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What does your skin try to warn you about: the most common signs

О чём пытается предупредить вас ваша кожа

Skin (Latin cutis) - the outer covering of the animal's body - the organ. In biology, the outer cover of vertebrates. The skin protects the body from a wide range of external influences, participates in breathing, thermoregulation, exchange and many other processes. In addition, the skin represents a massive receptive field of various types of surface sensitivity (pain, pressure, temperature, etc.). Skin is the largest body in area. The skin area in an adult reaches 1.5-2.3 m², a mass of 4-6%, and together with a hypodermis 16-17% of the total body weight.

Dermatosis (with other Greek means "skin") is the name of various skin diseases. The term refers to skin lesions, which are characterized by special manifestations and causes of appearance. Can be both congenital and acquired.

Men are not too sensitive to their face and hardly notice a change in the quality of the skin, depending on the diet, which can not be said of women who carefully care for her. From this article, you will find out what your skin is trying to warn you about when it acne, when it dries, and your face swells.


О чём пытается предупредить вас ваша кожа

The faster you eat, the less nutrients your body can absorb. Feeling of taste, chewing and ingestion of food contribute to a better absorption of nutrients. The skin ages faster if it does not get the required amount of proteins, vitamins and minerals. Therefore, do not just eat, but eat, thoroughly chewing, enjoy the food to get the most benefit.


О чём пытается предупредить вас ваша кожа

Foods that are high in iodine can cause acne, so dermatologists have long recommended caution when using such products. If you often have acne on the skin, reduce the intake of foods rich in iodine - these are shellfish, soy sauce and cranberries.

Dry skin

О чём пытается предупредить вас ваша кожа

Dehydration is a threat to your entire body, including the skin. Although you may not feel thirsty, your dry skin is already indicative of dehydration. And then you should drink more water or at least eat more foods that contain a lot of moisture.

Swollen face

О чём пытается предупредить вас ваша кожа

Necessary to our body fatty acids, contained in seeds and oils, protect against skin inflammation. A swollen face can mean that you need to add more fat to your diet.

Redness of the face

О чём пытается предупредить вас ваша кожа

If you are allergic to a particular product, this may indicate the redness of your face. Many people do not even realize that they may have intolerance of some products, usually these are foods that are high in gluten or dairy products. If your face turns red and you can not explain it, you better go to an allergy specialist without any embarrassment.

Rugged Leather

О чём пытается предупредить вас ваша кожа

70% of your skin consists of collagen - and collagen needs vitamin C. If you lack this vitamin, your skin becomes rough and inelastic. An excellent source of vitamin C are citrus fruits, broccoli and leafy greens.


О чём пытается предупредить вас ваша кожа

Stretch marks are like battle scars received in the fight against excess weight - and you, of course, do not want to be seen on your body. The scars are harder to get rid of, the less zinc in the body, which plays a decisive role in recovery and healing. To stretch out not so noticeable, eat more spinach, shrimp, seeds and other foods high in zinc.

Bags under the eyes

О чём пытается предупредить вас ваша кожа

It turns out that alcoholic beverages are dehydrated. Long-term dehydration can lead to sagging of the skin under the eyes and in general on the face. Drinking a glass or two waters before going to bed, you may compensate for dehydration, and bags under the eyes will become less noticeable, but they will not completely disappear. In addition, the use of liquid at night will make your sleep less calm and effective - why the bags under the eyes will become even greater. If you constantly notice dark circles under the eyes, this may be a sign that you should reduce your alcohol intake.

Uneven complexion

О чём пытается предупредить вас ваша кожа

In many respects, the healthy appearance of your skin depends on nutrition. Uneven complexion indicates a deficiency of nutrients, a lack of vitamins and minerals. Deficiency of nutrients can occur due to insufficient or incorrect nutrition. Even those who overeat, often do not have enough nutrients if they eat foods that lose a lot of nutrients during processing. All this can negatively affect your appearance.

Wrinkled forehead

О чём пытается предупредить вас ваша кожа

The forehead, wrinkled, may indicate that you are eating too much sugar. Excess consumption of sweet foods can lead to the destruction of collagen and elastin, which keep your skin supple, and your forehead smooth, without wrinkles.

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