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Machines for cleaning shoes or free placement of advertising city lights.

How would you define the concept of a successful business in a different way?

In our understanding - a system that works with minimal time and material investment and brings a stable, guaranteed income.

This is when you own what brings you money and stability allowing you to fulfill your dream. This is when you have time to evaluate the information that came to you before others and realize your plans!

The purpose of our project is to build a working self-sustaining, in a short time business, with the costs of its launch available even to the student!

advertising city light Regarding the most significant: the idea of ​​business in the next is - the free placement of advertising city lights, which are part of the design, which includes a machine for cleaning and polishing shoes. Placement of the device takes place in places where the owners go to much, in order to emphasize the status or add a bright identity to the image of the enterprise or institution. This is usually office and business, centers, hotels and restaurants, night and sports clubs, fitness and bowling clubs.

Practice has shown that it is not difficult to agree with such enterprises - they get a temporary machine, (on the basis of a lease agreement), a machine for cleaning shoes, and you are a free place for advertising. And most importantly, you never pay a rent! The cost of placing information (advertising) on ​​such equipment (light box with a removable image of 500x1000 mm), taking into account a clearly segmented target audience and of course the regional factor from 30 to 100 cu. per month. We take an advance payment at least for three months (this is normal), after which we practically do not spend time on the project until the next payment of the advertiser.

The payback period of a unique device for cleaning shoes with advertising light boxes, with its "symbolic" value in retail 405у.е - directly depends on the location of the structure and the region, based on real practice it is 8-10 months, after that we have a clean profit and stable passive income.

Pleasure, expressed in money, begins to receive already with 4-5 devices, you have 120-250 USD. clean in a month and full of free time!

Dear Sirs, the business project we have presented is an idea of ​​how to build your business, already brought into reality - that's what works and makes a profit - it's a win-win in your own endeavor and becoming in the business world as a successful and independent man!

Write to , we will gladly give you advice.

Sincerely, Mitzik Sergey