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I can live without food (full release)

These people feed on prana, air or the energy of the sun, and believe that a person can live without food. Olga has not been eating for a year and a half. Only half a liter of water is drunk per day. At the same time, a woman sleeps 4 hours a day and leads an active lifestyle. Olga is a pranoanater, but despite her “diet”, the woman looks quite well-fed. Olga conducts seminars for those who want to learn prano-eating and is sure that she is on the way to developing a methodology that will save the world from food, and at the same time from diseases and economic problems. In the studio "Talk Ukraine" will figure out how many people can live without food? We will also conduct an experiment: blood will be taken from the heroes of the program in order to determine by their chemical composition whether they really eat anything.