. They need to get there, find it (maybe this is the next card, or maybe the valve from the right door, etc.) and complete the mission of the game - 3 cans of canned meat (explosives) and a bag (detonator) are scattered around the point, you need this whole thing put together, find 2 valves from the door of the room "bomb shelter", put this ammunition there - and voila! He won the world (insidious scientists have allowed the spread of a terrible virus, which is why we can see zombies in the game).

People could not win even once. The point is huge, walking with a lamp in pitch darkness is very exciting, but oh, very scary. Out of nowhere, a lurking zombie comes out from around the corner with a roar and tears off your sewn heart. Everything is accompanied by screams of horror and then only laughter.

Entertainment is not for the faint of heart, of course. But interesting. You can run, run away from them, it is assumed the presence of pseudo-weapons, freezing the zombies for a few seconds, and other nuances. The scenario can be changed, add details, complexity, game time, and much more.

This year we plan to take a film crew with us and make some video reports.

Would people of different age groups be interested in participating?

With the development of the project, it is planned to transport participants by bus and provide tents for living in the designated area.

Here is an idea.

I am absolutely sure that there will be a problem in finding this territory. How can you solve it? Thanks in advance.

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