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Scientists have finally proved that alcohol prolongs life. Drink to your health! Budmo 🍻

Scientists have finally proven that alcohol prolongs life

Alcoholic drinks (also alcoholic drinks) - drinks containing ethanol (ethyl alcohol, alcohol). There are many varieties of alcoholic beverages, most of them produced by fermentation. With regard to alcoholic beverages, there are regional preferences: for example, in Belgium beer is a favorite beverage, and in Japan they drink a lot of sake. In addition to drinking directly, alcoholic beverages are used for making cocktails and for cooking: in marinades, stews, fruit desserts and other dishes.

Moderate consumption of alcoholic beverages is healthier than absolute sobriety, scientists say. And the list is not limited to red wine ... So ...

The concept of “alcoholic (alcoholic) products” is used in commodity science and in determining taxes and excise taxes on goods.

Different religions have different attitudes to the use of alcohol: some (for example, Judaism) encourage its use, others (for example, Islam) completely forbid it.

The abuse of alcohol is the cause of many different diseases, social and economic problems of society; alcohol is a depressant (psychoactive substance) and can cause physical dependence.

Red wine - Scientists have finally proven that alcohol prolongs life

The cult writer Sergei Dovlatov complained that hundreds of books have been written about the dangers of alcohol, and not a single one has been written about the benefits.

You cannot say this about modern science. Along with hundreds of works on the dangers of alcohol, scientists regularly publish studies pointing to the opposite.

A number of studies show that people who do not drink alcohol live less than those who drink from time to time.

At first glance, this is illogical.

Why does the sudden adoption of substances that have toxic properties, and are capable of causing cancer, dementia and diseases of the liver and other internal organs, have a positive effect on health?

Nevertheless, evidence of the benefits of alcohol looks very impressive. For example, this British study, which over the course of two decades observed nearly 2 thousand patients over the age of 55, showed that a complete rejection of alcohol leads to an increased risk of premature death.

During the study, 69% of patients who completely abstained from drinking alcohol died, and only 41% of patients who drank moderately died.

Surprisingly, people who seriously abuse alcohol also showed a lower mortality rate during the study (61%) than those who abstained completely.

Simply put, a sensational study showed that drinking a lot is still healthier than not drinking at all.

Red wine - Scientists have finally proven that alcohol prolongs life

Another large-scale study, the results of which were published in the authoritative medical journal Archives of Internal Medicine, confirms this theory.

1–2 servings of alcohol per day for women, and 2–4 - for men are associated with a decrease in the level of premature mortality, the authors of the study state.

The fact is that alcohol in small doses lowers stress levels, normalizes blood pressure and improves the functioning of the immune system, scientists say.

Also, moderate (and regular!) Doses of alcohol reduce the risk of cardiological diseases and heart attacks, another study by German scientists suggests .

The main thing is to distribute alcohol evenly. One or two servings per day, and not one serious meal once a week, emphasizes Jürgen Reim, one of the authors of the study.

But this is not the biggest revelation among the results of recent studies. Scientists have found a connection between moderate alcohol consumption and longevity in the light of such a factor as loneliness.

Red wine - Scientists have finally proven that alcohol prolongs life

Man is a social being. Loneliness leads to depression, which is fraught with many health problems and is a factor that shortens life expectancy. People who completely exclude alcohol from their lives, especially in old age, are more likely to experience loneliness, the researchers note.

And people who drink alcohol moderately often have more social connections. And it’s not at all the effect of “drinking companionship,” researchers say.

Human relationships are characterized by complex chemistry of dopamine, oxytocin and other hormones. Some people, by virtue of character traits, are prone to a certain closure.

A couple of glasses of wine always brings together, and in the long run, this always has a positive impact on health , says Wired columnist John Lehrer.

However, researchers note that not only the amount of alcohol consumed is of fundamental importance, but also its type.

Many alcoholic beverages are good for health, scientists say. And some of them are simply elixirs of longevity. Of course, in limited quantities.

It is not a secret that red wine has truly youthful properties. However, the list of spirits that contribute to longevity is wider. Again, we are talking about moderate consumption.

Red wine

Red wine - Scientists have finally proven that alcohol prolongs life

The most predictable participant in this rating. The benefits of resveratrol, an antioxidant found in dry red wine, have not been written by the lazy.

Some researchers find other explanations for the benefits of red wine, which, however, do not deny the usual thesis of resveratrol.

In particular, Danish researchers recently found that red wine lovers buy olives, vegetables, fruits in supermarkets more often than beer lovers. The latter often load in their baskets chips, salty, spicy, sweets and convenience foods.

So, it is quite possible that the benefits of wine as such are more often associated with a general lifestyle and choice of food products, the researchers note.

Dark beer

Dark beer - Scientists have finally proven that alcohol prolongs life

First of all, we are talking about the Irish beer Guinness (it is not known how useful other varieties of dark beer). This iconic beer has long been sold with the tagline “Guinness is good for you.”

And some large-scale studies confirm that such harsh allegations are by no means groundless. For example, this study, conducted by scientists from the University of Wisconsin, showed that regular use of Guiness (in moderate doses) reduces the risk of diseases of the cardiovascular system in general, and the appearance of blood clots in particular.

Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary - Scientists have finally proven that alcohol prolongs life

It would seem that this classic cocktail is unlikely to be on the list of drinks to prolong life. But according to the American nutritionist Martin Robinson, this particular cocktail is very healthy.

Naturally, if it is prepared according to the classic recipe and is used in limited quantities. Tomato juice contains a number of active ingredients whose benefits are not in doubt, for example: lycopene (useful for the prostate), catechins (protect skin cells), zeakstantin (protect eyes), vitamin A, and many antioxidants that slow down aging and activate the immune system.

Celery, which is an integral part of the true Bloody Mary, is also very healthy. Studies show that eating celery helps fight cancer, normalizes blood pressure, prevents kidney stones and improves digestion.

Well, and the main component of Bloody Mary - vodka - although it is not an elixir of health, nevertheless, at least it does not carry extra calories with it.


Sangria - Scientists have finally proven that alcohol prolongs life

This drink is easiest to drink while in Spain. But no one bothers to do it at home anywhere in the world. It has a low calorie content and a high content of vitamin C and antioxidants.

Apples in sangria also bring beneficial beta-carotenes with them, and raspberries - rare and very powerful antioxidants. Strawberry, in turn, carries soda and healthy fiber. Some researchers say that sangria is red wine squared.

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