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How to remove the belly: says Arnold

Арнольд: как убрать живот

Abdominal press - the abdomen has its own muscles, which together with the tendons form the abdominal wall. The combination of the muscles of the abdominal wall involved in the regulation of intra-abdominal pressure, the implementation of acts of defecation, cough, etc., is called the abdominals (prelum abdominale (Latin)).

The abdominal muscles (musculi abdominis or abs) refer to the muscles of the bark, forming, together with the gluteus, thigh, and other small muscles, the so-called muscular corset. They are responsible for: the formation of the abdominal wall; protection and retention of internal organs; body stabilization and posture formation.

All members of the human race (regardless of gender and age) have the same set of muscle groups in the abdominal cavity. Those. abdominal muscles in all consist of the following sections: Straight m. Oblique m.: External oblique and internal oblique; Transverse m. . It is accepted to divide the abdominal muscles into groups of the anterior, lateral, and posterior walls of the abdomen.

A bulging belly is one of the most frequent problems in men, which is the result of an unhealthy diet, sedentary and sedentary lifestyle, and even problems with the hormonal system. Moreover, this problem is encountered in sports and smart people! About how to remove this hated bulging belly will tell you the person who can and should be believed - Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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