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How to transfer recording from video cassettes to a computer

Как оцифровать видеозапись

Video technologies have changed significantly in recent times. Once I collected films on VHS cassettes, recorded, rewrote the sound. I collected a large collection. But today they are no more. In place of films came on DVD or on the Internet.

The sale is full of disc players of various modifications. I can not boast of the high quality of the films on my tapes. Analogue records did not shine with a special quality. What can not be said about the "number", which by many parameters exceeds the analog record.

Surely you have old video cassettes in your closet. I was thinking how to translate them into digital format.

I have children and I once wanted to show them my childhood, the moments of which are recorded on video cassettes. When grandparents were young, when we all gathered in the family circle, all this and not only is on the tapes. This is our memory and it is priceless!

So I was a little confused when I saw a video about how to transfer the recording from video cassettes to digital media. After you can store your video files on a USB flash drive or on the Internet, it will still be a safe store for future generations!

What do you think about this method? Tell me in the comments, do you have a lot of video cassettes with old records and what were you going to do with them.

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