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Cloudflare Announces Warp VPN Service For Fast, Secure Internet

VPN Warp от Cloudflare

VPN (eng. Virtual Private Network) is a generic name for technologies that allow you to provide one or several network connections (logical network) on top of another network (for example, the Internet). Despite the fact that communications are carried out over networks with a lower or unknown level of trust (for example, over public networks), the level of trust in the built logical network does not depend on the level of trust in core networks through the use of cryptography (encryption, authentication, public key infrastructure, means to protect against repetitions and changes transmitted over a logical network of messages). Depending on the protocols used and the destination, VPN can provide connections of three types: node-node, node-network and network-to-network.

Exactly one year ago, Cloudflare launched its own DNS service, Providing fast and secure web surfing on the Internet. Yesterday, the company announced the launch of a VPN service called Warp, which will be available in the mobile application It redirects user traffic to its own servers, speeding up the work of the Internet, and also encrypts it whenever possible, providing additional security and privacy.

VPN Warp от Cloudflare

Cloudflare claims that Warp is a VPN for people who do not know what a VPN is, and it is designed specifically for mobile devices.

The service uses the WireGuard protocol, which, according to the company, spends much less battery power compared to other VPN applications, and by caching and compressing Warp traffic, it reduces data usage.

Nevertheless, unlike other virtual private networks that offer to hide their location, Warp does not have this capability, but compensates for speed and confidentiality.

VPN Warp from Cloudflare
VPN Warp from Cloudflare

The company has promised that it will not save user data and especially will not use it to display targeted advertising.

Instead, Cloudflare relies on the freemium distribution model for its VPN service.

VPN Warp от Cloudflare

The basic version of Warp is available for free, while Warp + for an additional fee will allow using Cloudflare Argo technology to route traffic, as well as allow you to use a private connection to the servers.

To get Warp among the first you need to update the application to the latest version and submit the appropriate application.

The company will notify users when the service is available.