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Color: Indigo black - how to use and with what to combine

The hue of “black indigo” , which in the original version of Pantone is dramatically called the black flame (“black flame”), promises to be one of the most popular in 2018 . Let's figure out how to integrate it into the interior.

Black indigo is a complex shade that combines total black and deep sea blue, but at the same time it is neither black nor blue. As a result, we get a very textured color, rather close to what we call blue-gray.

Color emotion

Colorists interpret this color as stable privacy.

The black subton symbolizes the ultimate calm, the opposite of worldly unrest and chaos; Blue - a way to escape from the obsession of society and social networks in modern realities.

Well, as a designer, I see in it an excellent option not only for an interior background for those who are bolder, but also for a bright accent - for fans of complex colors and confident contrast.

Strengths - romance and versatility

Someone indigo black seems a grim introvert, but I, like many of my fellow designers, are working with him on more romantic images: the shade of coal in the brazier, the color of asphalt before the summer thunderstorm.

This blue can be attributed to the chameleon flowers, which change tone depending on the lighting. Look at how differently, but equally good is the color of black flame on matte and glossy surfaces: glare does not spoil it, as can happen, for example, with black or gray.

Black indigo still looks decent and expensive.

Where the black and blue color is not the place

I will not deal with cases when black indigo is used in a minimal amount: in this incarnation it is quite acceptable in any context. But on large background planes with him should be more careful.

In small rooms, rooms with one window or narrow windows. Unless you deliberately create a "box effect".

Pay attention to the interior with a photo: the kitchen is gigantic by Russian standards and it is precisely because the presence of coal black does not seem total.

In the dining area. If you believe the psychologists, these shades depress the appetite (but all individually).

If a lot of it. Such a complex and accent color can in fact turn a room into a gloomy cinema, if not balanced by bright antagonists or bright spots.

If you have not thought out artificial lighting. Any dark surfaces “absorb” the light and require a carefully executed light scenario.

If you like bright and airy interiors. Then this very dark and deep color will not suit you in large quantities. Although in the process of reading this article, you may well fall in love and change your opinion.

What palettes to look for

When choosing such a complex and dim hue in the paint palettes, it is not easy to find an identical one. So we focus on the closest.

In the collage from left to right:

  1. Little Greene - Lamp Black (228).
  2. PPG Pittsburgh Paints - Black Flame 545-7.
  3. Tikkurila - N439 (Hollow).
  4. Tikkurila - Y498 (Midnight).
  5. Farrow & Ball - No. 256, Pitch Black.
  6. Designers Guild - DG155, Poivre Noir

What to paint and with what to combine

The black flame color in the interior will definitely take root next to the white one, emphasize its depth - this is probably the classic and the most win-win.

But let's add more shades and see what happens.

"Noir" walls

The walls in the shade of "black flame" and the snow-white dome of the ceiling, a lot of light - and you can add anything.

Dark accents in the form of a black piano and a table of dark wood are very harmonious here.

And of course, note the variety of light pastel colors instead of a single white.

With mustard flavor

Here the formula is the same: dark walls, white ceiling.

However, the juicy “mustard stain”, added with the help of a rack and chair, creates a completely different image of space.

More blue ...

You can add to the walls blue other shades.

The main thing - to create a balance, diluting the blue light and brown tones.

... and green

The complex shades of aqua and vegetation will greatly support black indigo, adding to it a sophisticated greenish undertone.

Dark ceiling

If you are not ready to act radically and paint the walls in indigo black, try applying this emphasis to the ceiling.

A dark blue “space” above the head in combination with light walls will make the room visually larger, creating the effect of unlimited space.

The winning combination - with shades of brown, especially in the context of a classic interior.

Room casket

But a good example for the brave: a large window and a illuminated niche of soft yellow shower allow this bathroom, completely painted over in black indigo, to look beautiful.

For greater aesthetics, add an Art Deco chandelier and foot bath.

Children's for the teenager

In the nursery, black indigo should be used locally and with the addition of another bright color, as in the photo.

With red accents, designer and patriotism fosters and emphasizes dark blue, which in large numbers for a nursery would be gloomy, even despite the white walls.

Lots of wood ...

Indigo black is a great color for a sofa or armchair: it makes furniture an interesting and fashionable accessory, but it doesn't look fancy or too catchy.

Especially good if you add a tree.

Lots of warm wood!

... and stone

Add a stone, brick or metal to the wooden background - our cold gray shade also feels comfortable in the industrial atmosphere.

On a white background

On cabinet furniture, the black flame shade also looks impressive, especially if the paint is matte.

Add a white, warm gray and a small highlight of greenery, like a parsley tail to decorate the dish - and get the perfect cuisine in the spirit of "nothing extra".


Curtains color wet ash? - You are welcome!

Especially against the walls in any of the shades of off-white.

Here the designer successfully completed the range already familiar to us with yellow accents and a gilded mirror frame.

If you still think that black and blue color can add drama to your interior design, use it locally.