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How to get rid of cockroaches once and for all

Как избавиться от тараканов раз и навсегда

Cockroaches, or cockroaches (Latin Blattoptera, = Blattodea) - a suborder of insects from the order of cockroaches (Dictyoptera). More than 4,600 species of cockroaches are known; According to modern concepts, the suborder also includes termites numbering more than 2,900 species.

The red-haired cockroach, or prusak (lat. Blattella germanica) is a species of cockroaches from the family Ectobiidae. Widespread synanthropic organism. Leads mostly nocturnal.

The origin of the word "cockroach" in Russian is not precisely established; according to Räsänen, this word comes from the Chuvash. tar-aqan "runaway": Turk. taz - run away. According to Jacobson, it goes back to the derogatory use of the Turkic tarqan or tarxan - "dignitary", but there are other versions. In Turkic languages ​​there is also the word "tarka" - diverge.

Cockroaches are insects that love to live next door to humans. But they are carriers of infectious diseases.

Get rid of them is not easy. How many do not poison them, and they still come back, even if you maintain perfect cleanliness in the house.

We have prepared for you some tips on how to solve this problem. Perhaps something is useful to you or your friends.

The best remedies for cockroaches

The main tools in the fight against cockroaches - insecticides.

If the insecticide powder, scatter it where there is the greatest number of insects.

Insecticide pencils also help. Process the places where you most often see cockroaches.

Often help sprays from cockroaches. Only need to spray them very carefully. Protect your skin, hair and wear a special suit and respirator.

Examples of insecticides:

  • "Fufanon";
  • Raptor;
  • Raid;
  • "Micros";
  • Global;
  • "Combat";
  • "Malathion";
  • "Dichlorvos";
  • Medilis Tsiper.

Folk methods against cockroaches

If you do not want to use very harmful factory-made insecticides, then adopt home-made equipment.

1. Boric acid - a terrible poison for cockroaches. In addition, they carry it on their paws to their fellows. Acid-filled plinths and ventilation. And also sinks, sinks, toilet bowls and so on.

You can cook more such a "treat" for the red. Boric acid mix with filler (1:10). Potatoes, biscuits, porridge, yolk can be used as an additive. This dinner will be the last for insects.

2. Cockroaches do not tolerate ammonia. If you have already managed to get rid of them, then add it to the floor washing water for prevention. There is a minus - when you stop doing this procedure, cockroaches can return again.

3. These insects are attracted by the smell of beer. Use it as bait. Pour beer in a jar. Smear its edges with petroleum jelly. Leave the jar overnight. In the morning you will see that a few individuals still caught.

4. Another way can be viewed in the video.