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Informing the weather by SMS.

As the famous song says, nature does not have bad weather. But not all people agree with this. Often there are days when you want sun and heat, and the rain is pouring down the street like a bucket, or vice versa you want freshness, and there is a scorching sun. Unfortunately, we can not influence the weather.

But we can know the exact weather forecast. Although many believe that there is no absurd profession than the weather forecasters, but everyone trusts them. And even if there is not a cloud in the street and the bright sun is shining, we will still take an umbrella with us, if weather forecasters promise precipitation.

Certainly you need to know the weather forecast for those people who are going to go to rest in another country. After all, no one wants to get into the rainy season. Whatever happens, you need to use the services of weather forecasters. If you are interested in the weather for a week, you need to dial a few numbers on the phone, name the country and you will be told the exact weather forecast. It is very convenient for tourists and business people. After all, it is important for everyone to know what kind of weather in the country they are going to.

In our time, technology has made life easier for a person. Now he does not need to remember the schedule of events, birthdays, important events, it's enough to just put a reminder on your phone or computer. Alas, telephone operators can not provide a wide range of services on which one can earn money. But the service to provide information about the weather is very popular.

You can create a service center that will provide similar services. Provide a weather forecast will be available both through the reference stationary machine, and through SMS messages.

To create this business, you will need to sign a cooperation agreement with cellular communications and get access to subscriber numbers. Investments for the opening of such a business will be insignificant, the main expenses will go to equipping the computer zone with which your operator will send out weather forecasts to subscriber numbers.

To ensure that the demand for your services grows, weather information must be accurate and well-written. Profit you will receive from each message the subscriber's number sent.

When creating a service center, you must remember that the presence of several computers in the room involves a system of labor protection. This business will bring a good profit. Also in the future you will be able to expand the range of your services.