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A unique program of hard training: cubes for 6 weeks

Пресс: кубики за 6 недель

The abdominal press belly has its own muscles, which together with the tendons form the abdominal wall. The totality of the muscles of the abdominal wall involved in the regulation of intra-abdominal pressure, the implementation of acts of defecation, coughing, etc. is called the abdominal press (prelum abdominale (lat.)).

The abdominal muscles (musculi abdominis or press) refer to the muscles of the cortex, forming the so-called "muscular corset" together with the gluteus, thigh and other small muscles. They are responsible for: the formation of the abdominal wall; protection and retention of internal organs; stabilization of the hull and formation of posture.

All representatives of the human race (regardless of gender and age) have the same set of muscle groups in the abdominal cavity. Those. the muscles of the press all consist of the following departments: Straight m; Slanting m.: External oblique and internal oblique; Transverse m. . It is conventionally divided the muscles of the press into groups of the anterior, lateral and posterior walls of the abdomen.

Try the system of exercises from Bill Hartman, which will help to finally remove visceral fat and get a relief (in a good sense) stomach in less than 2 months. Do not forget about the diet!

Long past the first, second and one hundred second workouts - you have been working for years. But the trouble is that your press has become stiffer, it is still not visible to the naked eye, and even armed. Is it offensive? And to us. So immediately get up off the floor and finish making bored twists.

Especially for you, we turned to Bill Hartman, one of the smartest people in fitness, as he calls his publication Testosterone Nation, a specialist in the field of powerlifting and golf.

He developed a unique program of heavy exercise that will force you to spend significantly more calories and just for a month and a half burn extra fat, hiding the treasured cubes.


Raise the iron at least three times a week, alternating trainings A and B. If you are engaged on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, then on Monday you will have training session A, on Wednesday training B, and on Friday again A. Next week you will need to start with training B - and so on.

WEEK 1-3

Start with five sets of five repetitions in the first exercise of both complexes - whether it's pull-ups or frontal squats. Between each of these sets, rest for two minutes. The remaining three exercises in the complex carry out in a circle, in a row. In each do 8-10 repetitions, between the circles rest no more than 60 seconds. Just make three circles.


Now in the first exercises of both complexes, do six sets of three repetitions, resting between them two or three minutes. Then do the three remaining exercises in a circle, as before, only this time do 10-12 repetitions in each one and rest between circles not more than 45 seconds.

Interval training - you can accelerate the manifestation of the cubes of your press, if you add to the basic training two interval on the above schedule. Guided by it, you can run, jump with a skipping rope, walk the stairs, twist an exercise bike and even pound a boxing pear. The main thing - alternate periods of maximum load in the selected exercise with periods of relaxed performance of the same exercise (this is the essence of the intervals). It is best to perform interval training on days off from power.

Maximum acceleration Active recovery Number of repetitions

Week 1

Day 1 60 s 180 s 3
Day 2 60 s 120 s 4

Week 2

Day 1 60 s 180 s 4
Day 2 60 s 120 s 5

Week 3

Day 1 60 s 180 s 5
Day 2 60 s 120 s 6th

Week 4

Day 1 60 s 60 s 5
Day 2 120 s 120 s 3

Week 5

Day 1 60 s 60 s 6th
Day 2 120 s 120 s 4

Week 6

Day 1 60 s 60 s 7th
Day 2 120 s 120 s 5


Пресс: кубики за 6 недель


Hang on the bar, holding it with a back grip: the palms are directed back. Spin a little bit and pull up as high as possible, directing your elbows down. Slowly return to the starting position and repeat.

Пресс: кубики за 6 недель

IMPORTANT: your chin should stand proudly above the crossbar at the end point of each repetition.

Пресс: кубики за 6 недель


Take the dumbbells in your hands, stand in front of the bench and put one foot on it. Pushing only with the foot that stands on the support, rise up and immediately lift your free leg up. Smoothly return to the starting position and repeat the movement with the same foot. Having made the necessary number of repetitions, change your foot.

Пресс: кубики за 6 недель

IMPORTANT: at the moment of ascent to the bench, keep the supporting leg slightly bent at the knee.

Пресс: кубики за 6 недель


Take the dumbbells in your hands and lift them to the level of your shoulders. The elbows point down, put your legs slightly wider than your hips. Sit down to the parallel of the upper thigh with the floor, then forcefully straighten your legs and, continuing the movement, press the dumbbell above your head.

Пресс: кубики за 6 недель

IMPORTANT: at the top point, try to keep the dumbbells strictly above the crown, without tilting them forward or backward.

Пресс: кубики за 6 недель


Take dumbbells in your hands, put your feet slightly wider than your hips and lean forward until your hands fall below your knees. From this position, trying not to help yourself back, pull both dumbbells to the middle of the abdomen. With the force of the blade, then go back to the starting position and repeat.

Пресс: кубики за 6 недель

IMPORTANT: despite the inclination forward, keep the natural deflection in the lower back.


Пресс: кубики за 6 недель


Put the bar on the front deltas, taking hold of it from below, and bring your elbows forward. Keeping your back upright, sit down and without a pause, go back to the starting position. Repeat the required number of times.

Пресс: кубики за 6 недель

IMPORTANT: crouch down until the upper part of the thighs falls below the parallel with the floor.

Пресс: кубики за 6 недель


Lie down on a bench set at an angle of 300, and raise the dumbbells on your right hands over the top of your chest. Palms turn to each other. Light the shoulder blades and lower the dumbbells down, spreading your arms to the sides of the hull. With a powerful movement, press the dumbbells to their original position and repeat.

Пресс: кубики за 6 недель

IMPORTANT: follow the amplitude of movement - at the bottom of the dumbbell should fall just below the chest level.

Пресс: кубики за 6 недель


Put your feet to the width of your hips, bend them slightly in your lap and take the bar. Pulling the pelvis back, lean forward, keeping your back naturally bent. Having lowered a bar to the middle of an anticnemion, without stop pull it on itself and touch a fretboard of the middle of a stomach. Straighten your arms, then straighten yourself, completely returning to its original position. Repeat the whole sequence a predetermined number of times.

Пресс: кубики за 6 недель

IMPORTANT: during traction in the slope, do not forget to cut the blades as much as possible.

Пресс: кубики за 6 недель


Rise right side to the block device and take the hilt in the left hand. With a wide movement, take your left hand to the side and up. Hold up for a second and go back to the starting position. Having done all the repetitions in one direction, change your hand.

Пресс: кубики за 6 недель

IMPORTANT: at the top point your working hand should be straight and be strictly diagonal.