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How to grow a lot of potatoes in just 1 square. m. of land (5 buckets from a bush)

How to grow a lot of potatoes 1 sq. M. m . land (5 buckets from the bush)

If you do not have a garden, do not worry, you can grow a lot of potatoes with only one square meter of land. Take a large tuber and for 40-45 days before planting cut it across so that there remains a small jumper thick in 1 cm . Keep the tuber in the light until it sprouts. Into the pit, deep 50 centimeters , length and width 75 cm , put a shovel well rebuffed manure, a handful of ashes and a 30- 50 grams superphosphate. Mix all this - and the "bed" is ready. Now plant the tuber to the depth 8 centimeters . When the stems rise to 10 centimeters above the ground, pour them on 15 centimeters loose soil. The stems will again be pulled out of the ground, but as soon as the leaves grow on 20 centimeters , fill it again. And so several times, until the sprouts will not rise above the pit. Now mow down the "potato field". In each backfill do not forget to feed the plant with manure, ash and superphosphate. During the summer, potato bush water, and the flowers break off in buds. In the north, such a garden can be arranged in a barrel. First, keep it in the room, and with the onset of warm weather carried out on the street.

In autumn we will dig out a crop of 5 buckets from a bush. Between the potato bushes, garlic and marigolds grow beautifully, which the Colorado beetle is very afraid of.