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How to sew a chair bag in one evening

Как сшить кресло-мешок

The chair bag (or binbeg) is at the peak of popularity with any person. After all, it is really convenient!

It has many advantages over ordinary furniture: it does not have frames, repeats the curves of the human body, reduces the risk of allergies, moves easily ...

In addition, it is a stylish element of the decor, bringing a zest to the interior.

Sew a chair bag with your own hands, guided by our recommendations Tangible savings!

How to sew a bean bag

Your seat bag will consist of two covers. The top layer is easily removed for washing, and in the inner cover is a filler. Before starting work, check the quality of the fabric so that it does not creep away, it is sufficiently dense, the threads should also be strong.

Polystyrene is a hypoallergenic, harmless filler. You can buy it in a store specializing in frameless furniture.


  • fabric for the inner cover (suitable thick cotton, raincoat fabric)
  • fabric for the outer cover (velvet, faux leather, jeans, velor)
  • 1 m zipper (for outer cover)
  • 40 cm zipper (for inner cover)
  • 120–150 liters of polystyrene (for bag filling)



Draw a pattern on paper, transfer it to the fabric. The seam allowance on the sides is 1.5 cm. Cut out all the details of the pattern.

Как сшить кресло-мешок
Как сшить кресло-мешок


Start sewing the inner case first. On one side of the louse zipper, through this hole you will pour a filler. Handle overlock seams.

Как сшить кресло-мешок


It's filler time. Working with polystyrene, remember that it tends to stick to all surfaces. And if it crumbles, it will be very difficult to remove it.

Как сшить кресло-мешок
Как сшить кресло-мешок

You can use the method shown in the picture.

Как сшить кресло-мешок
Как сшить кресло-мешок


Start sewing the outer cover. If the fabric is too thick, do not forget to change the needle on the sewing machine! Lice zipper so that the cover can be removed.


Having acquired some skill in the manufacture of frameless furniture, you can try to sew a bean bag from old jeans.

Как сшить кресло-мешок

Especially children will be happy with such a chair! It will quickly become a favorite vacation spot for all family members.